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Example sentences for "boasts"

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boastful; boastfully; boastfulness; boasting; boastings; boat; boatbuilder; boate; boated; boaters
  1. The craft has a metal hull, and boasts a cabin with windows.

  2. Wilbur Wright said little; made no boasts or idle claims.

  3. Demerara boasts as fine and well- disciplined militia as any colony in the Western world.

  4. It boasts a verdure not its own; they are false ornaments it wears.

  5. The finest park that England boasts falls far short of this delightful scene.

  6. Before the station was reached May put her troubles behind her, not a very difficult matter for a girl in her twentieth year who boasts of a fine constitution and a perfect flow of animal spirits.

  7. His upbringing had been none too strict, but, at the same time, he had a rough code of honour, and it was one of his proudest boasts that he never forgot a friend or a favour.

  8. The man who boasts of a favor received is unworthy of it, and every woman will despise him.

  9. And boasts the golden hue of Daphne's hair.

  10. Narsinga here in num'rous legions bold, And here Oryxa boasts her cloth of gold.

  11. His purple mantle boasts the dye of Tyre,[169] And in the sunbeam glows with living fire.

  12. A thousand boughs aloft to heav'n display Their fragrant apples, shining to the day; The orange here perfumes the buxom air, And boasts the golden hue of Daphne's hair.

  13. The Rumien fierce, who boasts the name of Rome.

  14. The father boasts of having upwards of thirty thousand volumes, but I much doubt whether his stock amount to one half of that number.

  15. An Indian prince, in a Sanskrit inscription of the 9th century, boasts of having wrested from the King of Márwár the two umbrellas pleasing to Parvati, and white as the summer moonbeams.

  16. In spite of the depressing character of the climate (Cherrapunjee boasts the highest rainfall on record), Yule thoroughly enjoyed himself, and always looked back with special pleasure on the time he spent here.

  17. Bibars, in a letter to his court at Cairo, boasts of using them when needful.

  18. But science boasts of being in a flux for ever; boasts of being unstable as water.

  19. Each hand presents a sovereign cure, and boasts 290 Infallibility, but boasts in vain.

  20. Mean are ambitious heroes' boasts Of wasted lands and slaughtered hosts.

  21. Sometimes, in speeches vain and proud, His boasts insult the nether crowd; Now, seized with giddiness and fear, He trembles lest his fall is near.

  22. We have seen that Polyphemus, in a piece of Euripides, boasts of making more noise, when he had supped well, than the thunder of Jupiter.

  23. France boasts of being less superstitious than the neighbors of St. James of Compostello, or those of Our Lady of Loretto.

  24. He never boasts of his achievements or angles for compliments by affecting to underrate what he has done.

  25. He who neglects these trifles, yet boasts that, whenever a great sacrifice is called for, he shall be ready to make it, will rarely be loved.

  26. He rejoices if you lose patience and give him a beating, for he goes and boasts of having put his master into a passion.

  27. It boasts of its fourteen bells, which have little repose; and of the carvings of the fifty-two seats which are set apart for the aristocracy.

  28. Father Humphreys, of Tipperary, boasts of his influence with the poor--delights to prove how in the matter of rent they took his advice, and so on.

  29. The Moy at Ballina is perhaps fifty yards wide, and the town boasts two fine bridges, one of which is flanked by a big Catholic church.

  30. He is disgusted with the show of loyalty to which his colleagues have treated Mr. Gladstone, who boasts of their "satisfactory assurances.

  31. But with the boasts came no little information concerning the French operations on the Great Lakes, the number of their forts and men.

  32. Yet the League of Truth in Berlin has consistently dragged the Stars and Stripes in the mire, and that in a country which boasts that the police are not only omniscient but omnipotent.

  33. Indeed, Marie's mother still listens with respectful approval at Kaffeeklatsch to Fritz's mother when she boasts of what her son is doing as a major over Turkish troops.

  34. Again I heard on every hand the echo of the boasts of the first year of the war.

  35. There was no law against pluralists, and more than one of them boasts on his tomb of having held simultaneously five or six offices.

  36. Asoka wished to make Buddhism the creed not only of India but of the world as known to him and he boasts that he extended his "conquests of religion" to the Hellenistic kingdoms of the west.

  37. At present the concrete, though still railed in, is quite overgrown, for the city boasts a water-supply brought down from the neighbouring hills.

  38. Vice boasts its elements, like other arts: These he inculcates first; anon imparts The petty tricks of saving: last inspires Of endless wealth th' insatiable desires.

  39. Powers, The largest chest the Forum boasts be ours!

  40. I was told that the place even boasts a cafe and music-hall, the only place of poor amusement for the officers and their wives in garrison there.

  41. The grandson of the Samurai of antiquity still boasts many of the proclivities of his ancestors, and above all, the moral law of Bushido is still in his blood.

  42. But this night Kishimoto San gave me as a last shot: "The confusion of your religion is, it boasts only one God and numberless creeds.

  43. Have you ever seen a garden in this country which boasts some three or four centuries of birthdays?

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