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Example sentences for "heterodox"

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hetairai; hete; hetep; heterocercal; heteroclite; heterodoxy; heterogeneity; heterogeneous; heterogenesis; heterogenous
  1. The Christian bodies failed lamentably and totally (apart from the heterodox Friends) even to recognise the moral and humane greatness of the idea when it was definitely presented to them.

  2. This was a favourite argument, for a heterodox principle was held to be for ever confuted, if he who held it hanged himself.

  3. Theological writers described heterodox tenets from their inferences of what they must be--never inquiring what they actually stood for in the minds of those who held them--whereas he had written with unimputative knowledge.

  4. No country has so illustrious a victim of that era to commemorate as Italy, but in other lands [85] blood just as innocent was shed for heterodox opinions.

  5. Every faith should be allowed; the civil government should govern orthodox and heterodox to the common good.

  6. But the new Statute of 1698 was very intimidating, and we can easily understand how it drove heterodox writers to ambiguous disguises.

  7. Just a month later, one Wightman was burned at Lichfield, by the Bishop of Coventry, for heterodox doctrines.

  8. Hitherto the Press Licensing Act (1662) had very effectually prevented the publication of heterodox works, and it is from orthodox works denouncing infidel opinions that we know how rationalism was spreading.

  9. Bardly is not so much in request, on account of his heterodox views, and because Mrs. Ogden's physical condition is still excellent, whatever may be her spiritual state.

  10. Such was young Jacob's piety, that rather than remain all the Sunday at Twistle Farm with that heterodox father of his, he rode over to Wenderholme in order to attend divine service there.

  11. Channing was the champion of Unitarianism and the leader of the heterodox pulpit.

  12. Indeed, the contradiction runs through nearly the whole modern intellectual world, and is not encountered among the heterodox only.

  13. Giordano Bruno, a Dominican monk, had added to certain heterodox beliefs the heresy of Copernicanism, which he publicly taught from Oxford to Venice.

  14. John Morley caustically remarks that "the efforts of the heterodox have taught them to be better Christians than they were a hundred years ago.

  15. Apparently one's qualifications as a scientist were of little avail if one happened to hold heterodox views on the Trinity, or were of opinion that more liberty than Englishmen then had would be good for them.

  16. Perhaps the Commissioners, who enjoy a reputation for piety, exclude Radical and heterodox journals lest they should impair the Christianity and Toryism of the gaol-birds.

  17. It will be observed that the Act specifies certain heterodox opinions as blasphemous, and says nothing as to the language in which they may be couched.

  18. Until this Bill is carried no heterodox writer is safe.

  19. Yes, decidedly, but too heterodox for us.

  20. Muddle all one's language up until nobody has the faintest idea of what the author's sentiments are, and then they don't know whether he means anything heterodox or not.

  21. Adieu, my Friend, I wait still for your heterodox Speech; and love you always.

  22. The heterodox pamphlet has never yet come to hand.

  23. As errors had crept in and the true law was not observed everywhere in the viharas, the king took the advice of the Sthavira Maudgaliputra,[775] sat on the same seat with him, and assembled in council the orthodox and heterodox Bhikshus.

  24. He therefore turned from the orthodox systems to the heterodox doctrine of Kapila.

  25. Brahmans had already created scholastic and heterodox systems of philosophy.

  26. Lightfoot evidently highly values the testimony of Luthardt, I will quote the words of that staunch apologist to show that, in this, I do not merely represent the views of a heterodox school.

  27. I have been careful only to quote from writers who are either "apologetic," or far from belonging to heterodox schools.

  28. Unlike Spinoza, too, he did not go out of his way to inform them of his heterodox views, content to comprehend the crowd rather than be misunderstood by it.

  29. But it was no use; it seems Raphael had made him say something heterodox he didn't mean, and he insisted on being allowed to reply to his own letter!

  30. The coming Passover would, indeed, be an appropriate festival even for the most heterodox among them if we could strike oft their chains in the interim.

  31. Isn't Michaels the minister who defends orthodoxy in a way that makes the orthodox rage over his unconscious heresies, while the heterodox enjoy themselves by looking out for his historical and grammatical blunders!

  32. Where I am heterodox is in thinking the time has come to work them out.

  33. On the one hand we have the Darwinism of Darwin freed from inconsequent additions and formulated as orthodox "neo-Darwinism"; on the other hand we have heterodox Lamarckism.

  34. An orthodox philosopher said to a heterodox philosopher, "How can you have brought yourself to imagine that the soul is of its nature mortal, and that it is eternal only by the pure will of God?

  35. It is by means of it that Krishnaism as an expression of this heterodox Vishnuism became possible.

  36. But as it was adopted by them, and as it extended beyond the limits of India, just so much weaker it became at home, where its strongest antagonists were the sectarian pantheistic parties not so heterodox as itself.

  37. In the last, I put forth my heterodox opinions as to Man, and even venture to attack the Huxleyan philosophy!

  38. Hooker has become almost as heterodox as you or I--and I look at Hooker as by far the most capable judge in Europe.

  39. Heretics were either patent by profession of some heterodox cult or doctrine; or they were suspected.

  40. He then enumerates Bruno's heterodox opinions, which had been recited in the public condemnation pronounced on the heresiarch.

  41. Apostle points out that what he has been saying respecting the erroneous teaching and practice of the heterodox innovators is entirely in harmony with the spirit of the Gospel which had been committed to his trust.

  42. But similar myths abound in Gnostic systems, and therefore "fables" may represent both elements of the heterodox teaching.

  43. While here he published Philalethea, the Grounds of Religion, and other heterodox works, which excited so much prejudice that he was in danger of being stoned.

  44. He was excommunicated and fled to Vienna, where he received a pension from the Emperor, which was removed on his avowal of heterodox opinions.

  45. This was not primarily directed against the heterodox party.

  46. Whether that rationalism leads to orthodox or heterodox conclusions, whether it issues in a Westminster Assembly's Confession of faith or a Positivist Primer is a matter of secondary importance.

  47. I am heterodox enough to wonder how they can read them at all--and of course they got into all sorts of mischief.

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