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  1. If desired other vegetables in season such as cauliflower, peas or asparagus may be added.

  2. Put into a saucepan with sufficient milk and water in equal parts to cover, add a bouquet of herbs and allow the whole to simmer till the asparagus is cooked.

  3. Heat a cupful of flour, being careful not to allow it to color, and dredge the asparagus with it.

  4. Cut cold chicken and salmon into thin slices, arrange in a salad dish and mix with finely cut cooked asparagus heads, carrots and cauliflower, a few capers and a little caviare.

  5. Trehearn found it in the garden last spring when he was digging a pit for a new asparagus bed.

  6. He was digging straight down, just as he digs a grave; if you want a good asparagus bed made, I advise you to get a sexton to make it for you.

  7. He did not say that the mason must have left some lime on the place, but he thought it, and that it was the very same lime he had found in the asparagus pit.

  8. You know we make asparagus beds six or eight feet deep here.

  9. It was not until after the asparagus had arrived that Lola succeeded in catching Fallaray's eyes.

  10. I'm alone, you're alone, and asparagus ought to be good just now.

  11. Around all four sides are laid little bunches of fresh asparagus tips.

  12. One morning the asparagus bed, already brown again after the April showers have driven the salt into the ground, is pricked with short tips.

  13. It is our second commercial product, the asparagus slightly preceding it.

  14. Left Company Headquarters had a beautiful chateau, with a fruit and asparagus garden, known after its first occupant as "John Burnett's Chateau.

  15. Some of the most critical judges of Asparagus in the country are extremely partial to giant sticks.

  16. Green-topped Asparagus is in favour in this country; but those who prefer it blanched have simply to earth it up sufficiently, and cut below the surface, taking care to avoid injuring the young shoots which have not pushed through.

  17. Their preference is not based on mere superiority in size, but on the special flavour which is the peculiar merit of these extra-large Asparagus when they are properly grown.

  18. It is not the custom to protect Asparagus in open beds, but it should be; for the keen frosts that often occur when the sticks are rising destroy a large number.

  19. The beginner should acquire experience with Rhubarb and Sea Kale, then with Asparagus and Mushrooms and Dwarf French Beans, and so on to 'higher heights' of this branch of practical gardening.

  20. When the bed is ready, open the package and place the Asparagus on the ridges at fifteen or eighteen inches apart, allowing about half the roots of each plant to fall down on either side of the ridge.

  21. The plant appears to have been designed to enjoy life in solitude, being unfit for competition; and if weeds make way in an Asparagus bed, the cultivator will pay a heavy penalty for his neglect of duty.

  22. The management of Asparagus includes a careful clean-up of the beds in autumn.

  23. As the season advances and the heads rise rapidly the green Asparagus acquires its proper flavour and tenderness, and thus practical considerations should more or less influence final decisions on matters of taste.

  24. Asparagus as supplied by market growers is needlessly long in the stem.

  25. Asparagus will grow in any soil that is well cultivated; a deep rich sandy loam being especially suitable.

  26. Throw the asparagus into boiling salted water.

  27. The asparagus is eaten with the fingers like hot asparagus--a custom now generally recognised.

  28. Drain off the liquor and serve the asparagus on freshly made hot toast.

  29. Cut the asparagus all the same length by bringing the green points together, and then trimming the stalks level with a sharp knife.

  30. Bring the water to a boil and let it boil for five minutes; take out the tin and cut it open round the edge, as near to the edge as possible, otherwise you will be apt to break the asparagus in turning it out.

  31. There is much less waste as a rule in tinned asparagus than in that freshly cut.

  32. Dip all the green part of the asparagus in this, and lay the heads gently, without breaking them, in a vegetable dish, with the white stalk resting on the edge of the dish, and the green part in the middle.

  33. It is called Asparagus Island, from the quantity of wild asparagus growing among the long grass on its summit.

  34. Is asparagus the extent of your gardening?

  35. All things considered, Mrs. Idiot and I were proud of our asparagus crop, and distinctly regretted that it did not survive to be served in proper state at dinner.

  36. The madame had studied up asparagus in her botany.

  37. The results were similar to those in our asparagus venture.

  38. One stalk of asparagus is a pretty poor crop, I should say," observed the lawyer, with a laugh.

  39. We had a stalk of asparagus the other night that was magnificent as far as it went.

  40. Prepare forcing ground for cucumbers, and force asparagus and seakale.

  41. Asparagus soup may be made in a similar manner to that of green peas.

  42. When it is nearly done boiling, toast a large slice of bread sufficient to cover the dish (first cutting off the crust) and dip it into the asparagus water in the pot.

