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Example sentences for "bastions"

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  1. The brave fellows served in the batteries during the remainder of the siege; and, at the time of the assault, were sent in with the stormers to turn the guns captured in the bastions upon the enemy.

  2. The gods seemed to have built those bastions to shut out all hope and the voice of the returning sea seemed like a tide turning over her broken thoughts like pebbles.

  3. D'Ailleboust was a skilful soldier, specially versed in the arts of fortification; and, under his direction, the frail palisades which formed their sole defence were replaced by solid ramparts and bastions of earth.

  4. This town is fortified with two very deep dry ditches; the walls about the bastions and citadel are a noble piece of masonry.

  5. The town is commanded by a castle which hath four bastions and a garrison of soldiers.

  6. The waggoners who go by know that the great hawthorn bastions are favourite resorts of wood-pigeons and missel-thrushes.

  7. The haws are ripe in autumn and the ivy berries in spring, so that the bastions yield a double crop.

  8. Later the castle was restored and furnished with bastions by Paul III and his son, Pierluigi Farnese, the first Duke of Castro and Nepi.

  9. The base of the quadrangular bastions is formed of very regular courses, sometimes rusticated; the blocks are 8 ft.

  10. Broken lines, recesses and projections seem to announce the approaching appearance of bastions and towers in the art of fortification.

  11. In two diagonally opposite corners were bastions of round towers, thirty feet high, swelling out so as to command the walls.

  12. It looked not unlike a fort; the thick walls had bastions at the corners, the deep window casings were embrasured or sloped outward, so that guns might be aimed at an angle, from within.

  13. The fort is called Fort Lenox, in honour of the late duke of Richmond; it consists of a regular square, with four bastions and two ravelins, and is built according to the system of Vaubans.

  14. From the ruins we saw that it was a square with four small bastions and three ravelins, the scarp, and the counterscarp being covered with strong stone-work; the bastion contains casemates as well as the curtain of the eastern front.

  15. The circumference of the whole was about seven miles; and the walls were flanked with bastions at short intervals, on which were mounted a numerous artillery.

  16. He had filled up his bastions with logs of timber; had carried a sort of chevaux-de-frise round the fort; and had constructed platoons and mounted his artillery.

  17. The Turks have some maxims in one of the bastions of that old castle; they're the guns which did all the mischief this morning.

  18. Bastions were raised at the angles of the outer wall, the building itself was unthatched, and a breastwork, with loopholes, raised upon the walls.

  19. The provost-marshal now had compassion on the withered flower, and allowed it on the sunny afternoons to walk about on the bastions and breathe the fresh air.

  20. Finally Buda was besieged and captured in the sight of the Grand Vizier, and after a domination of one hundred and fifty years, the half-moons were hauled down from the bastions and crosses re-occupied their places.

  21. Fortunately the night was dark and the people rushing down from the bastions could not see the skiff making its way across the Danube; presently its shape even began to vanish out of sight of the young eyes that were watching it.

  22. Strange happenings were bound to be the rule, not the exception, when a Turkish Pasha ruled the best part of Hungary from the bastions of Buda.

  23. At last they came to the end of the ditch where two bastions joined together, forming a little oblique opening, through which one could look down on the town of Pesth.

  24. She was no longer able to walk by herself, and they carried her out on to the bastions in an arm-chair.

  25. The town of Santa Cruz, built on the summit of a branch of the Atlas, by the Portuguese, is enclosed by a strong wall, fortified with bastions mounting cannon; it is about a mile in circumference.

  26. O bastions of old Carillon, the "Fort of Chiming Rills!

  27. Pemaquid, from her bastions And turrets of stone, Had welcomed his coming With banner and gun.

  28. About a mile to our front, and stretching to right and left as far as the eye could reach, appeared the high walls and the bastions of Delhi.

  29. Without waiting for the charge of the British bayonets, the greater part of the rebels deserted the walls and bastions and ran pell-mell into the city, followed by our men.

  30. With difficulty restraining a laugh, we assured them that we could give no information on the subject, and counselled them to search among the guns on the bastions near the Lahore and Ajmir Gates.

  31. These, for a long distance, had carried all before them, taking possession of the ramparts and bastions as far as the Kabul Gate, and effectually clearing the streets leading to the heart of the city.

  32. Columns made further advances among the streets, the guns and mortars from the bastions throwing shot and shell far into the crowded parts of the city.

  33. At length, on September 11, the whole of our batteries opened fire simultaneously on the city bastions and walls.

  34. It fell close below the tower and burst without doing any harm; but some jets of smoke appeared on the bastions of the city, and shells and round-shot fired at the ridge along the crest of which a small body of our men was moving.

  35. The enemy's guns on the bastions had been turned on to the city, and a constant fire was kept up, the streets and lanes being cleared in front, and advanced posts occupied by our men.

  36. Time after time attacks were made, till the sadly harassed soldiers, completely worn out, were forced to retire to the Kabul Gate and the bastions and ramparts they had already gained.

  37. One swelling crest the citadel shall crown, Its slanted bastions black with battle's frown, And bid the sons that tread its scowling heights Bare their strong arms for man and all his rights!

  38. Our fathers live; they guard in glory still The grass-grown bastions of the fortressed hill; Still ring the echoes of the trampled gorge, With God and Freedom.

  39. Then suddenly Time's stalwart wall before thee did divide, Its solid bastions dreamed and swayed and there was I inside.

  40. It is a regular Square, with four Bastions well built, and was capable of making a stout Defence if well garisoned, and would have been much stronger had the Glacis and Counterscarp been finished.

  41. Grim and menacing did those walls and bastions look now, as they were thronged with armed men, and bristled with cannon.

  42. As he approached yet nearer to the fortress, he plainly perceived that it had been put into a state of defence, the ramparts and bastions being armed with ordnance of large size, and the towers with culverins and falconets.

  43. Bastions and earthworks grew during the night like mushrooms.

  44. And to the brute drums of barbarian hordes, Roaring and thunderous and weapon-bare, An army stormed the bastions of the air!

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