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  1. There were still a considerable number who hastened along the bank toward the abutment of the bridge.

  2. Already a loud crash announced that the Belgians were beginning hostilities, not meaning to wait until that host of grim gray-clad infantry reached the abutment of the bridge.

  3. In the absence of squared beams, which seem never to have been used in the old work, this abutment could only be securely accomplished by the use of double girders, as suggested in the following diagram, Fig.

  4. The purpose of such arrangement may have been to admit of the abutment of the ends of series 1, when the members of the latter were laid in contact.

  5. But--I feel bound to state that I am in some doubt as to the abutment on the other side!

  6. I could build a bridge from Sodom to Gomorrah with abutment below.

  7. A great deal of ingenuity has been exercised to arrange this abutment so that the blades may pass and provide a steam space for a new supply of steam.

  8. In certain types a revolving abutment is formed, as shown, for instance, in Fig.

  9. Third, the difficulty in providing a suitable abutment so as to confine the steam or gas, and make it operative against the piston.

  10. For alternating currents, however, the abutment stop may be used on both electrodes.

  11. The great stones that made the edge of the abutment were arranged like steps of stairs, and she sat down a step or two above him.

  12. She did not find him, if she looked for him, for David and Philip, after walking up and down the railway track for some time, went down to David's favourite seat on the stones of the abutment of the bridge close by the water.

  13. This ravine was spanned by a deck bridge of 160 feet in length, at the east end of which was an abutment of mason work some fifty feet long connecting with an embankment beyond.

  14. Upon this were piled up the fallen cars and engine, the latter on top of the former near the western abutment and upside down.

  15. The other car had fallen fifty feet, and remained resting on its side against the abutment with one end inclined sharply downward.

  16. The other great abutment was christened in honor of the first president of that organization.

  17. Points A, B, and X are merely bifurcations rather than an abutment of two ridges at an angle.

  18. If the appending ridge flows off the looping ridge smoothly in such a way that it forms a bifurcation and not an abutment of two ridges at a right angle, the recurve is considered as remaining intact.

  19. The abutment is at right angles and therefore spoils the recurve.

  20. Closer inspection shows that the looping ridge does not tend to go out the side from which it entered but rather seems to proceed downward ending in an abutment forming a definite angle of 90°.

  21. Nero never planned the destruction of Rome, nor Titus the destruction of Jerusalem with a more implacable spirit then did the regulator the destruction of the upper abutment of the wooden bridge on the Ingleside plantation.

  22. While the men are building the abutment in the middle of the river we can be running the line to the furnaces and to the gas engine house on the other side.

  23. Reaching a point directly in line with the abutment the boy turned again, this time heading down stream, floating along with the tide, making just enough movement with his hands to keep him on his course.

  24. Reaching a point right over the abutment he placed his ear to the iron and lay listening.

  25. The abutment was outlining itself in the shadows more plainly every minute, now, and Steve was straining his eyes in an effort to make out what was going on.

  26. I believe he is sawing the abutment supports down with a metal saw!

  27. He had gone about half way from the shore to the abutment when a sound reached his ears that caused him to halt and listen--to bend over and peer down into the shadows below.

  28. At the same time a gang of men had started in on the abutment out in the middle of the river.

  29. Bob got a boat and hurried out to the abutment after seeing Kalinski safely in the hands of the police.

  30. Then began the placing of braces to hold up the piping until it should reach out to the abutment in the middle of the river.

  31. Late on the following day the abutment in the middle of the river had progressed so far that the iron framework that was to hold the pipes could be put in place.

  32. All the material for the purpose was in stock in the mills, save the cement for the concrete abutment out in the middle of the river.

  33. Something bright glistened in the hands of the man under the abutment trestle.

  34. Abutment pier, the pier of a bridge next the shore; a pier which by its strength and stability resists the thrust of an arch.

  35. An arch which has one abutment higher than the other.

  36. The rib of a groined vault, as being the solid abutment for each section of vaulting.

  37. Defn: One of two walls built on either side of the junction of a bridge with the bank of a river, to protect the abutment of the bridge and the bank from the action of the current.

