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Example sentences for "forswore"

Lexicographically close words:
forsothe; forst; forswear; forsweare; forswearing; forsworn; forsworne; fort; forta; fortalice
  1. Tis so: and that selfe chaine about his necke, Which he forswore most monstrously to haue.

  2. Yes that you did sir, and forswore it too Ant.

  3. A Woman I forswore, but I will proue, Thou being a Goddesse, I forswore not thee.

  4. Poore Clarence did forsake his Father Warwicke, I, and forswore himselfe (which Iesu pardon.

  5. He forswore the comrades he had once courted, the revels he had once led.

  6. Lodewyk, Brennard, and Lyle, strong in nerve and limb, forswore sleep till they should pass the mountain ridge which shut out the western plains from their sight.

  7. I followed him to the Moon valley, and fate ordained that I should meet him where he forswore himself to my mother; on that very plank where he had breathed his deadly lies he breathed his last.

  8. Here you forswore yourself; here you pay for perjury.

  9. Yes, that you did, sir, and forswore it too.

  10. Tis so; and that self chain about his neck Which he forswore most monstrously to have.

  11. I never prosper'd since I forswore myself at primero.

  12. Poor Clarence did forsake his father, Warwick, Ay, and forswore himself-which Jesu pardon!

  13. That I believe' said she, 'for he swore a thing to me on Monday night which he forswore on Tuesday morning.

  14. I never prospered since I forswore myself at primero.

  15. Well, I neuer prospered since I forswore Myselfe at Primero: and my winde Were but long inough to say my prayers, Ide repent, now from whence come you?

  16. An ugly dream I had, quits not my sense, That you, made Princess of Thuringia, Forsook your father, and forswore your race.

  17. Truly an unfailing blessing To his pious, widowed mother, To the beautiful, lone matron Who forswore the world to rear him.

  18. Pale with envy, Singleton forswore The lute and sword, which he in triumph bore, And vowed he ne'er would act Villerius more.

  19. As I forswore love, even so No one alive But shall forswear it; By golden songs wooed, For gold alone will his greed be.

  20. Used by him alone Who love forswore Could the runes of the ring Bring doom To the mighty gods, And shame without end.

  21. JPG> such ~epea pteroenta~ followed the winged arrow, that our hero became alarmed, and for the time forswore archery practice.

  22. But Bryan did not yield; he forswore nothing, hid nothing, and he fought a lonely fight, the bravest of his life.

  23. The radical leaders, really opportunists, forswore or hid their convictions for the sake of victory, tried to teach their unskillful tongues the language of conservatism, and joined in with the conservatives in the nomination of Parker.

  24. I forswore it, as Falstaff forswore honor.

  25. Tis so; and that self chain about his neck, 10 Which he forswore most monstrously to have.

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