  43. Your asparagus should be all of the same size.

  44. To serve up asparagus with long stalks is now becoming obsolete.

  45. Large or full grown asparagus is the best.

  46. The asparagus must be boiled till quite dissolved, and till it has given a green colour to the soup.

  47. If asparagus is in season, it will be much better than parsley both for the stuffing and sauce.

  48. Or with vermicelli, rice, or barley; or with green peas, or asparagus tops.

  49. Then take the remainder of the asparagus tops (which must all this time have been lying in cold water) and put them into the soup, and let them boil about twenty minutes.

  50. Make a cream of asparagus soup and serve with plenty of boiled asparagus tips in it.

  51. Then add a slice of boiled ham cut in small dices, and a few fresh-cooked asparagus tips.

  52. Radishes Broiled fresh mackerel, anchovy butter Potatoes Hollandaise Sweetbreads, Lieb, with peas Roast imperial squab Asparagus with melted butter Endive and beet salad Corn starch blanc mange Alsatian wafers Coffee =Salade Chateau de Madrid.

  53. Garnish both ends of the platter with asparagus tips.

  54. Butter well four shirred egg dishes, and put the asparagus tips in them in equal portions.

  55. But Caleb pottered about in it, setting out the roots and shrubs he had brought from home, preparing the asparagus bed and strawberry beds, and trimming up the few trees and shrubs that bordered it.

  56. He had meant to set out that last row of asparagus tonight--But it was late and the boy looked tired.

  57. He set the asparagus plants in the little shed he had improvised for his tools and covered them carefully against the night air.

  58. I had forgotten it and left it out of doors at the far end of the garden in the most removed asparagus bed.

  59. I crossed a border of box, and I was in the midst of a large uncultivated tract filled with climbing asparagus and great weeds.

  60. We found Duruy's "History" in the asparagus bed all water soaked and mud bespattered.

  61. For each cup of material make a sauce of 2 tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour, a cup of the liquid in which the asparagus was cooked, a teaspoonful of lemon juice with salt and nutmeg to taste.

  62. Pile neatly on a platter, arrange the tops of boiled asparagus around it and cover with mayonnaise dressing.

  63. Make a curry sauce as in curried macaroni, and heat in it a cup of asparagus tips.

  64. Boil six young beets, and when cooked, scoop out the centres and fill with asparagus tips which have been soaked in French dressing.

  65. Boil a bunch of asparagus and when tender cut the green ends into very small pieces, mix them with four well-beaten eggs and add a little salt and pepper.

  66. Boil a bunch of asparagus in rapid boiling salted water.

  67. Cary Cook one bunch of asparagus twenty minutes, drain and reserve tops; add two cups of stock and one slice of onion minced; boil thirty minutes.

  68. Serve on lettuce leaves, garnish with asparagus tips in center and tomatoes quartered around it.

  69. Pea or asparagus soup can be made in the same way.

  70. Put a large saucepan half full of water on the fire; when it boils put one-half of the asparagus in, with a little salt; let it boil till done, then drain it off.

  71. Dressed spinach, tomatoes, asparagus tops may be used in place of meat, but there should be more potatoes than anything else in the pie.

  72. Rub through a sieve, then cut the other half of the asparagus in pieces one inch long, and send up in the soup.

  73. Both cauliflower and asparagus may be spoiled with too much cooking.

  74. Asparagus may be cooked in the same way, and eaten with similar dressing.

  75. Compare wild strawberries and wild asparagus with the truck the farmers give you.

  76. The undergrowth of myrtle and dwarf ilex above becomes aloes and sarsaparilla and wild asparagus as we go down to the sea.

  77. Lamb côtelettes farcis may also be made with purée of asparagus (No.

  78. Use a deep enough kettle so the asparagus will be completely covered when laid lengthwise.

  79. Instead of blanching the whole stalk of asparagus for the same length of time, we use a little discretion, giving the tougher, harder ends a full four minutes' blanching, but allowing the tender tip ends only two minutes.

  80. Flat sour" affects peas, beans, asparagus and corn more than other vegetables.

  81. Tie the asparagus stalks in bunches and put the bunches with all the tips standing one way on a piece of cheesecloth.

  82. If asparagus is packed in jars as whole stalks, pack with the tips up.

  83. The giant asparagus is used, and it is eaten with a fork.

  84. Lay the asparagus on a dish and sprinkle parsley over it, place round the sides the eggs cut in halves long-ways, and serve as well a sauce-boat of melted butter.

  85. Of course large doses of salt kill all weeds, and thus save labor and the injury to the asparagus roots, which would result from their removal by hoeing.

  86. Salt has been applied to asparagus beds in such quantities as to completely cover them, and with apparent benefit to the plants.

  87. I hear your asparagus is the finest in town.

  88. The pie-plant leaves were unfolding and slender asparagus spears were pointing from the mold.

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