  38. An abrupt projection which forms an abutment on an object, or limits motion, etc.

  39. Portal bracing (Bridge Building), a combination of struts and ties which lie in the plane of the inclined braces at a portal, serving to transfer wind pressure from the upper parts of the trusses to an abutment or pier of the bridge.

  40. The course of masonry, the stone, or the iron plate, having an inclined face, which forms the abutment for the voussoirs of a segmental arch.

  41. Through the abutment of the arch where the afternoon sun pours its brightness the waves have cut other arches not visible in the picture.

  42. Being heavier than any other man of the party I thrust a leg through one snow-bridge, but I had just fixed my ice ax in the firm abutment and was saved the inconvenience and delay of dangling by a rope in a chasm.

  43. I believe it; but I feel bound to say that I have my doubts about the abutment on the other side.

  44. You are pointing out a concrete abutment that comes up immediately to the right of the sign that reads "Stemmons Freeway, Keep Right"?

  45. As you were standing on this abutment facing Elm street, you say the police ran over behind the concrete structure behind you and down the railroad track behind that, is that right?

  46. All right, as you stood here on the abutment and looked down into Elm Street, you saw the President hit on the right side of the head and you thought perhaps the shots had come from behind you?

  47. So, you and this girl are shown standing on top of this concrete abutment there?

  48. As you stood there on this abutment with your camera, the motorcade came down Houston Street and turned left on Elm Street, did it not?

  49. It was filled with planks from houses, and a large abutment of wreckage was piled up fully fifty feet in front of it.

  50. As it is, the south abutment has been broken a little by the explosions.

  51. Such a vault has much to commend it, for it is most logical in affording excellent abutment for the dome, and at the same time it receives abutment from the tunnel vault of the outer transept bay.

  52. As in the early ribbed vaults at Caen, wall ribs were not employed at Durham, and the abutment was provided only by flat pilasters and concealed flying buttresses, some of full and some of half arched form.

  53. It is a simple and practical method of construction, since the aisle vaults furnish admirable abutment for that of the nave, and all three are covered by a gable roof of masonry resting directly upon the vault crowns.

  54. Those on the abutment returned to their homes.

  55. The span of the bridge across this gorge, from abutment to abutment, was the unusual length of one hundred and fifty feet.

  56. Behind us was the Buffalo car, standing on end, almost perpendicular, resting against the abutment of the bridge, one end having taken our platform.

  57. It was “like going up hill,” but the Socrates reached the abutment and was safe.

  58. He spun around, caught up the lantern, and we all went up to the level floor of the abutment at the bridge sill.

  59. In a dozen seconds we would reach the stone abutment and go over into the river.

  60. They came in a long trot, clattering into the little hollow at the foot of the abutment to the bridge.

  61. El Mahdi struck the stone abutment and the bridge loomed.

  62. When he turned to lead the way up the abutment into the bridge, we caught a flickering picture of the group.

  63. Then Woodford caught the lantern from Marks and came on down the abutment toward us.

  64. We sat down on the corner of the abutment near the horses, to wait for the daylight, Jud wearing old Christian's cap, and I bareheaded.

  65. A Page Abutment Construction Cost of Bridges Over City Streets 254 Ernst St. Bridge, Cincinnati, O.

  66. In the second case, also of two openings of about 55 feet each, with girders 8 feet deep, one abutment had sunk about 3 inches, more than doubling the stresses over the centre pier.

  67. Each cross-girder except that at the centre, if there be one, will thus present a figure in plan, concave towards the abutment to which it is nearest.

  68. This girder carried three rails, one of which was near to the abutment bearing, so that there was no great difference in the stress induced whether all three rails were loaded or the pair only.

  69. Careful plumbing of the abutments revealed the fact that three out of four abutment pilasters were out of the vertical, as shown in Figs.

  70. A case of abutment movement is illustrated in Fig.

  71. The little hillock which formed the abutment of the old bridge is now an island with its tuft of trees.

  72. The left abutment is only 5 feet wide at the narrowest point.

  73. Arches form the strongest shapes for supporting overlying rock loads, as the rock in the arch is compressed toward each abutment by the heavy loads.

  74. Fresh breaks and angular blocks of stone at right abutment indicate relatively recent rock falls.

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