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Example sentences for "abused"

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  1. Hitherto a low prejudice, studiously fostered by Democratic politicians for the vilest party ends, has repelled and expelled this abused race from the militia service of the Union.

  2. Brigham Young, being vested with the superintendence of Indian affairs, during his entire term of service as Governor, abused the functions of that office.

  3. My sway was unlimited, and I never abused it.

  4. Thousands have felt the power of this great poem, which stands, and must stand to all time, a monument of what sacred and solemn powers God gave to this wicked man, and how vilely he abused this power as a weapon to slay the innocent.

  5. It was a canon of Rouen, Nicholas Loiseleur, whom the Bishop of Beauvais had placed near her, and who had abused the confidence she had shown him.

  6. No sooner was he invested with power than he abused it strangely; he levied upon the clergy as well as the people an enormous talliage, and the use he made of the money increased still further the wrath of the public.

  7. When I say that all governments are alike, I consider that in no government power can be abused long.

  8. The papers abused the poet, and steadily turned aside from the real point in issue.

  9. Yet to read the shameful story How the Jews abused their King, How they served the Lord of Glory, Makes me angry while I sing.

  10. As always happens in such cases, now that he was safe back, everybody who had before deeply deplored his fate, heartily abused him for his stupidity in losing himself.

  11. Few words are at present more wantonly abused than the words socialism and State socialism.

  12. They declare it to be a survival from the exploded metaphysics of the much-abused Aufklaerung of last century.

  13. In his speech he 'abused them heartily and soundly.

  14. That in my own country I could have as many to fight for me as were now against me, and in short I abused them right heartily and soundly.

  15. His contemporaries thought him mad, they jeered at him and abused him, but he went quietly on his way, preaching and writing.

  16. Cour de Lion, instead of discharging the bill, abused and ill-treated the applicant, and made the best of his way to Naples, before there was time for ulterior proceedings.

  17. We see from facts like these how ready are the declaimers against aristocracy to adopt the ways and even the weaknesses of a class that is ridiculed and abused chiefly by those who would, if they could, belong to it.

  18. As for Charaxos, when after redeeming Rhodopis he returned back to Mytilene, Sappho in an ode violently abused him.

  19. From Stamford, which I had reached by some intolerable old coach, such as in those days too commonly abused the patience and long-suffering of Young England, I took a post-chaise to Laxton.

  20. The fashion of masqued entertainments had been recently introduced from Italy into this sequestered nook of Germany; and here, as there, it had been abused to purposes of criminal intrigue.

  21. Mr. Butt was extremely indignant at suspicions being thrown out respecting him, he abused those who had libelled and slandered him, and threatened prosecution, a threat which he has not executed, nor ever will.

  22. If the holy fathers used and then abused this method, their little excesses of imagination may be pardoned, in consideration of their holy zeal.

  23. Thus Icarus abused the wings which he received for his benefit.

  24. Fortunately for us both, Theodore turned towards his European workmen and abused them in no measured terms.

  25. I have nothing against you; but others have abused me, and you must come up with me to witness their trial.

  26. Naturally of a violent temper, he grossly abused Theodore on every occasion.

  27. Those who abused me to you, were they my enemies or yours?

  28. Having abused the cigars, we hope our fair friends will now excuse us for saying that we know of few less agreeable scenes than a show meet with fox-hounds.

  29. She referred him to her letter for his reply, whereupon both he and the queen abused her and called her a "perverse, wilful creature.

  30. King is abused in the timber that he buys, which I shall with much pleasure be able to correct.

  31. This morning among other things I broached the business of our being abused about flags, which I know doth trouble Sir W.

  32. Was I to be subjected to another such an ordeal as I had experienced earlier in the evening and be forced to prepare, by such means as lay in my power, a much abused man for a most dreadful revelation?

  33. Wherever God's children are despised, insulted, and abused on account of their color, there is the real assassin of the President still at large.

  34. Abused and insulted Democracy will, erelong, shake off the loathsome burden under which it is now staggering.

  35. It is vigorous, frank and emotional in the best sense of that much-abused word, and there is little in it that is not faithfully representative of life.

  36. That would seem too much for any woman to bear--to marry a poor man and support him quite handsomely in idleness and then be abused by him.

  37. At times he felt aggrieved with Adelle, complained that he had been abused as a man who had married a rich woman and then been thrown aside when he considered himself placed for life.

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