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  1. With his American dress, he looked almost foreign in contrast to the otherwise universal Eastern color.

  2. Somehow the Eastern languor must have stolen upon her, or she could not have sat so calmly, not knowing where a single member of her family was at that moment.

  3. And he finishes with a threat: "Does the new Russian Government, instigated by its Allies, wish to satisfy itself whether divisions of heavy guns are still to be found on our Eastern Front?

  4. Of this operation Ludendorf wrote: "Of all the attacks directed against the former Eastern front of General Eichhorn, the attacks of July 9th, South of Smorgom, and at Krevo were particularly fierce.

  5. Ludendorff writes: "The general position in April and in May precluded the possibility of important operations on the Eastern Front.

  6. The Government did all to encourage the development of Cossack colonisation on the Russian south-eastern borders, where war was unceasing.

  7. It is characteristic that the Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern German Front, Prince Leopold of Bavaria, found it possible to take a personal part in this course of provocation.

  8. And yet the position on the Eastern Front continued to create a certain nervousness at the German G.

  9. Would not a rapid advance on the Eastern Front with the available troops, reinforced by a few divisions from the West, offer a better chance than mere waiting?

  10. On the next day they broke through our position on the rivers Gniezno and Sereth, South of Trembovlia, and developed their advance in the Eastern and South-Eastern directions.

  11. The absence of co-ordination between the Western and Eastern European Fronts was bearing bitter fruit.

  12. Dawson on his way out made a track survey of the eastern shore.

  13. Till lured by wealth the hardy Portuguese, Sought the green waters of his Eastern seas, And venturous nations more excursive grown, Pierced his glad coast from radiant zone to zone.

  14. De Gama doubled the cape in 1498, explored the eastern shores as far as Melinda, in Zanguebar, and sailing thence arrived at Calcutta in May.

  15. Next he seems to be transported To an Eastern field of battle.

  16. The ancient county of Hauenstein lies between two spurs of the Feldberg, the eastern one coming down to the town of Waldshut on the Rhine, the western one to Saekkingen.

  17. Stretching over to the eastern side of the channel we passed close to Crozier Island, having Cape Constitution full in view.

  18. Slowly we forged ahead until clustering spars resolved themselves into a multitude of transports and captured sailing ships, for here were interned most of the enemy mercantile marine captured in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  19. Under the shade of the Eastern trees the soldier snatched one hour of the real joy of living.

  20. India extra Gangem, or Lesser India, included the territory between the eastern coast of the peninsula of India, and that of Cochinchina or Champa.

  21. His Eastern romances in "Lalla Rookh," with all their occasional felicities, are not powerful poetic narratives.

  22. In the coffee-houses of the Levant, one of these men will gather a silent crowd around him, and picture to his audience those brilliant and fantastic visions which are the patrimony of Eastern imaginations.

  23. The system of jurisprudence established by Justinian remained in force in the eastern empire until the taking of Constantinople, 1453 A.

  24. In the philosophy of Alexandria, the Eastern and Western systems combined, and this school had many distinguished disciples.

  25. This language is divided into two principal dialects, the eastern and the western.

  26. It is still spoken in the Balearic Islands and among the lower classes of some of the eastern parts of Spain, but since the sixteenth century the Castilian alone has been the vehicle of literature.

  27. The Ionian has been the source of the Eastern scripts, Romaic, Coptic, Slavic, and others.

  28. The imperial family of the Comneni, in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and the Palaeologi, who reigned from the thirteenth century to the end of the eastern empire, endeavored to revive the taste for literature and learning.

  29. In the eastern empire, it was only superseded by the code of Justinian.

  30. He is better known in Europe than any other Eastern author, except Hafiz, and has been more frequently translated.

  31. The Babylonians understood the movements of the heavenly bodies, and Calisthenes, who accompanied Alexander on his eastern expedition, brought with him on his return the observations of 1903 years.

  32. Most of the members resided in Paris, though the seaboard and the eastern provinces were also represented.

  33. But Seth Mills went home at last, and over the crest of the eastern hill-range the full moon came shining.

  34. The men looked in on the smooth green lawn, and then away to the eastern hill range.

  35. He went out into the October sunlight, and, threading his way through throngs of citizens and soldiers, he walked down the eastern side of the public square.

