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Example sentences for "awnings"

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  1. The purpose of these was to support the masts upon which the awnings were stretched.

  2. In rough and windy weather the awnings could not always be drawn, and umbrellas coloured according to the favourite's colours, or large broad-brimmed hats called causiae or birri, were then used.

  3. Much discussion has been raised on the question of the awnings or velaria required for so large a space.

  4. By means of pulleys attached to this network of rope, the little boys mentioned by Juvenal as caught up to the awnings may have been drawn up.

  5. When it seems desirable for shade and coolness, coloured curtains or awnings may be suspended between the columns, so that one can sit or walk with comfort under the cloistered portion.

  6. Of portières, curtains and awnings enough has been said, except that they were also used for draping the less ornamental walls.

  7. Awnings were probably spread over this central space of the Forum, since square holes are found in the pavement which held masts on which the awnings could be suspended.

  8. The two were at breakfast under the awnings of Lucy's portico, Bones standing out of range.

  9. She would sit for hours under her awnings and watch the lazy boats crawling in and out of the inlet, or the motionless steamers--motionless at that distance--slowly unwinding their threads of smoke.

  10. Jane had agreed with her, and so, under Lucy's direction, the awnings had been put up and the other comforts inaugurated.

  11. We had just time to notice the trees astern suddenly convulsed, writhing where they stood, and the storm sprang at us, roaring, ripping away awnings and loose gear.

  12. The cattle were sheltered, as far as possible, with awnings improvised from spare canvas, and their fodder was bales of American hay.

  13. Lentulus Spinther, a contemporary of Cicero, first erected fine linen awnings (carbasina vela).

  14. Dio mentions a report that these awnings were of silk, but he speaks doubtfully; and it is scarcely probable that even Cæsar's extravagance would have carried him so far.

  15. The Campanians first invented the means of stretching awnings over their theatres, by means of cords stretched across the cavea and attached to masts which passed through perforated blocks of stone deeply bedded in the wall.

  16. Curtains and awnings were no doubt suspended above the windows and entrances in the Assyrian palaces to ward off the rays of the sun.

  17. She didn't seem to notice the "little bit of land," it was just as if he'd said four or five thousand acres and described a balconied house with striped awnings and cushioned chairs.

  18. Even on the balconies of the white houses in the wicker chairs under the awnings Mark and his aspirations drew forth interested comment.

  19. Susan thought of the big Oriental liner, the awnings that shaded the decks, the exquisitely cool and orderly little cabins, the green water rushing alongside.

  20. The girls had a bathroom as large as a small bedroom, and a splendid deep balcony shaded by gay awnings was accessible only to them.

  21. Not only were awnings spread fore and aft, but they were hung in such a way that passing craft, however curious the occupants, could not see what might be taking place on board.

  22. The ships wore a festive air with awnings stretched above their quarter-decks and altogether it was an enchanting picture.

  23. It was the custom then for all stores to have wooden awnings with a kind of drop curtain awning which rolled up and down, and on the summer afternoons it was sure to be down.

  24. The sun beat down on the awnings on the east side of Government Street.

  25. Awnings of cloth, cunningly treated with the juice from the bark of the wild rubber tree, protected them from the rain.

  26. In a few minutes the awnings were half full of water, and a hole connected with a hose having been prepared beforehand near the lowest point, where the canvas was weighed down by the shot, a stream descended as if a cock had been turned.

  27. All this implies that the weather is fine, the awnings spread overhead, and the curtains stretched fore and aft, to keep out the heat and glare.

  28. White lotus and pink water-lilies blossomed and small gilt barges passed across the lake, with coloured awnings to them.

  29. Fifteen minutes later, Mademoiselle and I find ourselves under the awnings shading the saloon-deck of the Guadeloupe.

  30. It has blue and pink, and yellow and green, on its awnings and on its house fronts.

  31. It was the hottest time of day and the sun beat down unmerciful, the pitch running in the seams, and the awnings being stripped off to better fight the ship, if need be.

  32. He had more than a mind to get to sea, but the gloom to windward daunted him, and he ordered out the kedge instead and bade the mate strip the awnings off her.

  33. Looking out the door of the companionway on to the starboard deck-alley of the yacht, they saw that the awnings were up and the decks were being holystoned.

  34. The sun was tremendously hot, of course, but the yacht's motion created a perpetual breeze, while her awnings kept the bridge and lower decks cool.

  35. Men spread awnings from the front of the boxes, and watered them steadily from above, so that the horses might be as cool as possible.

  36. I took one of the lamps that were hung under the awnings and went forward.

  37. The awnings covered the deck with a white roof from stem to stern, and a faint hum, a low murmur of sad voices, alone revealed the presence of a crowd of people upon the great blaze of the ocean.

  38. But after the first few miraculous hours of gliding along beneath the gay awnings that had all been almost astonishingly disappointing, too.

  39. Above, at the eaves, these courts were covered with canvas awnings wrinkled in regular folds on iron rods--sheltering covers which remained drawn from the first flood of the morning sun until after five in the afternoon.

  40. The chief street was lined with awnings reaching to the curb-stone in front of the shops, and every public door-way was screened by a striped curtain.

  41. The horses of the cabs had gay-colored awnings stretched over them on little poles fixed to the shafts, so that when they moved along the street they looked like holiday boats on four legs.

  42. I want once more to sit at a café table beneath the awnings of the Rue Catinat, before me a tall glass with ice tinkling in it.

  43. They lay so thick beneath the awnings that the sailors literally had to walk upon them in order to perform their work.

  44. Even the pretty striped awnings of red and white had been utilized in the construction of a tent, under which the skaters had rested when weary with their exertions.

  45. Long before we have anchored in the Cuban bay, the news of our arrival has reached the ears of my companion's friends, who hasten to greet us from little canoes with white awnings to ward off the rays of the scorching sun.

  46. Then come the carts with shady awnings of palm leaves, drawn by oxen with yokes fastened to the points of their horns.

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