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  1. Huge trams swam past him like glass houses, and hansoms shot past the trams and automobiles past the hansoms; and phantom barges swirled down on the full ebb, threading holes in bridges as cotton threads a needle.

  2. Hidden among these islands, the barges of the Tsar had no difficulty in keeping themselves out of sight, and after a thorough inspection of the Swedish strength it was resolved to make a dash and, if possible, board the vessels.

  3. Gilded coaches went and came in the streets, barges floated up the Thames, and no one troubled, though many knew, that the royal exchequer was well-nigh empty.

  4. Those who lived on the river in ships or barges were free of it; those in the houses on London Bridge were also little affected.

  5. The imposing cortege made its way slowly; the barges being propelled only by priests, whose sacred character was supposed to make amends for their lack of skill in handling the long oars that were affixed to the sides.

  6. Along this prescribed course the Phoenician ships were anchored side by side in double rows, between whose bows the sacred barges that conveyed the gifts for Baal should pass.

  7. Escorted by them and Sir Lewis, they were brought in the court barges to Tower Wharf.

  8. Sir Lewis Lewkener, master of ceremonies, had been waiting for the ambassadors at Gravesend, and informed them that the royal barges were to come next morning from London to take them to town.

  9. The air was black, the water was black, the barges and hulks were black, the piles were black, the buildings were black, the shadows were only a deeper shade of black upon a black ground.

  10. All the carpets and furniture are covered with temporary coverings during the transfer from the barges of these huge sacks filled with coal.

  11. Barges filled with indigo, cotton and barley, dahabehis of carpets and woolen stuffs with flagons of rose water.

  12. Besides the big tug there were two tugs towing seven barges with the iron work, with building materials, stone, cement, and all that sort of thing.

  13. Two days passed before the cylinder was absolutely level, and in the meantime the tug had taken one of the barges for more stone.

  14. One of the barges snapped a hawser and it was only by the herculean efforts of the smaller tug that she was kept from collision with the cylinder.

  15. Although the waves were running high, a gang was sent on one of the stone barges and another two hundred tons of stone were thrown off on the side to which the cylinder was inclining.

  16. The tugs at once brought up the two barges containing heavy blocks of stone, and the instant that the cylinder touched the bottom, the gangs of men started to heave the stones overboard.

  17. Several barges of the enemy were sunk, while their losses in killed and wounded were estimated at two to three hundred.

  18. After midnight, near the morning of the twenty-third, five advance barges bearing British troops glided noiselessly into Bienvenue from Lake Borgne, capturing the picket of twelve men without firing a gun.

  19. Sighting a large number of the enemy's barges steering for Pass Christian, he headed for the Rigolets.

  20. Early on the morning of the fourteenth, a flotilla of barges formed in line was discovered coming from the direction of the enemy's ships, evidently to overtake and attack the becalmed gunboats.

  21. It was necessary to wait until our barges could make the trip there, and return.

  22. Hudson's Bay Company steamers now ply on the largest of the inland rivers with long lines of fur-laden barges in tow; but the canoe brigades still bring the winter's hunt to the forts in spring.

  23. The Wye, however, is navigable to Hereford in barges of from eighteen to forty tons; and sometimes in lighter boats even to the Hay, but the shoals in summer and the floods in winter frequently interrupt the navigation.

  24. But the barges glided on, towards Canopus.

  25. The barges glided back on the canal, in the night.

  26. Hundreds of other barges were gliding slowly in the same direction.

  27. All the craft, hundreds and hundreds, large and small, barges and coracles, square rafts and canoes, pressed gently forward towards the entrance of the Canopian Canal.

  28. The barges lay moored to the long quay, one beside the other.

  29. White lotus and pink water-lilies blossomed and small gilt barges passed across the lake, with coloured awnings to them.

  30. Besides these, eight steel double-deck troop barges were brought up, in sections, and put together.

  31. Great numbers of native labourers were at work, unloading barges and native craft; and a line of railway ran down to the wharves, where the work of loading the trucks went on briskly.

  32. The barges were deep in the water, with their cargoes of stores of all kinds, and rails and sleepers for the railway, and the steamer was also deeply loaded.

  33. A heavy tide and a moon obscured, A shapeless mass of barges moored, Nor light, nor sound and a flood that gapes, A frowning pile of horrid shapes.

  34. At one end of the room, nailed against the wall, were rows and rows of beautifully polished models of the firm's different tugs, barges and schooners.

  35. I know who sent them the segment of melon, which in her riotous fancy one of them compared to those huge barges to which we give the ungracious name of mudscows.

  36. And barges are warped in alongside the docks; another army begins the hoisting and stowing of goods, the loading of wagons, and the moving of freight.

  37. A steamer whistles in the harbour, another steamer answers with a hoarse blast; flags flutter, barges swim back and forth; sails rattle aloft and sails are furled.

  38. Beyond it, the galleys and barges did not go.

  39. We tack about to avoid foundering on a sandbank, or running our helm into the banks: steamers and barges often do so in the rapids.

  40. In nineteen days, April 4th, the way was open and clear; and on the 5th, steamers and barges were brought through near to the lower mouth, but not near enough to be in view from the river.

  41. These were floored over at the top to keep everything in place, so that a shot penetrating the outer barges would have to pass through twenty feet of rails and cotton before reaching the middle one, which carried the men and guns.

  42. Barges were coming upstream, the dense green water spuming under their blunt bows, towed by a little black tugboat with its chimney bent back to pass under the bridges.

  43. We want to make for that bunch of barges the other side of the bridge.

  44. Barges heavily laden with wood are pulled laboriously through the locks of the canals which connect the Yser with Ostend and Furnes.

  45. Their disappointment was profound at the sight of the small number of barges that awaited them.

  46. She left her horse with a valet, and threw herself into one of the boats accompanied only by her equerry, her page and an oarsman; she had herself rowed several times around the barges to see that they were not overloaded.

  47. A race ensued as to who was to be the first upon the barges so as to be considered the bravest by the heroine.

  48. The French captains had been compelled by the exasperation of the inhabitants of Orleans to decide to co-operate with the Maid,[91] and they had marched out and reached the river bank just as the barges arrived on that side.

  49. They sought to escape by the improvised bridge under which Poitevin let his burning barges float.

  50. Only five or six barges and a few boats lay ready.

  51. There only remained six barges and a few boats.

  52. With the number of barges that she had counted upon, her troops were to be landed in two or three trips; it would now require eight or ten.

  53. Now and then we crossed rivers with barges on them.

  54. On the other side of the ship there were great barges full of coal.

  55. Even the coal barges look like phantom boats.

  56. Ruth and I together did little else except watch the barges come up, and the slowly moving vessels, and the lights, and the swarms of people on Blackfriars Bridge.

  57. A little tug, with two barges lashed alongside, was coming valiantly along.

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