  36. But she never loosened her clasp of his hand until the gray light in the eastern sky announced the approach of dawn.

  37. We were to cross to Kabogo, a large mass of mountains on the eastern side, but the wind was too high.

  38. I was misled by the similarity of names and a map, to think it the eastern branch of the Zambezi.

  39. Crossed the Thembwa Rivulet, twenty feet broad and knee deep, and sleep on its eastern bank.

  40. The Lake narrows to about ten miles, as the western mountains come towards the eastern range, that being about N.

  41. Mr. Baker's part of the eastern branch of the Nile.

  42. At last he reached the great Arab settlement at Ujiji, on the eastern shore of Tanganyika.

  43. Simbirsk is a town of eastern Russia, on the Volga.

  44. On his return to America, he settled on a farm in eastern Pennsylvania, but afterward removed to Henderson, Ky.

  45. Lower Volga is a district in eastern Russia, bordering on the Caspian Sea, and takes its name from the river Volga.

  46. But we are now on the borderland between the beautiful part of Yorkshire and the uninteresting south-eastern plain.

  47. Along the eastern side of the valley, the mountains of Alhama, the Alpujarras, and snowy ridge of Granada, successively overtop the rugged ramifications of the Sierra of Almoxia, which bound it in that direction.

  48. Over this chain may be seen the distant Sierra Bermeja, celebrated in Spanish history as the last refuge of the persecuted Moslems, and the eastern roots of which are washed by the Mediterranean.

  49. The view looking over the Eastern parapet of the bridge is of a more gloomy character than that from the opposite side, but is equally grand and imposing.

  50. The Hall of Judgment is situated at the upper end of the court, and at the eastern extremity of the palace.

  51. To the north, the valley extends nearly ten miles, appearing to be closed by a conical mound that is crowned by the old castle of Ximena; the town itself being piled up on its eastern side.

  52. The sun had not yet risen above the eastern mountains ere we heard some distant straggling shots.

  53. Deep in the valley, on the opposite or eastern side, flows the principal source of the Guadelete, (water of Lethe) which the Spaniards maintain is the real river of Oblivion of the ancients.

  54. At last they had recovered confidence, had gradually advanced and approached; and now the men of the eastern regions were lying on the sandhills of Clypea on the other side of the gulf.

  55. In this way they lingered for three months along the eastern coast, and then behind the mountain of Selloum, and as far as the first sands of the desert.

  56. The two northern and eastern sides, being protected by the sea and the gulf, remained inaccessible.

  57. Meanwhile Cyrus Harding ascended the crest of the eastern spur, passed Red Creek, and arrived at the spot where he and his companions had discovered a sulphureous spring at the time of their first exploration.

  58. From two openings in its southern and eastern sides an unceasing flow of lava poured forth, thus forming two distinct streams.

  59. The root of a plant of Eastern Africa, extensively used in medicine as a stomachic and mild tonic.

  60. The Colorado potato beetle belongs to the family Chrysomelidae, and is a native of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

  61. From the leaves of Datura stramonium, or preferably those of the eastern species, Datura tatula.

  62. Eastern and Western monasticism seemed to teach the same lesson, that private property was not in any sense a sacred thing.

  63. Turkey and the Eastern By John Macdonald.

  64. A faint intoxicating odour of jasmine hovered about her, for she was Eastern in her love of perfumes.

  65. He had a life sentence in Eastern Siberia and he escaped from there and got to America.

  66. In the Eastern countries where Jesus lived, where they did not have gas and electric lamps to light the streets, when people went out at night they always carried a lantern.

  67. Moose Meadow is a small country place in Eastern Connecticut, and I wish you to know that the country children enjoy your sermons equally as well as city children, and I am very glad that a copy of your book was put into my hands.

  68. Towards the rising sun is the long range of the Eastern Cordillera, hiding from our view the great valley of the Amazon.

  69. Its real sources are southeast of Donald, on the summit of the Rockies, separated by but a short distance from springs which run down on the eastern side and find their way through the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico.

  70. Splendid was the view of the Eastern Cordillera.

  71. Tropical Life-zone of eastern México from southern Tamaulipas to central Chiapas.

  72. His dress was a cloth of gold, light as gossamer, that swathed his form after the manner of our Eastern potentates.

  73. On the eastern horizon rose several peaks of mountains, and on approaching nearer we discovered a large island extending some thirty miles north and south.

  74. I informed the king that the genius of Asia, of the Eastern world, ran to poetry and art without science, while that of the Western world developed science and invention without poetry and art.

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