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  1. One day he took his hawk and went unattended in a little boat to catch small birds and wild-fowl on the seacoast and in the islands.

  2. The judges unanimously agreed that the huntsman should be put into the boat in which Lodbrog had come to England, and should be exposed on the sea without sail or oar, that it might be proved whether God would deliver him.

  3. His Majesty's vessel at once lowered a boat and made in pursuit.

  4. Trist bore his capture quietly enough, but as the vessel lay off Cawsand he suddenly slipped overboard and made for a boat that was at anchor, shipped that, and hoisted sail.

  5. One day he and a couple of pupils, brothers, went together in a boat to an islet off the west coast of Ireland.

  6. The "Nutcracker" stone near Amicombe Hill above the West Ockment rolls in a high wind like a boat that is anchored.

  7. Presently, as the wind rose, the young man said to his master, "I do not think my brother can manage the boat alone, with this wind and the rising tide.

  8. When a preventive boat was visible she went down the street giving information.

  9. The night, however, proved stormy, and the boat was lost with all on board.

  10. Among these happened to be a German, who was on his way by the Donald Currie boat to the Cape.

  11. The crew wished to launch a boat that they might attack it at closer quarters, but the commander forbade this, not feeling justified in risking the lives of his men.

  12. The animal put both its paws on the side of the boat wherein its observer sat, and strove much to get in, but was repelled by a blow.

  13. A boat was lowered; a line was made fast to the 'snake,' and it was towed alongside and hoisted on board.

  14. This same Peter Gunnersen likewise deposed that "about twenty years before, as he was in a boat near Kulleor, the place where he was born, he saw a mermaid with long hair and large breasts.

  15. So like a huge living monster did this appear, that had circumstances prevented my sending a boat to it, I should certainly have believed I had seen the great sea-serpent.

  16. So close were they to the boat that it would not have been difficult to jump upon the back of one of them had that been desirable.

  17. A man in a boat is tossing crabs, one at a time, into the sea, and when a cuttle rises at the bait he spears it with a trident and tosses it into the boat.

  18. The agonized watchers from shore and boat knew when a fluke caught in some crevice of the rocks buried twelve fathoms deep, because the vessel's bows were brought up against the sea with a jerk.

  19. Mrs. Carmac means to present Peridot with a sardine boat of his own," he said, waiting until Fosdyke was surfeited with the gall of his own evil notion.

  20. The boat was now nearly abreast of the wreck, and running free before the wind.

  21. Ingersoll, though he uttered no word till the boat had reversed her course, was almost moved to protest.

  22. Peridot and Tollemache hauled at the sail, and Yvonne kept the boat in the eye of the wind until three reefs were tied securely.

  23. So Mere Pitou's views anent fishermen as husbands must have been modified by Peridot's ownership of a fine boat and good money invested in French rentes.

  24. Another and more normal backwash came in the nick of time, and the boat retreated to her earlier position.

  25. Tollemache and Peridot (whose real name was Jean Jacques Larraidou) rigged two long sweeps, and Yvonne took the tiller, keeping the boat in mid-stream to gain the full benefit of the current.

  26. A cheerful chuckle was the Breton's answer as he thrust the tiller over to port and sent the boat reeling on the starboard tack.

  27. Their size and fury are more marked in a southwesterly gale than at any other time, and the only safe maneuver for a boat sailing across the wind is to bring her sharply head on to the fast-moving ridge, and ride over it.

  28. What about that sardine boat which the American lady promised him?

  29. Still her heart leaped with high courage as her eyes took in the bold and striking picture presented by the deck of the fishing boat during that brief transit through broken seas.

  30. Sir Galahad then carries him in a magic boat to the Orient city of Sarras, where the Grail is enshrined and guarded by a company of virgin knights, Percival, Lohengrin, Titurel, and Bors.

  31. In the evening, when the strange captain's boat was called away, Tom and I were ordered to get up our bags and jump in.

  32. Every moment we expected to see a boat put off from the ship to pursue us, or a gun fired; but the sun had set, and it was growing darker and darker, and that gave us some hope.

  33. Well, before long we did see a boat leave the ship.

  34. I told him to lie down in the bottom of the canoe, and that if the ship's boat came near us I would strip off my shirt and pretend to be an Injun.

  35. Prentiss was once on a boat coming to Natchez, when some one remarked that the Governor of Mississippi was a dog.

  36. Supplies and the large sector had arrived by water at a bluff at the mouth of the river, but the boat could not pass two natural rafts that blocked up the stream, as they often did.

  37. General Wilkinson accuses him of officiousness with the Spaniards and of gross immorality on board his boat on the river.

  38. In the meanwhile our companies in the galley thought we had been all lost, for we promised to return before night; and sent the Lion's Whelp's ship's boat with Captain Whiddon to follow us up the river.

  39. In what remained of the rain-water (with the slow oscillations of the boat it swashed about and left deposits of slime on her boards) I caught from time to time glimpses of my face as affected by starvation.

  40. That boat will blow loose," said my father, "if she isn't pulled up.

  41. And finally they made such a fuss and threw out so many hints that I had to send the motor-boat over to the main-land.

