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Example sentences for "abusing"

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  1. Is it not better, or less wicked, let us say, to take the life of a man villainously abusing it than the purse of a poor wretch making the most of his scanty livres?

  2. Watch it ascend on high, buoyed by delicious phrases, asking sweet pardon; then it falls to earth abusing its satanic adversary with sinister energy.

  3. We may imagine him abusing the impressionists in his choleric vein.

  4. Which may have been true at the time, 1864, but Manet visited Madrid and spent much time studying Velasquez and abusing Spanish cookery.

  5. Abusing Christianity, particularly Protestant Christianity, he was himself an exponent of a theological odium of the virulent sort, as may be seen in his thundering polemics.

  6. Now all the defenders of slavery have let me alone and are abusing you.

  7. Could some avoid abusing it, any more than others could avoid turning it to a profitable account?

  8. One was haranguing fiercely and eagerly; he was abusing England, and praising America.

  9. Well, I call it abusing them, to suppose they would do any such thing--stocks, indeed!

  10. I see how it is, you are not fond of fighting; but I'll give you another chance--you were abusing the Church of England just now.

  11. Don't call names; You are always abusing my pleasures, which is what no mortal will bear.

  12. Lady Mary had little delicacy herself, but the poet, who thought himself a gentleman, had no excuse for abusing her.

  13. Let us praise our heavenly Father for having in His wisdom and His justice given to another of His children what He denies to us; and let us pray Him to keep this other from abusing His gifts.

  14. Show that you can enjoy that liberty without abusing it.

  15. Beware, therefore, of disgracing His appointment and of neglecting or abusing His gift.

  16. The Canadian-Indian, Joe Lewis, was as active in abusing the helpless girls as he had been in selecting the children of the Hudson's Bay Company's servants to be protected and sent away from such as were to be abused and slaughtered.

  17. Whitman was abusing the children at the mission, as he had understood by Stanfield; frequently spoke against Dr.

  18. And at the entrance to each avenue there is a clamorous crowd of guides, each vaunting his peculiar skill, abusing his rivals, and pointing to the one sure access of which he alone has the secret key.

  19. They accumulated enormous wealth by abusing their power, and making a traffic in civic rights, in places or pardons.

  20. For constrained as they were to endure toil, now of one sort, now of another, they used their poetry to relieve their toil, and by abusing those who wronged them they lightened the burdens imposed on them by Heaven.

  21. Mr. O'Connell felt himself called upon to answer the charges brought against him; and in doing so, he began by abusing his antagonist.

  22. He thought the only way was to let in public opinion upon the acts and conduct of individuals abusing their power.

  23. Government, he argued, should have force adequate to its functions, but no more; for if it had enough to support itself in abusing or neglecting them, they must ever be abused or neglected.

  24. Some of the disloyal papers in Ireland, while abusing the Canadian Protestants with bitterness, expressed their hope that they would settle the dispute by an appeal to arms, forcibly severing the colony from the sceptre of Victoria.

  25. His friend Wolfe upbraided him constantly for too openly opposing Government; whilst, on the other hand, anonymous letters arrived by dozens, abusing him for lukewarmness in the cause.

  26. At Strogue Abbey, again, he chatted quite amicably with Curran, who was never weary of abusing him in Parliament, or strolled in the rosary with Cassidy, who was known to be a United Irishman.

  27. You always remind me of Mercury in "Prometheus Vinctus," who was constantly abusing the poor martyr for howling, when his only grievance was a stake of adamant through his breast!

  28. Miss Bright has been abusing men, and Englishmen in particular.

  29. Miss Bright has been abusing me all the way.

  30. Abusing his authority, he made himself feared, but, at the same time, detested by his people.

  31. They alone were armed, master of the inhabitants, using and abusing things and persons according to their caprices.

  32. A man who, abusing the influence acquired by him on an island placed haphazard in the ocean, is desirous of contending with the French people, could not have conceived of such an absurd plan elsewhere than in a madhouse.

  33. I remember being present at a dinner in London, when a very severe and saturnine Scotch Presbyterian was abusing Sunday newspapers, and concluded a violent tirade by saying, "I am determined to set my face against them.

  34. I went away the first, in order to give the men an opportunity of abusing me; for whenever the men abuse, the women, to support alike their coquetry and the conversation, think themselves called upon to defend.

  35. He, on his part, seeing what a good tame thing she had become, ended by abusing his privileges.

  36. Everybody in the carriage joined in abusing him; and the poor woman herself wailed out her sad story and reproached him for the ruin he had brought upon her.

  37. Henry was still abusing the defaulter when Monkley cut him short.

  38. Catherine Johnson, a female convict, was punished with fifty lashes on the 7th, for abusing the store-keeper, and accusing him of theft wrongfully.

  39. Faith, wench, her abusing of me made me leave her for the reckoning.

  40. Yes, yes; but he is married again to a rich widow at Wapping, a wench of another temper: one that you cannot please better than by abusing him.

  41. Dear Mistress Wanton, you have won my heart, and I shall live to doat upon you for abusing this impetuous captain.

  42. I fear 'tis a mortal sin to begin in the fifth act of your days: upon an old subject, too--abusing of widows because they despise you!

  43. But as the attacks in the French press mainly took the form of abusing England for not agreeing to energetic proposals made by the French Government, it was a legitimate grievance against M.

  44. The papers are abusing us about Burmah, and being quite innocent of any aggression themselves in that part of the world, are horrified at our holding our own there.

  45. The one thing in which men of all parties seem to agree is in abusing Thiers, and I must say that a good deal of the abuse is exceedingly unjust.

  46. They straggled away, complaining and abusing each other, to a patch of bush about five hundred yards from the court.

  47. In abusing me, however, he forgot his obsession to jump.

  48. In short, while 'my mind to me a kingdom is,' yours seems to consider the whole universe itself nothing but a great meeting for the purpose of abusing ministers and demanding reform!

  49. It will be a problem in human nature to see who has the best of it: you shall pay your court by flattering the people present, and I mine by abusing those absent.

  50. The tacit and secret theft of abusing our brother in civil contracts.

  51. Abusing their liberty, to the offense of their weak brethren which were scrupulous.

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