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Example sentences for "grabs"

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grabbed; grabber; grabbers; grabbing; grabe; grace; graced; graceful; gracefull; gracefully
  1. The Man who Grabs Meat has failed to notice that the weak old woman is attended by a strong young man, who has lagged behind to talk to a friend.

  2. Here the old man grabs ahold of the expense account again.

  3. Well, some grabs Culpepper and some grabs Jack, and so separates them.

  4. I grabs the edges o' me blanket an' pulls 'em in under me so hard I thinks I've bust it.

  5. Every time me an' the Injun canters past the pool, we just makes a sudden dip an' grabs up a handful o' water an' throws it in.

  6. Instantly he grabs for another, and a grating sound runs the length of the heaving bottom.

  7. Up the tree it comes for me, while me pardner slips down, grabs the mail-sack, an' sails up the west pine again.

  8. I got on so much speed that by the time I grabs the grub bag I was goin' so fast that I couldn't turn roun' without slackin' down.

  9. Illustration: "And I grabs Biddle by the throat.

  10. They almost grabs the money out of Buck's hands.

  11. Early in the morning she grabs it and holds it fiercely against all comers, while talking with her friends about the awful time she had the night before when the cold water faucet in the kitchen began to drip.

  12. Gibb grabs the other, and then you let her have it for all there is in you.

  13. The minute the press turns in the Democrat office, Ayers grabs the first paper, folds it and saunters hastily over toward the Argus.

  14. But he makes an impulsive play that a-way; an' is that sore an' chagrined he jest grabs a gun in a frenzied way an' cashes his chips abrupt.

  15. The Mexican loses; an' instead of takin' it easy like a sport should, he grabs the money.

  16. When Archibald, like the little imp he was, sets up a whoop and dives for them two, the priest grabs him by the rope of the blanket nighty and swings him into the libr'ry, and shuts the door on him.

  17. He straightens up, grabs at his vest, and slumps down against the back of the seat.

  18. In an eyewink that poet was up, grabs the ball, and comes tearin' back toward us.

  19. He grabs Jonadab by the arm and starts along the sidewalk, steerin' a toler'ble crooked course, but gainin' steady by jerks.

  20. I was takin' my money out one pocket into another and quick as chain-lightnin' grabs this queer old woman and hides the money behind her.

  21. Then he busts out an' grabs me by the throat an' near choked the life out or me.

  22. But he ain't home daytimes, to count what eggs is laid, an' so I watches out an' grabs one a day.

  23. All public questions that arise He settles on the spot; He waits not till the tumult dies, But grabs it while it's hot.

  24. That night as I passed the lilac bushes by the gate, somebody steps out and grabs my arm.

  25. Next thing I knew she clasped her hands together, let out a scream and runs up and grabs the celebrated British poet round the neck.

  26. I tell ye that thar new Otter trap that grabs them in iron claws ought to be forbid by law; it ain't human.

  27. He here took two grabs laden with provisions, and having some small money and drugs aboard.

  28. Fancying they were here discovered, from the coast of Arabia, or that the grabs had given information of them they stood over for the Ethiopian shore, keeping a good look out for the Mocha ships.

  29. Now, it would take me ever so long to figure that forty-five from ninety-five really leaves fifty; but just see how he grabs the answer right off the reel.

  30. And if Buster only does his duty, and grabs up a fish now and then, why, it'll be just great.

  31. He does not remember to have ever seen it before; he looks around to see which is not the way home, grabs his bundle and starts; he goes through the same adventures he had before; finally stops to rest, and a friend comes along.

  32. Down he plumps it--gives it a h'ist or two and then grabs it up.

  33. But the pa ant, he hustles right up and grabs the crust and waves her around his head a couple of times to show how strong he is, and then starts back to where he found the crust.

  34. Krepetski,' cries he, and grabs him by the shoulder.

  35. If I had not restrained myself I should have grabbed thee long ago as a hawk grabs a dove.

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