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Example sentences for "hails"

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hail; haile; hailed; hailing; haill; hailstone; hailstones; hailstorm; hailstorms; haima
  1. Another year is quickly past, And Angus hails another son; His natal day is like the last, Nor soon the jocund feast was done.

  2. And is it thus a brother hails A brother's fond remembrance here?

  3. No friend thy wretched fate deplores, No kindred voice with rapture hails Thy steps within a stranger's doors.

  4. Friends regretted, Scenes for ever dear, Remembrance hails you with her warmest tear!

  5. At the same time he mentions the Coleroon mine as the only one which produces colored diamonds, from which we may infer that "the Blue" hails from that locality.

  6. All the other famous diamonds of which we have treated have been Asiatic; but the Braganza, like the Pelegrina Pearl, hails from the New World.

  7. Daughter of commerce, from the hoary deep New-York emerging rears her lofty domes, And hails from far her num'rous ships of trade, Like shady forests rising on the waves.

  8. A boat put off amid hails from the shore.

  9. Ask him what part of the Empire State he hails from?

  10. The Fisher King embraces him and hails him as lord of his house.

  11. Finn-eges recognises that the prophecy has been fulfilled, and hails his pupil as Finn.

  12. Even the great pagan world of marble and pomp and lust and cruelty, that my soul goes out to and hails as the grandest, has not so sublime a contrast to show us as this.

  13. Five hundred dollars reward for the apprehension and arrest of a notorious young desperado who hails to the name of Deadwood Dick!

  14. Reward:= For the apprehension and arrest of a notorious young desperado who hails to the name of Deadwood Dick.

  15. You must know that our house stands on a hill, exposed to all hails and blasts.

  16. Fire an aureole encircling suns his brow with gold Like to one who hails the morning on the mountains old.

  17. One of all they generations, Mother, hails to thee!

  18. Proud swells the tide with loads of freighted ore, And shouting folly hails them from the shore; Hoards e'en beyond the misers wish abound, And rich men flock from all the world around.

  19. Are not, this very morn, those feasts begun, Where prostrate Error hails the rising sun?

  20. Benignant o'er those blessed isles, Which seen from far Colonna's height, Make glad the heart that hails the sight, And lend to loneliness delight.

  21. I'll tell you how to sing a clearer carol Than lark who hails the dawn on breezy down; To earn yourself a purer poet's laurel Than Shakespeare's crown.

  22. Bard Acts on Imagination like a charm Of holiest power;--with deep, religious awe She hails the sacred spot where sleep entomb'd The relics that enshrined his godlike soul.

  23. The voices of Renown the tidings spread: Exulting England echoes thy applause; Ambitious Gallia hears thy name with dread; While European Freedom lifts her head, And hails the great Defender of her cause.

  24. The reptile might also disclose the locality he hails from, as that important point is still shrouded in mystery.

  25. How sparkling his eyes, how radiant the smile with which he greets the populace that hails him with shouts of enthusiasm!

  26. Sheik Arnhyn recognizes and hails her with a shout of delight.

  27. Valeria hails the Princess Dehra as Regent," he cried.

  28. Valeria hails the Head of the House of Dalberg as the King!

  29. Valeria hails the Head of the House of Dalberg as the Queen!

  30. It hails from cloud-land, and in cloud-land it will ere long dissolve.

  31. He hails from the church of experienced believers, whose test is religion, not theology.

  32. He accordingly hails his two-wheeled quitrin, and drives us to his dwelling.

  33. From these appearances I gather where the steamer hails from and what is her nationality.

  34. It rains and hails enough to make us wet and uncomfortable, and the mudbake gets up and kindles another fire.

  35. At the caravanserai is a traveller who says he hails from the Pishin Valley, and he produces a certificate in English, recommending him as a stone mason.

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