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Example sentences for "barging"

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  1. If they tried barging on the most broken coast in England--say between Lowestoft and Whitstable--they would be very pleasantly undeceived, unless indeed their case is hopeless.

  2. I pointed out that she had so successfully acquired the spirit of barging that she was evidently made for the life.

  3. Hey, I'm sorry Rachel came barging in," Paula finally said.

  4. At that moment, Paul Nulty came barging out the door with a huge klieg light, followed by several other members of the crew carrying sound gear.

  5. If we go barging around in the speedboat, we might throw a monkey wrench into the works.

  6. Let's not go barging off without knowing what we're doing.

  7. We'll be barging into something if we aren't very careful.

  8. With this current running and the hippos barging about you wouldn't stand a dog's chance.

  9. Simultaneously there approached her corner a short, enormously fat, overdressed woman, barging aggressively ahead towards the vacant table, her huge bosom well in advance like the prow of a ship.

  10. He was barging about down in Cornwall over that von Gobendorff case, when I was Senior Officer at Trecurnow.

  11. Another dirty trick of Fritz's to keep us barging about in a seaway," bawled Wakefield through a megaphone.

  12. It's a jolly sight safer than barging along as you're doing.

  13. That will give you a good excuse for barging around the country if you have to.

  14. While you were barging around caves, I was making change at the bank.

  15. Hope I'm not barging in and all that sort of thing?

  16. And really it wasn't quite the thing to go barging off to a night-club the day your husband returned after four years.

  17. Perhaps it was a horse barging into the black's quarters; perhaps it was the sudden flash of young Dawson's cigarette-case in the sun.

  18. In the week following my campaign for the Methodist, two Nazarenes, a young man and his wife, came barging into Adot and set up for business.

  19. He came barging in here and bought out Clark and Stanley, the homesteaders, and brought in two men who had been building fancy cabins in Rocky Mountain Park and tourist camps.

  20. But most of all, I don't like your barging in like God Almighty and pushing people around.

  21. He came barging in here with a stranger and did some wild talking.

  22. Madrid wasn't likely to come barging up on the bench.

  23. Oilskin-clad clumsy ruffians barging up the ladders, trampling and stumbling in their heavy sea-boots, across and about, peering to find their mates!

  24. Why, I can scarce see who's hailing me, less a line o' ships barging along!

  25. I made the third floor and Marian's cell in slightly more than nothing flat, but she was ready when I came barging into her room.

  26. I toyed around with the idea of barging in on the main office of the company but I figured that might be too much like poking my head into a hornet's nest.

  27. The next morning Allison came barging into the breakfast room glowering savagely.

  28. Allison was for barging on past without disturbing the superior officers, but O'Malley had his eyes on the pie shelf.

  29. No, sir--nobody in his right mind is going to let a huge ship like that go barging around unpiloted.

  30. They'd think he was trying to bring them down, barging in like that.

  31. So it was perhaps not to be wondered at that a sort of combined sniff of holiness and self-righteousness went up to Heaven when the culprit came barging down the passage, nose in air, and a defiant flush upon her cheek.

  32. She'll be barging into the banks and playing the deuce with everything.

  33. I was trying to make the Firth of Forth, and instead I find myself barging into the Northumberland coast.

  34. Barging in, he said indignantly to himself; barging in when nobody had asked her opinion or explanation of anything.

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