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Example sentences for "hailing"

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haiff; haiks; hail; haile; hailed; haill; hails; hailstone; hailstones; hailstorm
  1. Jule was by this time within hailing distance, and Buck called out to him, asking where the boat was.

  2. The hailing party consulted together for a second and then called out: "Guess you'll have to submit to capture, boys.

  3. Carrying the same speed as The Bedford Castle, the launch shortly came within hailing distance.

  4. Would the ship never get under way and out of hailing distance?

  5. Mr. Lawrence as they walked on a few blocks before hailing a car.

  6. He was thinking how he could best circumvent Maddox's obvious intention of hailing a hansom and putting him into it.

  7. That evening, instead of hailing a Liverpool Street 'bus, he crossed the Strand and walked up Bow Street, and so into Bloomsbury.

  8. Macpherson was produced, a bearded and grizzled personage, hailing from Dundee.

  9. They had now reached Hyde Park Corner, and, hailing a hansom, Brett told the driver to stop outside the Carlton Hotel.

  10. Rovers' hired man, as soon as he was within hailing distance.

  11. The steam tug was headed in the direction of the incoming schooner, and before long the two craft were within hailing distance of each other.

  12. Meanwhile we in the felucca, having stood on to a sufficient distance, once more wore round, and again made for the boat, luffing and shaking the wind out of our sail when within hailing distance of her.

  13. Whan night was gane, an day come in, An lions gaed to their dens, An ay the lady followd him, An the tears came hailing down.

  14. When he gade to Ithan side They were hailing at the ba, And four and twenty gay ladyes They lookd ower castle wa.

  15. We hadna sailed a league, a league, A league but only twa, Till cauld and watry grew the wind, Come hailing owre them a'.

  16. O they hae fought that bowr within Till the sun was gaing down, Till drops o blude frae Rose the Red Came hailing to the groun.

  17. We must get the Long-boat within hailing distance of us, as soon as possible.

  18. When she came within hailing distance, Captain Brandt mounted a spile and shouted above the roar of the gale, "Bowles, ahoy!

  19. When she came within hailing distance of the shore a lobster fisherman pulled out and crossed the yacht's bow.

  20. From time to time, they heard the four brothers hailing one another in the distance.

  21. Lupin was himself just hailing a taxi, when he changed his mind; and I heard him mutter: "What's the good?

  22. So cried Ahab, once more hailing a ship showing English colours, bearing down under the stern.

  23. Elijah, hailing us when we had removed a few paces.

  24. Be all this as it may, his voice was now often heard hailing the three mast-heads and admonishing them to keep a bright look-out, and not omit reporting even a porpoise.

  25. Whereupon Stubb quickly pulled to the floating body, and hailing the Pequod to give notice of his intentions, at once proceeded to reap the fruit of his unrighteous cunning.

  26. Ahab, hailing the perched men all around him.

  27. Jim, and the chum to whom his remarks were addressed, were roosting on a fence, after the manner of a certain class of agriculturists, hailing usually from Missouri, and most frequently from the county of Pike.

  28. The Essex was run within hailing distance, and then we learned that our prize was the British whaleship Montezuma, with fourteen hundred barrels of oil on board.

  29. We could not afford to spend very much time on her because the other two craft were near at hand, and without further ceremony than that of hailing to learn who she was, a prize crew was called away to board her.

  30. Not until late in the evening did we come within hailing distance of the Happar village near the shore of the bay, and then our guides told us by gestures that we must lead the way.

  31. Gore was a newcomer in the League ranks, he hailing from New Bedford, but he soon made for himself a name, being a first-class fielder and a batsman that was away above the average, as is shown by his record made in after years.

  32. Some one hailing the boat, sir,' reported the lookout forward.

  33. But these few steps had not been taken before he heard a man's voice hailing him by name with many execrations, and, looking over his shoulder, he beheld Charlie Pendragon waving him with both arms to return.

  34. A voice was now heard hailing us from the entrance.

  35. Wrinkling the water under her bows, and smoothing into oil a cable's length of wake astern of her, the whaler floated down to the little brig within hailing distance.

  36. The boat came to a stand when within easy hailing distance, as though old Bunk was taking a view of me as I sat in the top, and was wondering what I did there.

  37. Even while we were on the summit I felt hail begin to fall, and before we were five minutes on our way down it was hailing heavily.

  38. It had been snowing or hailing without intermission for eighteen hours.

  39. But he was not beyond seeing or hailing distance.

  40. They sought my life when they should have been hailing me as a deliverer; now they look up to me because they falsely believe me guilty of what I regard as an infamy.

  41. Hailing a passing cab, he asked, in a voice in which he endeavored to hide the shame he felt: "To the race course, please.

  42. Then with the aid of the binoculars we made her out; she was a small schooner of foreign rig, evidently hailing from the Canaries or Madeiras, and she was sailing as we were, shaping a course direct for the island.

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