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Example sentences for "grabbers"

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goynge; gozan; grab; grabbed; grabber; grabbing; grabe; grabs; grace; graced
  1. To show exactly what I mean; recently, in Southern California a lot of land grabbers took from the Indians their land.

  2. It was desirable, perhaps, that this reinforcement should be kept a secret, from the gold grabbers in particular.

  3. In came the chief of the gold grabbers with a little bow.

  4. That this was a spy of the gold grabbers was clear to Bill.

  5. Leaving the miserable bandits to be brought on at leisure, the chiefs retraced their steps to ascertain before nightfall how the detachment sent to attack or outwit the reserve of gold grabbers had executed their task.

  6. Only when these precautions were concluded did the gold grabbers get leave to prepare supper.

  7. Rolled up in their blankets, the gold grabbers had packed into shelter and slumbered soundly.

  8. Fortunately for the government, however, it has generally managed to secure for the head of the Land Department able and incorruptible men to whom no taint of suspicion attached--men whom the land-grabbers dare not attempt to corrupt.

  9. The land-grabbers had subsidized somebody and my letters never got to headquarters.

  10. I think the guilty man is one of his deputies through whom ninety-nine per cent of the office routine is transacted, and the land-grabbers have him under their thumbs.

  11. The land-grabbers brought the courts in, and a crooked judge.

  12. Toward the end it was a free-for-all--and the land-grabbers were chased out of the county.

  13. This meant retaining some sixteen million of acres to be exploited by land grabbers and by the representatives of the great special interests, at the expense of the public interest.

  14. They did not understand the controversy before they got the farms, and believed that the land-grabbers really owned the property of which they are in possession.

  15. This law is peculiarly hard to carry out because the ceaseless efforts of land grabbers to misuse it demand great vigilance on the part of the Forest Officers.

  16. The Ranger must protect his District, not only against fire but against the theft of timber and the incessant efforts of land grabbers to steal Government lands.

  17. It is the money-grabbers of the world who belittle empire," Duncan answered.

  18. It is from the money-grabbers of the Transvaal that we have most to fear.

  19. Delay would give the land grabbers time to sell the lands they had secured through bribery and corruption.

  20. But what, pray, is this I hear about the land-grabbers being cut to pieces at Buthrotum?

  21. Some say the land-grabbers were cut to pieces, others that Plancus pocketed the money and fled, leaving them in the lurch.

  22. CONN Ay, and the grabbers and informers of this place would think well of you then.

  23. MAIRE Who do you call grabbers and informers?

  24. So the grabbers who were after me figured I was booby-trapped.

  25. And that the people who sent grabbers after you want that information.

  26. My blood runs cold every time I think of how close those grabbers got to her yesterday!

  27. The grabbers had made a clean getaway, and it had been several months later before she heard the boys had been redeemed safely.

  28. The registry-list shall be alphabetically prepared, and the number of chances shall be determined by dividing the number of grabbers by the number of offices.

  29. Nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to permit any judge to grant an injunction against any grabbers of the offices.

  30. The land grabbers did their part in driving the small farmer from the soil.

  31. Acting under the authority of various measures passed by Congress-- measures which have been described--land grabbers succeeded in obtaining possession of an immense area in that State.

  32. The forests had so many eager enemies--unprincipled land-grabbers and lumbermen, sheep, fire.

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