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Example sentences for "grabbed"

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gownsmen; goyng; goynge; gozan; grab; grabber; grabbers; grabbing; grabe; grabs
  1. Before I had finished speaking, their mother had grabbed the gun from the wall and had dashed down the path.

  2. He grabbed his gun and placed his bullets and powder-horn in readiness.

  3. The way in which England has grabbed land right along, all over the world, is monstrous, they say.

  4. I suppose that the American who denounces England for her land-grabbing has forgotten, or else has never known, how we grabbed Florida from Spain.

  5. As arranged, I bumped into him, grabbed his hat and jumped on it.

  6. I made one swift movement, knocking the throttle open with my left hand in passing, and grabbed the stick with both hands.

  7. I grabbed it with my throttle hand and started to throw it over my left shoulder to get rid of it, but quickly decided that that wouldn't be such a smart thing to do.

  8. Then I shouted again, scraped my fingers on the windshield, reaching, grabbed Bunny's shoulder, but too late.

  9. My instructor in the cockpit in front of me grabbed his controls, gave the ship a sharp burst of the gun, and set her down right.

  10. He grabbed his rip-cord ring with his freed right hand, yanked hard, grabbed his bottle to him with both hands again, and waited.

  11. Hello," I said eagerly as I grabbed the receiver, and before the familiar voice on the other end told me I knew I was talking to the guy who hired the pilots for the company.

  12. He said he reached, but only grabbed thin air.

  13. My instructor grabbed his controls and prevented us from cracking up.

  14. It would have grabbed that pistol and dashed it into the tail surfaces, and it would have been good-bye airplane.

  15. By this time the third one arrived, and the two I had thrown grabbed me by the legs so that I could no longer handle myself, while the third one had a comparatively easy task in pushing me over.

  16. Without a moment's notice or the slightest warning, Hatcher reached with his left hand and grabbed Old Wolf by his scalp-lock, and with his right drew his butcher-knife from its scabbard and thrust it at the throat of the chief.

  17. The moment I saw Mrs. La Croix, I grabbed her.

  18. While this was going on, Gibson grabbed La Croix and dragged him over to the door, exclaiming: "You come with me!

  19. Another grabbed the boy's rifle, as though to take it from him.

  20. The startled rider grabbed reins and pommel, his blood congealed with fear of the precipice less than a foot from his side, and he gave all his attention to the horse.

  21. Lanky grabbed Pete and Skinny on his way out and disappeared into the corral; and very soon thereafter hoof-beats thudded softly in the sandy street and pounded into the darkness of the north, soon lost to the ear.

  22. Buck to his puncher, as he grabbed up a box of cartridges from a shelf behind the bar.

  23. Red grabbed him by trousers and collar and heaved him into the passageway.

  24. Next Mr. Connors grabbed frantically at his perforated sombrero and grew petulant and loquacious.

  25. Johnny let out a yell of rage, grabbed his Colt, and ran to the door in time to see Edwards slowly raise up on one elbow, fire his last shot, and fall back riddled by bullets.

  26. His companion wheeled like a flash and grabbed him as he stumbled past.

  27. He slid over the edge and Pete grabbed him.

  28. Jackson grabbed a can of corn as it jarred off the shelf behind him and directed a pleasing phrase after the peevish Barr.

  29. The river which had beckoned them with sunlight and with song, now with fickle change of face grabbed them by the prows and hurtled them along at terrific flood speed.

  30. He grabbed the whistle and hid it in his blanket.

  31. I did not wish to spend a night in the forest, with a chance of being capsized by an alligator, or cow-fish, or grabbed by an anaconda.

  32. Menlik jerked back and grabbed at Nolan's arm, dragging him down by the weight of his body.

  33. A figure broke from the grass, flapped his arms at one of the mounts, grabbed at flying mane, and pulled himself up on the bare back.

  34. With a startled cry the lad he had grabbed turned about, and his widely opened eyes suddenly changed their expression--changed so queerly that Tom knew he had the solution of the mystery.

  35. I thought I laid it aside, but, in my hurry, I must have grabbed it up.

  36. I started back to help Nebraska and Taylor, who had their knives out--I could see them shining--when Taggart grabbed me.

  37. He turned like a cat and grabbed a rail of the bridge, trying to climb back to the level.

  38. They had got about half way over when a dozen or so of the Toltecs threw themselves at the end of the bridge which rested on the village side of the canyon, grabbed hold of it, and pulled it off the ledge on our side.

  39. Twice during my long wait Fitz burst in, grabbed up some papers from his desk and bounded out again, firing some orders to his clerks as he disappeared through the door.

  40. Biff grabbed Whitman by the arm and tried to start him forward, at the same time yelling to Kamuka and Jacome: "It's our only chance!

  41. Then, with Biff helping, Mr. Brewster kept working his way up along the bank, pulling the boat from the shore, while Kamuka nimbly grabbed at passing branches.

  42. The warning came from Kamuka as the Indian boy grabbed Biff's arm, hauling him away from Urubu.

  43. Nara grabbed a rifle and shouted to Mr. Brewster: "Get your boats clear!

  44. He grabbed Kamuka's arm and exclaimed, "Let's go!

  45. Then, before the masked man could fire again, Mr. Brewster wheeled about, grabbed a small table with both hands, and flung it bodily at his masked foe.

