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Example sentences for "bawls"

Lexicographically close words:
bawds; bawdy; bawl; bawled; bawling; bawn; bay; bayas; bayberry; bayed
  1. Just before the tali is tied, the headman bawls out "May I look into the bride's money and presents"?

  2. The "Meek Phool," one who sez he prefers kodphish bawls to porterhous stakes, or even quales on toast.

  3. Then one begins, by giving one ov the bawls a punch in the belly, which sends it agin the next one's belly, and so on, till the other fellows turn fur punching comes on.

  4. A distrikt skoolmaster, who duz a square job and takes hiz codfish bawls reverently, iz a better man to day tew hav lieing around loose than Soloman would be arrayed in all ov hiz glory.

  5. I will back my horse against you for fifty," bawls out Will.

  6. I'll take no refusal now, by George I won't," bawls the knight.

  7. He bawls so loud even to this day, that he puts his hand behind his ear to mitigate the sensation which he inflicts upon his own tympanum.

  8. Hot Rice-Milk this woman calls-- Behold her bright can, As up and down the streets she bawls Hot Rice-Milk to warm the inner man.

  9. Chesnuts, all'ot, a penny a score," bawls another.

  10. There the bawls gave place to gnashing snarls, and crashings in the brush, and snapping of branches, as he made his way into the forest.

  11. But just as quickly he was up on all-fours and began to whirl with hoarse, savage bawls of agony and fury.

  12. So going out into the street, He bawls with all his might, - If any of you tread awry I'm here to set you right.

  13. Oh what manner of Jinkinbobs are not here wanting that are most useful at this occasion; and the Midwife cries and bawls for them that she's hoarse again!

  14. At the first landing you run up against a pail and a broom, whereupon "mother" expatiates upon the unreliability of servant-girls, and bawls over the balusters for Sarah to come and take them away at once.

  15. When her daughter pushes through the fence, and is helping herself to the apples, the red pirate sticks her head over the top wire and bawls enviously.

  16. She stood by the gate and pumped up basso-profundo bawls from her second or lower stomach.

  17. When we bring her in to milk she whines and bawls during the whole milking time, and judging from her tones her sufferings are really acute.

  18. She is so discontented with her lot that she bawls whiningly even when she has her mouth full, and in that way contradicts a verse in Job, which I cannot locate this morning, which asks if the ox "loweth over its manger.

  19. She comes to the gate of the pasture field whenever she sees any one around and bawls and bawls.

  20. It is quite true that there were pumpkins last night and the night before and many nights before that, but she knows there will be none to-night and she bawls dismally at the thought.

  21. He roars with rage, and when in pain he cries, or he bawls and howls.

  22. And begob he got as far as the door and they holding him and he bawls out of him: --Three cheers for Israel!

  23. The crowd bawls of dicers, crown and anchor players, thimbleriggers, broadsmen.

  24. Where Cranly led me to get rich quick, hunting his winners among the mudsplashed brakes, amid the bawls of bookies on their pitches and reek of the canteen, over the motley slush.

  25. Begorrah, I believe Bobby had a notion to be comin' wid me and the cat, for he was lettin' sorrowful bawls the last thing I heard of him.

  26. Small thanks to me for that, when the woful bawls of it you might have heard a mile o' ground.

  27. The instructor bawls some remark into his ear, which, for the life of him, he cannot catch.

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