  42. This made me rather sore at the moment, and I wished that the motor-boat was at the bottom of the Sound; but it wasn't, and had to be sent.

  43. We walked down to the pier, and then out on the float to get as big a water view as possible, but there wasn't so much as a row-boat in sight.

  44. So we gave the relief boat three cheers and let her go.

  45. He's in the same boat with many others--only it isn't a boat.

  46. And there was the captain of the motor-boat just stepping ashore.

  47. York Gate tells you of the long past when the Embankment was not, and when great nobles came through that archway to take the boat for Westminster or the Tower.

  48. At the head of the Lake we got in a boat and rowed across Derwentwater to the tiny bay at the foot of Catbells.

  49. He dealt in cold certainties: the boat and safety; the ship and death; his life or the other's.

  50. I see him on the deck among his doomed fellows, watching the disappearing boat until the final plunge comes and all is over.

  51. One pictures the scene: The boat is waiting to take him to the shore and safety.

  52. And with that word--so heroic in its simplicity--he makes the other take his place in the boat and signs his own death warrant.

  53. Tomorrow when they see the boat driven on the lake without me, they will say, I have only suffered for my folly, by falling asleep, and tumbling overboard.

  54. They now saw him leap from the boat but he did not speak to them, as he passed the door, and they heard him give some orders to the landlady.

  55. It occurred to him presently that he might let the boat drift and take naps between whiles.

  56. We'll pack the outfit round the fall, and slide the boat over.

  57. If the boys had remained aboard, the boat would have swamped.

  58. Fortunately, the boat was large and roomy, although not heavy.

  59. The hardest task, so far, developed in the matter of transporting boat and supplies out to the river.

  60. We've got to go down this river," Ken replied, and he kept on wading till he got the boat in the current.

  61. In spite of the horror of the moment, Ken realized that the lightening of the boat made it more buoyant, easier to handle.

  62. How surprised they would be when he told them about the boat that passed in the night!

  63. He got the stern of the boat straight in line with the channel he wanted to run, then he leaped aboard and made for the oars.

  64. There was no possibility of lifting the boat over the bridge of rock, and the alternative was shooting the channel.

  65. When it came to lifting the jaguar into the boat they had no slight task.

  66. Entering the boat again, they turned a curve into a long, beautiful stretch of river.

  67. Then the boat swung loose from the branch and, drifting down, gradually approached the shore.

  68. Then the boat lurched under him, lifted high with bow up, and lightened.

  69. Ken happened to be busy at the boat when George started to take in the line.

  70. As I stood upon the bridge, gazing into the jaws of the pool, a small boat shot suddenly through the arch beneath my feet.

  71. A monstrous breaker curls over the prow--there is no hope; the boat is swamped, and all drowned in that strangling vortex.

  72. The design of the car shows a radical departure from anything that had been previously attempted, and as a model an ordinary boat was taken.

  73. From the keel was suspended a torpedo-shaped boat car in which a crew of two was accommodated.

  74. Isolated fishing vessels always were kept under close observation, for one of the many ruses of the submarine was to adopt the disguise of a harmless fishing boat with masts and sails.

  75. None were now left in the stern of the boat save the Queen and the steersman.

  76. Also, I knew that constable wanted to charge at least twenty-five dollars in fees for capturing the boat from Whiskey Bob and subsequently taking care of it.

  77. Now this boat was owned by a friend of mine, by name Dinny McCrea.

  78. The head-boat hung up and anchored, and the tail-boat swung around in the current, pivoting the head-boat on the snag.

  79. Police-boat number one goes on a boulder and hangs up.

  80. Immediately the head-boat floated clear, and its men returned into it.

  81. Of course, the head-boat floated over the obstruction and the tail-boat then struck.

  82. Like automatons, the twenty men now in the tail-boat leaped into the head-boat, and the tail-boat floated past.

  83. And I'm sorry for at least ten per cent of the trouble that was given you by the head-boat of Company M.

  84. No boat could touch us in the straight-away.

  85. Police-boat number three encounters the common fate of all.

  86. One pilot boat came alongside us, but the other returned to the port.

  87. The Captain of the Kearsarge was never aware of the Alabama having struck until a boat put off from her to his own vessel.

  88. After picking up several men struggling in the water, he steered directly for the Deerhound, and on reaching her actually cast his boat adrift.

  89. The most interesting event to us, however, this morning, was the arrival of the boat from Seloufeeat.

  90. Everybody is making preparations for our journey, from the Sultan to the lowest slave sent from Kuka to assist in the transport of the boat and our baggage, and yet nothing is done!

  91. I sent on our boat yesterday to Zinder, with three of our servants, together with some other heavy baggage.

  92. The Sheikh sent him to bring the boat and our baggage.

  93. As to my servant, I had already discharged him, but the Shereef Kebir persuaded me to let him go with the boat to Kuka, as he knew how to place it on the camels better than the other servants.

  94. The oars of the boat are now carried, as the people say, by Ben-Adam (children of Adam, i.

  95. I welcomed the return of the boat as I would that of an old friend.

  96. Haj Beshir has sent us ten camels, to bring the boat and our baggage, in the event of our camels being stolen, or having become weak with the journey from Mourzuk.