  46. The newcomer grabbed Luiz's shoulders and spun the little man full about.

  47. Instead, Urubu grabbed for the gun and snatched it from Whitman's grasp, tripping him at the same time.

  48. Then they threw them down and grabbed up their spears instead, but by that time the motors were spinning and the boats were under way, with Igo hauling Nara over the side of their monteria while Ubi handled the helm.

  49. He grabbed his left wrist with his right hand and shook his head.

  50. After Igo and Ubi grabbed you, I decided to bring you along.

  51. The Indian boy had grabbed a long liana vine hanging like a rope from a tree beside his high hammock.

  52. The other grabbed the suit case out of Ike's hand, tore it open as though it was paper and dumped the contents out on the street.

  53. I tried to stop the first fight when it started, but a dozen of the crowd grabbed me and tied me up.

  54. I grabbed you just the right way but you twisted and caught me tight.

  55. As for the Yukon Kid, he slipped down on the deck and grabbed the funnel with both hands as though afraid the boat would slip out from under him.

  56. The Kid grabbed the swinging rope and clambered up it like a monkey.

  57. He grabbed the wallet and turned it toward him.

  58. Malone grabbed the figure and clamped his hand over its mouth.

  59. He grabbed a cab downstairs and went over to Lynch's office to meet Kettleman.

  60. He grabbed for the post with both hands and started to pull himself upright, noticing vaguely that his legs had somehow managed to get underneath him.

  61. McCalmont grabbed me by the arm to hold me back.

  62. I grabbed the nearest, and fed it to the dog so quick that Ryan had only time enough to give himself dead away.

  63. Something was touching my face, something cold, so I grabbed it quick--a little small hand.

  64. He grabbed a long butcher-knife from the table.

  65. Jim grabbed a hair from the buckskin's mane, took matches from his wallet and bound them into a torch, struck a light to the tip, and held it in his paws against the roaring wind.

  66. Er--thanks," he said, and grabbed my paw.

  67. Boy," said I, as I grabbed him, "why for air you shamed?

  68. I ran to my saddle in the yard, opened my warbags, grabbed out a pad of paper and fountain-pen, then pushed my way through the growing crowd about the messroom doors, until I won back to the kitchen.

  69. He reached for his gun, which was hazardous and apt to get fatal, only the City Marshal grabbed him before I had to fire.

  70. I jumped into my boots, grabbed my gun, and bolted to the gates, where Balshannon joined me at the spy-hole.

  71. Two of the cowboys grabbed him, but he broke away, and went on.

  72. I sat on the edge of the chair, and grabbed her hand while she called me all sorts of pet names.

  73. Jim pawed out, and grabbed her small brown hand.

  74. Two minutes after the first alarm he grabbed the reins, jumped to his seat, and drove off slow from the yard, aiming to show by the tracks that Cocky Brown's old buckboard had not pulled out in a hurry.

  75. Half-way down the rock ladder I grabbed a root, which turned out to be a young rattlesnake, and was so surprised that I pretty near took flight.

  76. Beany grabbed the rope, and bent to tie the ankles of the Wolf.

  77. He knocked his guard down and grabbed his revolver, all in one jump, shot full at Captain Greene, missed him but winged me and killed the captain of the Firefly, poor fellow!

  78. Dave grabbed a drying towel and helped with the dishes.

  79. Watching its swift descent, she grabbed at her painfully beating heart.

  80. He grabbed the cake from baby's hand and ran up a tree, chattering.

  81. The monkey looked so ugly and grabbed the cake right out of my hand just as I was going to take a bite.

  82. He grabbed and gobbled like a beast at the hot food and cried, and mother said she forgave him, and to let him go.

  83. If a young bird failed to get the bite it wanted, it sometimes grabbed one of its nestmates by the bill, or the eye even, and tried to swallow it whole.

  84. I watched Laddie as he flew past waving to me, and I grabbed my scarf to wave at him.

  85. Leon grabbed Laddie's hand with both of his and held tight and laughed.

  86. Right then I heard Sally coming, so I grabbed Miss Amelia and dragged her under the fourposter, where I always hid when caught doing something I shouldn't.

  87. Leon grabbed a stick and came running to the water.

  88. I wasn't going to give up, after that floodgate, so I hunted a big stick, set it against her wing, pushed her off and grabbed three eggs and ran.

  89. Hardly knowing what he did, Garth grabbed out as it hovered over him and succeeded in wrapping his fingers around one of its legs.

  90. Then, throwing caution to the winds, he sat up, grabbed the great tool and sliced the rope at his feet.

  91. And even as the clumsy titan jumped to the side and grabbed again at him, he hurled his tiny, heavy body against the pane, and went plunging through a shower of glass into the cool dark night outside.

  92. This was comparatively easy, but it was different when, standing in the water on the lee deck, they grabbed the tackle beneath the boom and endeavored to pull the leach, or outer edge, of the mainsail down.

  93. He grabbed his logging handspike, and found a sport abusing another for missing in the bush.

  94. When your letter reached us we'd hardly time to run down to Bannington's to meet the steamer, so I just grabbed what I could find, and we sailed in a few minutes.

  95. After that they again floundered aft, leaving the mainsail reduced in size, and grabbed the sheet as Mr. Oliver put up his helm.

  96. Frank grabbed at the animal's collar but missed it, and the next moment the dog had vanished.

  97. He broke off and grabbed Frank's arm as the latter moved toward the other side of the stump.

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