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Example sentences for "bastion"

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bastinado; bastinadoed; bastinadoes; basting; bastings; bastioned; bastions; baston; bat; bataile
  1. The siege guns had now arrived which the army had used against Cassandra, and after a three hours' cannonade, the destructive effect of the new battery was patent, for the tower of the northern bastion lay in ruins.

  2. Here again a long bastion barricades the garden, a bastion also protected by trenches full of water, across whose iron bridge you gain admission into the pasha's inmost fortress.

  3. They both came to light in the rubbish dug out during the construction of the bastion afterwards turned into a garden for the governor.

  4. It was then, accordingly, that there was constructed, in front of the Saint-Antoine gate, the bastion which was at a later date to be adorned with a garden for the prisoners to walk in.

  5. Many times they went forward at a double-quick to do duty in the most dangerous place during an engagement, perhaps to build a redoubt or breastworks behind a brigade, or to blow up a bastion of the enemy's.

  6. The southeast bastion was weakly defended, and into it a considerable body of the enemy made their way but they were caught in a trap, for they could not leave it.

  7. Part of the foundation of the Tower consists of a bastion of the Roman wall.

  8. You may still see a considerable piece, part of a bastion in the churchyard of St. Giles, and the vestry of All Hallows on the Wall is built upon a bastion.

  9. To see Mary at once [to carry bastion after bastion at the charge] - there were the true safety after all!

  10. As they neared the fort they could see Tom Tripe, with his huge dog silhouetted on the bastion beside him, standing like Napoleon on the seashore keeping vigil.

  11. And Tom Tripe, standing guard on the bastion of the fort to oversee the removal of certain stores and fittings before the English should march out finally and the maharajah's men march in, could see the destruction of the pipal trees too.

  12. Pardon me, gentlemen, for keeping you waiting," said the Governor, as he descended from the bastion and rejoined his suite.

  13. Angélique took the arm of Amélie in her old, familiar schoolgirl way, and led her to the sunny corner of a bastion where lay a dismounted cannon.

  14. The use of the bastion is to bring every point at the foot of the rampart as much as possible under the guns of the place.

  15. Before attacking the fortress it was necessary to capture one of the outlying forts, and that known as the Picurina was selected, because the bastion of the Trinidad, which lay behind it, was the weakest portion of the fortress.

  16. Immediately there was the raucous call of the general alarm siren and a flashing light from the bastion that paled the red mists to a sickly, luminous pink.

  17. They were hidden from the bastion by the buildings of the smelter and reduction plant.

  18. While Picton was scaling the castle walls, and crowds of our brave fellows were dying in the breaches, we succeeded in forcing our way into the place over the bastion of San Vincente.

  19. Hard work we had of it, and the fight did not end there; for the enemy stubbornly disputed bastion after bastion on our flank, and our commander fell on the ramparts covered with so many wounds that his living seemed a miracle.

  20. Man the Leonoren bastion as strongly as possible, stir not from the spot, and make constant use of the best glass to observe what movements are going on among the forces of the besiegers.

  21. In despair, one goes on to the walls, broad and flat, and free from shops, with bastion towers at intervals.

  22. The salient of the north-west bastion was the point of attack.

  23. The main line, held by our troops, made almost a right angle at the fort, the north-west bastion being the salient of the angle.

  24. Bastion gateways, three in number, were made in the western palisade.

  25. On they went, their youthful leader at their head: the glacis was passed—the covered way was gained—and then the sentinels on the bastion discharged their muskets at the besiegers.

  26. A hot cannonade was opened upon the chief bastion of the town before the Brussels gate, but was answered by the fire of the besieged, which made great havoc amongst the Spaniards.

  27. Clamorously they demanded to be led against the bastion before their fire had made a sufficient breach in it, and the prince, to avail himself of the first ardor of their impetuosity, gave the signal for the assault.

  28. At this critical moment he was standing at the farthest end of the left pier, where it formed a bastion in the water and joined the bridge of boats.

  29. The river side is well furnished with willows and poplars, Salix viminea also occurs; the villages are generally square, with a bastion at each corner, and loopholes.

  30. A curious staircase situated at the corner towards Bamean, ascends through rock, the bottom of which is defended by a bastion and round wall; near, or close to this a slip has occurred, destroying part of the wall and blocking up one exit.

  31. But if this is true, the question arises how does it happen that the bastion of the temple, which certainly antedates the Propylaea, has a north wall aligned with that of the S.

  32. The coincidence must be the result of deliberate plan and is best explained by the supposition that when the bastion was built, the ground plan of the Propylaea and its position were already known.

  33. The readiness of the architect to encroach upon the precinct of the temple warrants the answer that the whole bastion was to be removed.

  34. The question is just how much of the bastion was to be removed to make room for this extension.

  35. The north wall of the bastion could therefore be built in line with that of the wing.

  36. Such being the case, the depth of the portico was necessarily conditioned by the visibility of the window from the bastion of the Nike temple.

  37. The continuation of the north wall of the bastion was broken away when work on the Propylaea was begun.

  38. He divided the body of troops into three parties; the first of these, two hundred and eighty strong, were to attack the bastion facing the town, which was the strongest part of the defense.

  39. The bastion of the east gate was blown to ruins.

  40. The other broken bastion was likewise easily mastered, and the besieged, seeing the storm about to burst upon them with irresistible fury, sent a trumpet.

  41. This monument is erected on a column ninety feet high, starting from a bastion on the wall, and has a statue of Walker on its summit.

  42. There is also a square bastion of great thickness in Francis Street, and a portion of wall with a round-headed, blocked arch.

  43. At some later time the weakness of such a tower had become apparent, and a bastion had been built around it.

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