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Example sentences for "hid"

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  1. If he love well, and hope well, and believe, From thee 'tis hid not; for thou hast thy sight There where depicted everything is seen.

  2. The shrubbery hid her from view of Mrs. Chester and the Babcock girls, and for a moment mother Martha's heart sank with the same dread she had known while her beloved child had been absent from her.

  3. As they came up Peter Piper cast one glance upon them, then hid his face and shuddered.

  4. I have the secrets of a great many hid in my breast, that nothing shall ever extort from me.

  5. The next day, fearing to be seen by people going to church, I hid in a cellar hole, covered over with old boards and timbers.

  6. It was but a moment, however, that we were allowed to gaze upon her shrunken ghastly features, and then she was hid from our sight forever.

  7. The pink brocaded flowers of her shimmering satin gown bloomed the better for the evening air, and a fall of splendid lace of a light, frosty pattern only half hid her white throat.

  8. But I hid the matter from every one on board; I could not bear they should know it.

  9. A priceless bit of lace hid her own white locks, free for the night of the outrageous perruque which covered them by day and which lay at the moment hidden in its box.

  10. There she switched off the lights, hid the starting-handle under the cushions and, tip-toeing, passed through the first pylon and up to the broken kiosk of the Ethiopian Tahraka.

  11. She whispered, as she touched the long lashes which hid the eyes which had always been so full of tender love for her.

  12. Thy lake, mid smoking woods, that blue and grey Gleams, streaked or dappled, hid from morning's ray 1815.

  13. Tis storm; and, hid in mist from hour to hour, 1815.

  14. And still, in an erect position, the gentleman in spectacles kept his eyes fixed on the vessel until a projecting portion of the quay hid the Iris from his sight.

  15. Also the long hair hanging from the head hid them.

  16. I hid my face in the pillow, biting my lips to keep back the groan that was ready to burst from them, for I felt the hopelessness of the situation.

  17. All night I ran, and in the morning hid up in a hole.

  18. Here she dressed, and under one great rock hid the once admired but now despised green gingham.

  19. Tom grinned at her understanding of the law, but the darkness hid his face, so his amusement was lost to the small sister eating so ravenously.

  20. I don't believe that the Father even momentarily hid his face from Him.

  21. The reeds hid the body of the yacht from them, but its sails betokened that it was one of considerable size.

  22. The boys hid themselves in an outhouse, having a long string fastened to the stick which supported the net at an angle of forty degrees.

  23. The sandpiper remained under water some time, and when it arose, which it did with great apparent ease, the sail of the yacht hid it from the hawk's sight, and it flew away unmolested.

  24. But, about breast high, the granite was cracked horizontally, just wide enough for one's finger to be hid in it.

  25. It is necessary that our mountain fort should be kept hid from everybody.

  26. The latter made the Indians the more disquieted, as the screen of boughs long hid the cause.

  27. He obtained the wished for knowledge; and his first recorded act afterwards was one of reflection upon self, and he hid himself among the trees of the garden.

  28. Adam, when he had sinned, and felt himself fallen, instead of honestly abandoning what he had become, would fain have hid himself.

  29. Does not our Saviour Himself say the same thing, when He thanks His Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that He hath hid these things from the wise and prudent, and revealed them unto babes?

  30. No sound, no sight of a bird; even the sparrows hid themselves.

  31. He sat down on a stone by the wayside, bent forward, leant his elbows on his knees, hid his face in his hands; and through the knotted fingers the tears dropped down on to the grey, dry dust.

  32. He knew her at once, though a thick, dark blue veil hid her features.

  33. Anna hid her face in her hands and stopped speaking.

  34. It was as if momentarily he had been lifted to a cloud beyond time, from which he saw the entire, stumbling progress of humanity, its beginning hid in humid mist, moving into a nocturnal shadow like a thunder bank.

  35. He said nothing, his stick now striking on the boards, now sinking into earth, and gazed down at Susan, her face hid by the rim of her bonnet.

  36. Paper lanterns strung in parks, hid music, provocative smiles only playing with the heart!

  37. The sombre garnets and blues hid the tinsel gaiety of her gown and her bare shoulders.

  38. She had made an attempt at the bravado of apparel, but it had evidently failed midway; her hair hung loosely about a damp brow, the strings of her bonnet were in disarray, a shawl partially hid a bodice wrongly fastened.

  39. I looked at him wonderingly in the dusk; his high coat collar almost hid his face, and his hat was pressed down over his eyes.

  40. A slight rustling came from the corner that hid Castro.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hid" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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