  97. He seemed shy of putting his boat ashore.

  98. A light keel-boat with a single occupant was moored in the gloom below, but so far below that to jump would surely capsize her, for the tide was at its ebb and the stream had sunk like an emptying canal lock.

  99. Under these circumstances the headway of his boat was slow.

  100. The tug-boat hugged her great sister and a ladder was let down, upon which Aronson mounted.

  101. The boat was seaworthy; everything was locked in; they could lie on their pillows with an absolute certainty of rising on the morrow with the Nova Scotia shore in view.

  102. Even the catching of their boat on a high-crested wave did not seduce them from their work.

  103. The boat was beached without difficulty and the ladies stepped ashore--Beulah Ware collectedly, as usual, but Emily and Rosalie as warily as you may have seen a lame pigeon alighting.

  104. As for the world, there was nothing in it but that boat yonder which shot through the water, and the woman with eager face rowing swiftly toward him.

  105. The moonlight showed her to him sitting in the bow of the boat facing him, her hands clasped on her knees.

  106. But if ever a boat wanted help or the slightest danger arose, the first thing was to call the marquis, and he was on deck in a moment.

  107. She had great stowage forward and below: if there was a large take, boat after boat could empty its load into her, and go back and draw its nets again.

  108. An' I s' promise ye, ye s' never lay leg ower the gunnel o' my boat again.

  109. No: he waited with one hand on the stern, and then pushed her off, taking off his hat as the boat darted out into the current and her oars struck the water.

  110. The boat was at some distance: he called once or twice for her to come and take him on board before she heard him.

  111. The window where they stood was shaded on the outside by privet and althea bushes: it opened to the ground, and a sandy little footpath ran directly to the river, where her boat was moored.

  112. What was this yellow-haired girl in the boat to him more than any other of the millions of women with whom the world was filled?

  113. When the boat darted up to the shore, rocking as she held it fast with the oar, it seemed strange to him that she should speak in her ordinary tone.

  114. The boat had drifted down to the edge of the bank and grounded.

  115. While they were out in the fishing-boat together, Clementina had, with less difficulty than she had anticipated, persuaded Lizzy to tell Lady Lossie her secret.

  116. They rushed to the window to see if any boat was passing which they could signal.

  117. Here were all the girls we left standing on the boat dock at Loon Lake, looking just the same as when we saw them last, a trifle less sunburned perhaps, but just as full of life and spirit.

  118. That was the boat Hinpoha's parents were coming on!

  119. I didn't believe it when the captain of a freighter told me that there was a place in the river which his boat couldn't pass because two sharp turns came so near together, but now I see how that could easily be possible.

  120. The launch was waiting for them, at one of the big boat docks, sandwiched in between two immense lake steamers.

  121. Any boat going over would be dashed to pieces.

  122. Teddy Bear is going to stay on the boat now.

  123. The cove or bust," Alex exclaimed, as he threw the boat hook up on the cabin top.

  124. Good-bye, and I hope it will be our fortune to go back on the same boat in the fall.

  125. We will have your boat in the water in a jiffy.

  126. We spoke of the boys as standing, but that was incorrect, rather they were sitting, with legs swinging, on the deck of the motor boat Rambler, looking down at the strange scene going on below them.

  127. I guess you can find the boat all right," he said.

  128. He approached the boat slowly and the boys thought he was coming on board, but just as he came opposite the cabin, he flung some heavy object up on it and ran for shore like a rabbit.

  129. The two left the boat at the same time, but soon got separated.

  130. Back beyond the kitchen, under the after deck, were the powerful little motors which, when in action, drove the beautiful boat at a rapid pace.

  131. One cannot tell without running a boat around a staked course what time it will make, but I figure the Rambler is making twenty-four miles an hour right now.

  132. I can run a news stand all right, you understand, but I can't run a motor boat yet, so why should I not make myself useful at something else?

  133. Here they passed strong ropes under the Rambler and fastening them above the boat had a strong, well-fixed sling, which would lift equally on all parts of the heavily-ladened boat, when the dock hoist was attached.

  134. But more interesting than the boat were its occupants gathered around the small table in the cozy cabin.

  135. Goodness, man, don't you feel the boat wallowing in the trough of the sea?

  136. In this boat were Lieutenant Carteret, a sergeant of marines, with three privates and half a dozen bluejackets.

  137. They had fled in an open boat to another island called Anuda--one of those dark places of the earth where the good seed has not yet been sown.

  138. If the ship makes a signal, the boat can go off and tell the captain that I shall have to wait; then she can come back for me.

  139. You will just have time to get into your boat and get ashore while we are in smooth water, and before we start the engines.

  140. The moment the boat touched the shore, she was surrounded by a crowd of friendly, brown-skinned islanders, who seemed delighted to see the strangers.

  141. He came to the island in an open boat from the Yasawa Group, and was not suspected until quite recently.

  142. And scarce had the boat touched the beach when he was seized by the welcoming arms of his native friends and carried ashore.

  143. A few hours later the Spitfire had steamed in close to the land, and a boat was lowered.

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