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Example sentences for "doped"

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dooth; dooties; dootless; dooty; dope; doping; dopo; doppio; dopt; dopted
  1. He nearly knocked me out when he doped my coffee.

  2. You've had it in for me from the time you doped my coffee and nearly put me out of the game altogether.

  3. I doped my clothes with alum water though.

  4. If I hadn't let him into your tent he couldn't have doped the stuff.

  5. He doped out the story I was to tell, and told me to go to the bank and apply for the job, and that it was already fixed.

  6. That's the way I had doped it out up there in the pen--that I was goin' straight.

  7. That man doped Tom's powder, hoping to make it so powerful that it would blow up everything.

  8. There wasn't much more force to my new powder, doped as it apparently has been, than to the stuff I can buy in the open market.

  9. But just in time he doped out a scheme to stop their dirty work, and it sure was a slick one, all right.

  10. Now, the way I've doped this out, I'm goin' to sell yuh the outfit fer just what jack yuh got in your clothes.

  11. I've got it doped out we're on an island just off the west coast of Spitzbergen.

  12. The Jenny's wings drooped a little dejectedly and her fuselage was liberally patched and doped but the motor, which was turning over slowly, sounded sweet.

  13. Somebody's doped him," said Pink with decision, after three hours of shying around the subject.

  14. You'll see; somebody's doped him and likely took Glory away when they'd got him batty enough not to know the difference.

  15. Oh, yes, I had it all doped out along them lines!

  16. It was funny while it lasted; but when I thinks of what Mr. Robert'll say when the tale is doped out to him.

  17. Madame Margot tried drugs; first the doped cigarette, then drugs that had to be forced on her.

  18. The maid came in with the cigarettes and I smoked one of the doped ones.

  19. No, and that is where the doped cigarette comes in.

  20. That was the way I doped it," pursued Craig.

  21. But if I do git doped it won't kill me an' when I come alive they's a couple of fellows goin' to have to ride like hell to keep ahead of me.

  22. If that booze was doped why did Cinnabar drink it?

  23. When we get everything doped out to suit us, we'll snap out of it and that bird'll think he's been petting a wildcat!

  24. Tracing the line on the blue-print, we hunted for a possible passing point, which, according to the way we had things doped out, should have been not more than thirteen or fourteen miles west of Banta.

  25. And when you've read the stuff I've doped out for headquarters you won't need me to talk if you've two cents of imagination about you.

  26. Here, look at that, and read the stuff some darn hoodlum has doped out.

  27. The next mornin' we meet this guy Van Aylstyne who doped out the stuff so the Kid "no fighta the champ!

  28. He was willin' to concede that Wellington beat Napoleon and it was Fulton who doped out the steamboat, but he was the guy that had put over everything else.

  29. I doped her as the stout dame's daughter, hittin' .

  30. The guy who doped out the entrance examinations for that hospital must have been figurin' on how many he could keep out.

  31. I was doped and shanghaied, even though willing to ship.

  32. But I needed just three men; so I doped you all.

  33. The domned villain doped me last night, and must ha' put me aboard wid the crew he shipped for you.

  34. Boy, I reckon you've doped this thing about right," nodded Dunkan.

  35. He's about as unhandy as a doped Chinaman.

  36. He said you doped her with the morpheean you give her.

  37. I doped it out myself, and as soon as I hit on it I shipped Belford Couch straight to Europe to get the backing.

  38. He's doped out a fifty-dollar bill, anyway.

  39. I thought too that Mr. Robert had doped out his motions correct; for a week goes by and no Mr. Ballard shows up to take the rubber stamp away from me, or even ask fool questions.

  40. A ruler marked with inches, each inch being one of the seams that Gwenna had carefully doped over.

  41. They were all the same to her as far as overlapping the seams with the doped strips was concerned.

  42. Because, if I remember straight, I drank bottled beer at dinner, and I'm damned if I see how they could have doped that.

  43. Somehow or other he must have doped the drink or the food, because after dinner we all fell asleep.

  44. Pull yourself together, man; we were all of us drugged or doped somehow.

  45. I doped her out for myself soon as I saw her.

  46. O, kind of naturally doped it out for himself.

  47. Jeremy's roving eye fell on the small doped bottle that I had taken from Grim's valise.

  48. Grim put the doped whisky into his valise after a sniff at it, instead of throwing it out of the window at my suggestion; and after a suitable interval he went out in the part of the Turk to look for the imaginary beautiful Armenian.

  49. He believed me to be a drunkard, who had been thoroughly doped that day and would probably drink hard that night to drown the after-taste.

  50. He's been going round to the Eastern editors giving them doped stuff, lies dated out here written right down in New York!

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doped" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    anesthetized; asleep; catatonic; cold; comatose; dead; doped; dreamy; drowsy; drugged; heavy; languid; lethargic; napping; nirvanic; nodding; oblivious; out; senseless; sleepy; somnolent; soporific; stoned; stuporous; unconscious; yawning