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Example sentences for "asleep"

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askit; asks; askt; askyd; aslant; asleepe; asmoche; asmuch; asonante; asparagus
  1. She found old Zwilibanzi asleep next to the fireplace, which was quite cold, but little Nodada was missing.

  2. I found old Zwilibanzi asleep on a mat on the sunny side of his hut, but could see no sign of another human being.

  3. The day was cold, and old Zwilibanzi was lying asleep in his hut, where a fire had been lighted.

  4. If a young man rub his hands with this, and he touch a girl on the cheeks, she will dream of him whether she be asleep or awake.

  5. No land, no land like this for God's sad ways When near the tented fields Love's Soldier lies asleep With empty arms.

  6. She fumbled and tucked and was almost at the point of tears when Jack, who was asleep on a bed made on two chairs, began to fret.

  7. She awoke when the stranger went up the stairs, but was asleep before his footsteps had reached the room above her.

  8. They talked of other things, the baby dropped asleep in its mother's arms, and Silas took his departure.

  9. And when Elizabeth did not reply, said with his eyes fastened on Jack's half-asleep face: "I wonder how Janie is?

  10. One day Amanda restlessly wandered a little way up the mountain, and fell asleep in a lovely grotto, which she now for the first time discovered.

  11. Shortly after, however, when asleep near a fountain, the Danish hero was surprised by Turpin.

  12. He took also with him some of those they call Psylli, who cure the biting of serpents, by sucking out the poison with their mouths, and have likewise certain charms, by which they stupefy and lay asleep the serpents.

  13. They stole, too, all other meat they could lay their hands on, looking out and watching all opportunities, when people were asleep or more careless than usual.

  14. Goldenhair was asleep when the three bears came in.

  15. I was sitting on deck with some of the fellows who were going into the American ambulance service with me, my Airedale, Crown Prince Nobbler, asleep at my feet, when the first blast of the whistle shattered the peace and security of the ship.

  16. Later I learned that they had first overpowered Benson, who was asleep in his bunk, and taken his pistol from him, and then had found it an easy matter to disarm the cook and the remaining two Englishmen below.

  17. He must have been asleep in the long grass, for I saw him rise and look about him in a bewildered way, and then I raised my gun and let him have it.

  18. She has fallen asleep there, as she so often does, for youth and health defy carking cares.

  19. Laura has fallen asleep over visions of bridal satin and lace that are sure now to come true, but Gertrude tosses restlessly and sighs for her lost youth.

  20. She is so soundly asleep that her father carries her up and lays her on her pretty white cot without awaking her.

  21. Violet kisses him and then takes Cecil to her own little room, where they fall asleep in each other's arms.

  22. She feels curiously jealous of this little rival, who, wrapped in a shawl, often falls asleep on her father's knee in the evening.

  23. But when Cecil falls asleep an intense feeling of loneliness seizes her.

  24. For hours long he could hide in some obscure corner of the house or of the garden, and sit there with head bent low and eyes closed, half asleep and half dreaming; but when he opened his eyes, what a life in those looks!

  25. And the puzzle stayed in my mind after Peaches was asleep that night, she having first talked herself tired about her Sandro, she describing him in turn as a king, a sport, a Greek statue and a bearcat.

  26. You were asleep when they locked me in, and as there is no lock on the doors between our rooms they locked you too.

  27. The house was very still, and Phyllis, moving softly, saw that her aunt was asleep in her own room.

  28. I fall asleep and dream and quite forget, For here in heaven I know a new love's birth Which casteth out all memory.

  29. THE HOUSE OF LOVE Often between the midnight and the morn I wake and see the angels round my bed; Then fall asleep again, well-comforted.

  30. He knew that he had mixed them up; he knew that he was neither asleep nor awake, and he tried to clear his brain.

  31. I believe you've been asleep in the midst of all this racket.

  32. But Mistress Lynn was asleep or unconscious, Barbara was not sure which.

  33. Sometimes the water tasted nasty and then he fell asleep again, and when he woke up found he had a clean shirt on; he never saw the face of the man who came to him.

  34. It is likely I fell asleep again, for I soon saw the same two men standing below the bank of the river, their heads just rising to the level of the ground I had made my fire on, and looking at me as before.

  35. It was early on the morning of August 25, the Prince and young Clunes were asleep in the hut, while Patrick Grant kept watch.

  36. Casanova soon learned the history of Soradici--for this was the spy's name--and when his new companion was asleep he wrote to Balbi the account of what had happened.

  37. Everyone seemed asleep in the castle, and outside no sound was to be heard but the stealthy tramp of the armed men.

  38. The old men looked at one another and followed her upstairs, passing doors from which pale and untidy women thrust out their heads, and into a room where a beautiful woman lay asleep in a bed, with another woman sitting by her.

  39. Now the third wife lay asleep in Savaii;--her babe was born and slept by her side; and she was awakened by the spirit of her husband.

  40. He came one day to lunch with us, and while the cloth was being laid fell asleep in his chair.

  41. The first thing Mr. Damon saw was the watchman, still asleep in his chair.

  42. How long Tom had been asleep he did not know, but he was suddenly awakened by feeling his pillow move.

  43. That little girl, then five years old, was afterwards the mother of our little friend asleep yonder.

  44. Whenever they wanted a comical dress in any of their plays, I was brought out, and that little girl asleep there, and her brothers still amuse themselves with my comical looks.

  45. And while I spin my flaxen thread, And sing my simple lay, The village seems asleep or dead, Now Lubin is away.

  46. He died, she said, like a baby that has been fed and falls asleep on its mother's breast.

  47. There was no shepherd with it or anywhere in sight, but a dog was in charge; I found him lying apparently asleep in a hollow, by the side of a stick and an old sack.

  48. All asleep in the steerage, sir," he said.

  49. Polly and Lois hugged each other for joy and after taking a disgracefully long time to undress, they finally fell asleep over their chocolate and cakes.

  50. So Polly, with Uncle Roddy's promise still ringing in her ears, fell asleep at the close of that eventful year, not thinking regretfully of the past, but dreaming happily of the joys to come.

  51. Mother still sat with the baby on her lap, where it had fallen asleep while sucking.

  52. His white neighbour was sure to be asleep by now .

  53. All the green distance lay dead as yet, half-hidden, asleep in the morning mist; and neither man nor beast was visible, nor even a wreath of smoke from a chimney.

  54. I thought it was you who wanted to waken me and take me to see my brother, so I pretended to be asleep and lay quiet, supposing that you would go alone when you found me so sound asleep.

  55. Upon my falling asleep the third time, the same dream without any alteration was repeated, and I awoke, as on the former occasions, in great agitation.

  56. They thought Maria, the cook, was making a night of it, but found her asleep in the kitchen.

  57. She says that after arranging the alarm bell on Monday night (October 9-10) she fell asleep reading in her dressing- gown, lying outside her bed.

  58. I soon fell asleep again, and again the dream presented itself with precisely the same circumstances.

  59. Mrs. Shchapoff was asleep in her bedroom, but was awakened by loud raps.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "asleep" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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