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Example sentences for "awoke"

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awning; awninged; awnings; awnly; awns; awoken; awrful; awry; awsome; awst
  1. When he awoke with a start, aroused by the sound of the opening of the door, he stared blankly into the gloom and wondered for a moment where he was.

  2. Little trifles, which in her waking condition she no longer remembered, came to her mind, and when she awoke she burned with fever and hid her face, gasping, in her pillows.

  3. It seemed as if the violin awoke with a sigh from an enchanted sleep.

  4. I awoke from a sound sleep, or rather was awakened by a knocking at the door.

  5. Trask, sitting up and yawning, for we had been talking in a low tone and he had not awoke at once.

  6. Then I awoke to the unpleasing realisation that dusk was giving way to darkness, the downright sheer darkness of night.

  7. I awoke in such horror and chagrin that I could not fall asleep again.

  8. In 1900, at his special exhibition, Paris, Europe, and America awoke to these haunting visions.

  9. Again he awoke with a start, and sat upright.

  10. Very early in the morning he awoke with that sensation about him which told that at that time further repose was not attainable.

  11. Then the Captain awoke with a feeling of uneasiness, started up on one elbow, yawned, and gazed dreamily around.

  12. As I passed your door you awoke and asked for a drink of water.

  13. And they wedged in a deal of wholesome, commonplace fun that presently awoke a response and developed a sense of humour that gave them all a belief that the worst was past.

  14. The delight of Byron in contemplating the Malvern hills, was not because they resembled the scenery of Lochynagar, but because they awoke trains of thought and fancy, associated with recollections of that scenery.

  15. His last words were, "I must sleep now"; and he composed himself accordingly, but never awoke again.

  16. When Esther awoke the next morning, she wondered for a moment why she felt so happy and light-hearted.

  17. For days and days did I keep my bed; and when I awoke to consciousness, it was from a delirium.

  18. Lord William shook him gently; the baronet awoke with a sudden start and ejaculation; but at the same instant a friendly voice said, hurriedly, “Fear nothing!

  19. Then he awoke to consciousness amidst the most horrible tortures: for the means that were adopted to prevent his lacerated back from mortifying, inflicted the agonies of hell.

  20. The whole night the sleeper was depressed by some dreadful threat which centred about the vision of these two, and when at length he awoke it was with the effect of his dreams hard upon him.

  21. The forest cries awoke and their chorus rang out as the moon mounted in the heavens.

  22. It awoke all the dormant atmosphere of mystery, which, in the minds of the two men, surrounded the lovely Aim-sa.

  23. It awoke afresh the "Dread of the Wild" that had assailed them on their journey north.

  24. Louis awoke from a calm, sound sleep very early the next morning, with a dim, indistinct recollection of having, when half awake during the night, seen Dr.

  25. On the morning of the second day, after a sleep of thirty hours, I awoke again to the world, with a system utterly prostrate and unstrung, and a brain clouded with the lingering images of my visions.

  26. François awoke us at the break of day, at Eregli, as we had a journey of twelve hours before us.

  27. Honda was wrapped in fog, when José awoke me on the morning of the 22d.

  28. The fog and gloom had been in my own eyes and in my own brain, and now the blessed sun, shining full in my face, awoke me.

  29. There was a chill, heavy dew on the meadow; but when François awoke me at sunrise, the sky was splendidly clear and pure, and the early beams had a little warmth in them.

  30. The heresies of the Jews in Alexandria awoke in him, and a marvellous longing awoke to see the world.

  31. I have lost Jesus for ever, he said, and at that moment a sudden rap at his door awoke him from his reveries.

  32. It was Rachel coming into the room that awoke him.

  33. At his touch Jesus awoke from his dream, but it seemed quite a little while before he could shake himself free from his dream, and was again of this world.

  34. The lamb was obedient, but before long he awoke Jesus with his bleating.

  35. And it was not till it came to be rumoured in Jericho that a prophet was gone to Egypt to learn Greek that he awoke sufficiently to ask why a Jewish prophet needed Greek.

  36. He awoke to the fact that the two standing watching him were waiting for an answer, and thereat the colour again surged to his cheeks.

  37. The surgeon awoke the first they came to, for the poor fellow had fallen asleep, and quickly exposed the wound.

  38. Hence, when the nation awoke to its duty to its defenders, Methodism abundantly partook of the impulse, and threw itself heartily into every enterprise which it inspired.

  39. The drowsing pool-dwellers awoke and scattered in a panic, even the dull suckers displaying a miraculous agility.

  40. It was not till fairly well along in the afternoon, therefore, that she awoke to the fact that she had not covered more than half the distance which she had to travel.

  41. And you would have me believe that hearing words which awoke in you such grave suspicions, you kept your suspicions and straightway forgot the words.

  42. He awoke refreshed, for a great weight had been taken off his mind.

  43. When Philip awoke the next morning, he found that the topsails were hoisted, and the anchor short-stay apeak.

  44. When we awoke the next morning, we found that the hunter's daughter had risen before us.

  45. One night, my sister awoke me and my brother.

  46. I could bear it no longer, I ran to my father and awoke him.

  47. He breathes heavily," thought Amine; "but had I given him that powder, who knows if he had ever awoke again?

  48. I thought that I fell asleep, and awoke with a sensation as if sinking down.

  49. I awoke as we drove into Sens at broad daylight.

  50. I sank into the corner of the coupe of the diligence for Toulon, at nine o'clock in the evening, and awoke with the gray of the dawn at the entrance of the pass of Ollioules, one of the wildest defiles I ever saw.

  51. I awoke on the following day with my son in my arms.

  52. When I awoke I found the sun's rays were shining full upon me: it was near seven o'clock.

  53. The colonel awoke one morning and the first thing his eyes looked upon was a mule dressed in uniform standing demurely in his tent.

  54. When I awoke I was running through the woods about three or four rods from the road, and everybody else was doing likewise.

  55. When he awoke to this great fiscal truth he saw that some condescension of effort would be required.

  56. The following day they sped through a land whose kind he knew, but after another night he awoke to find their train breasting the brown waves of a sea that rolled lazily to far horizons.

  57. Ewing awoke in the night at some jolting halt of the train, to feel an exciting thrill of luxury as he stretched in his berth.

  58. But after mad flight through the windings of an interminable corridor she awoke to look squarely into his eyes, to cower instinctively under his touch on her arm.

  59. Aurora awoke out of her long sleep while her father was at church.

  60. She awoke to find her husband watching her; the Sunday papers lying forgotten on his knee, and his honest eyes fixed on the face he loved.

  61. The sun was shining into her room when she awoke to hear someone knocking on the outer door.

  62. Her clearly expressed disdain, her sturdy independence both of word and action, coupled with her frankly voiced dislike, awoke within him an earnest desire to stand higher in her regard.

  63. He awoke shortly after noon, feeling refreshed and renewed in both body and mind.

  64. Three hours later she awoke again, this time to the full glare of day, and to the remembrance that she was now facing a new life.

  65. Murphy was sleeping when he first turned to look at him, but he awoke in season to be fed, and accepted the proffered food with all the apparent delight of a child.

  66. It was not until after darkness fell that it awoke from its somnolence, when the scattered miners came swarming down from out the surrounding hills and turned into a noisy, restless playground the single narrow, irregular street.

  67. Then she awoke as if from a dream, his strong arms clasped about her, his lips upon hers.

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