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Example sentences for "bawled"

Lexicographically close words:
bawd; bawdry; bawds; bawdy; bawl; bawling; bawls; bawn; bay; bayas
  1. His boot top was soaked with blood, and, trickling down the side of the boot, a little crimson stream was collecting in a pool upon the floor.

  2. Meighan seemed to be communing with himself, rather than talking to Kenleigh.

  3. The huge man upon the brake wheel paid him no heed, but bawled a profane reprimand for the misplacing of a coil of wire line.

  4. A man bawled a string of names, there was a sudden surging of the crowd which rapidly melted as its members were spewed out into the train shed.

  5. You get into that house quick as you can, and mind your own business and keep your mouth shut, or I’ll make it pretty interesting for you,” bawled the old man.

  6. This call was bawled out from a window in the building Dave had just passed.

  7. Promptly Tob set going the machine on our own "Bear," and bawled his orders right and left to the other ships.

  8. We will risk it," he bawled back, "and consider the odds against us are small.

  9. The creature bawled loudly, and kicked out, thereby nearly throwing off the men who were sitting on it.

  10. The lad, by a mere touch, corrected the course of Blaze slightly, and in a moment he was heading for a calf which bawled loudly.

  11. While the officers shook his hands, the rabble bawled their satisfaction in hurrahs, and a band of music marching up directly, the throng on foot and horse gave him a vociferous escort to his quarters.

  12. Blue Beard now again bawled out, "Come down, I say, this very moment, or I shall come to fetch you.

  13. This is Coxine--" The pirate's voice bawled over the audioceiver again.

  14. He grabbed the intercom and bawled orders.

  15. Helena overheard the bawled conversation and clutched him by the arm.

  16. He collected his energies for another spell of yelling and had bawled the first "Help!

  17. Crawling up to windward, he bawled to Surrette, "Cast off your main-sheet and crotch-tackles!

  18. He shuffled to the boat's bow, and with a mighty voice bawled to Burnes: "Slack up a little, Middy!

  19. Bossy bawled often--a discordant break in the serenity of the night.

  20. He flung out an arm to point to the advancing ship, and bawled something in Spanish that was lost to them in the noise of the labouring crew.

  21. I'll rot in hell or ever I serves the King," he bawled in a great rage.

  22. Pete Ellinwood saw him, and in a great voice bawled down the hatchway to the fo'c's'le.

  23. Stand by to come about," bawled Ellinwood.

  24. Keep yourself up for an instant--for only one instant;" bawled Mr. Snodgrass.

  25. He thrust his head out of the coach-window at intervals, and bawled out to know why they didn't go faster?

  26. But after a lightning glance at the chubby fist holding the other end of the reata, the twinkle in his eyes accorded but illy with his subsequent plunging and yelling as he sprawled on all fours and bawled like a choking calf.

  27. In the meanwhile Blue Beard, with a great scimitar in his hand, bawled as loud as he could to his wife, "Come down instantly, or I will fetch you.

  28. Blue Beard now again bawled out, "Come down, I say, this very moment, or I shall come and fetch you.

  29. When the weaver putting out his hand and gripping the fellow who was carrying him, by the hair, bawled out, "Down the Rotten Raw, ye beggar.

  30. I bawled after him to stop, but I might have called and bawled for ever without his minding me.

  31. A comic song had been started as a distraction, the refrain being bawled for all it was worth as if in defiance of the storm.

  32. We stood wondering how we were going to spend the night when orders were bawled out that we were to sleep in the open!

  33. I bawled and bawled, and bawled again, he punched me, I hit back.

  34. When the meal was ready she bawled in his ear-- "Come, daddy, you must eat.

  35. He bawled into his ear: "Come, daddy, get up.

  36. He was curiously unconscious of the presence of women; he felt all the spectators as men who had bawled for his death and whom he wanted to hammer as he had hammered the wind.

  37. Ray Cowles bawled to them, as he passed in the waltz, "Watch out for that Carl, Gert.

  38. Margari was so frightened that he bawled out: "No, I am not!

  39. Leonard, as soon as he perceived his wife, began humming some mad operatic tune, an opera bouffé air and bawled through the door to the dog-keeper to unleash the hounds.

  40. I can sing and play as well as they can and better," bawled the Cow again through the window.

  41. Lift up the floor And open door," bawled out the old Witch, tapping the floor with her broomstick.

  42. I can tell you we were a discouraged lot; but we got a faint thrill of hope early the next morning when the lookout bawled down the open hatch: "Land!

  43. But I didn't have much chance to enjoy my hatred then, for almost immediately the lookout poked his face over the hatchway and bawled down that there was smoke on the horizon, dead ahead.

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