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Example sentences for "crooked"

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  1. He works slowly down the page, and there is a blot here and a blur there, and a great many crooked marks upon it, but the teacher knows he has done his best, and he says “well done.

  2. I don’t suppose they would have whined and said, “I wonder why he picked out such a crooked stone as that.

  3. An orange orchard pokes itself in here, a vine trellis projects there, a flight of steps interjects its crooked way at every corner.

  4. Looking up from the crooked street towards the hills we saw the peak of the Puig Mayor stand out against the darkening eastern sky, sublime, magnificent, bathed in a flood of roseate light.

  5. At the corner of the square, near where one gets a lovely view of the torrente overhung by the balconies of crooked old houses, some of the ramshackle vehicles that convey marketers to and from the port of Soller were waiting.

  6. Then the sight of a long sequence of quaint figures bearing the tall lighted tapers through the sombre crooked streets of the old town would have been much more impressive.

  7. Leaving the crooked streets, we strolled up the side of the torrente, which flowed amidst orange orchards and by the sides of picturesque houses.

  8. Following him through crooked ways we reached the hostelry, which was in a little square near the market-place.

  9. Illustration: Palma de Mallorca, from the Terreno] The Man never wearied of the crooked secret-looking streets and fine buildings of the old, old city.

  10. You're quite safe here, for the bull can't leap a six-foot wall, or climb up crooked stone steps.

  11. What he had just heard confirmed forever suspicions that crooked work was being done by crooked operators, and that this fellow Grizzly was one of them.

  12. A new private code was adopted by Ralph, and a system of checking up through repeats that pretty well safeguarded them against crooked messages.

  13. Jerry started after him, but the rogue jumped the fence, and ran off, so, not to waste time in a fruitless chase, the crooked little old man turned back to find himself confronted by two more fugitives.

  14. Tall brick houses stood upon either side, between which stretched a narrow, crooked roadway, with a kennel running down the center.

  15. Then, finally, he turned slowly, not the way that led homeward, but taking the road that led between the bare and withered fields and crooked fences toward Billy Martin's.

  16. He had hardly time to become aware of this observation of his person when the gate itself was opened, and there appeared before him, in the moonlight, the bent and crooked figure of an aged negress.

  17. You're lookin' at this," said he, running his finger down the crooked seam.

  18. There was not a window in all the lofty tenements around it, or in the steep and crooked street called the Bow, by which the fatal procession was to descend from the High Street, that was not absolutely filled with spectators.

  19. If all timber trees were such (will some say) how should we haue crooked wood for wheeles, courbs, &c.

  20. Dresse all you can, and there will be enough crooked for those vses.

  21. The other was disfigured by a broken and crooked nose.

  22. Then the man with the crooked nose pointed to Askime, who lay at Louis' feet, keeping a watchful eye on the strangers.

  23. You see, they're both engaged in the same crooked game.

  24. My opinion is that all fortune tellers are fakes, and that the biggest of them are crooked and dangerous, so watch your step.

  25. What a blessed thing our crooked orthography is!

  26. Shocky, pointing to a crooked and gnarled elm standing by itself in the middle of a field.

  27. Then he knew that he was drunk, but that his keen, crooked mind would obey his will, unfeelingly, yet with no hesitation and no stumbling.

  28. He wondered if he would ever lose that hunted feeling that had brought him to his feet and all but crooked his trigger-finger before he had actually realized what had startled him.

  29. Pete knew at a glance that The Spider was absolutely without honor--that his soul was as crooked as his badly bowed legs; and that he called no man friend and meant it.

  30. This forced me to stop after only a short crooked march of two and a quarter hours.

  31. Chiwé presented a small goat with crooked legs and some millet flour, but he grumbled at the size of the fathom cloth I gave.

  32. The knarred and crooked cedar knees.

  33. A crooked wrinkle interlines my brow.

  34. I was more independent than any farmer in Concord, for I was not anchored to a house or farm, but could follow the bent of my genius, which is a very crooked one, every moment.

  35. Walworth’s Monument, in the Church of St. Michael, Crooked Lane.

  36. Crooked Lane, Bridge property in the Parish of, 262.

  37. Mevagissey, three miles or more, by Pennare and the cliffs, is two staggeringly steep miles distant by road, ending in a murderous crooked descent.

  38. The club-foot girl continued moaning, "I was born crooked and ugly and crooked and ugly I shall die, and I might have been happy just once.

  39. The tumult had strangely affected Andrea and strange phantoms were dancing down the crooked corridors of his mind.

  40. It was like an autumn afternoon, so warm that they left their overcoats on the limb of a crooked elm by the pasture fence.

  41. There he soberly walked about for more than an hour, under the crooked trees with empty birds' nests in their forks.

  42. He could not have crooked finger to trigger.

  43. A man of his type who had gone crooked enough to stick up a tourist in an automobile nourishes higher- though probably perverted -- ambitions than a dollar a day and board.

  44. Straight or crooked she stands for Mike Clinch," said Lannis, "and he's a ratty customer.

  45. Weary and trembling tarried she at last Before her bridal home, with fitful cries, Till on the crooked Pietro limping past The buried voice in trembling accents sighs.

  46. I admit thou canst turn dark by art, but thou never canst make thy crooked back straight.

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