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Example sentences for "boasting"

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boasters; boasteth; boastful; boastfully; boastfulness; boastings; boasts; boat; boatbuilder; boate
  1. Our party deployed to right and left to answer--always boasting afterward of having killed at least a dozen men.

  2. But they were relatives after all, boasting a common ancestor, proud of the same history, more or less observing the same religion.

  3. Winterton called like a braggart for supper and hot wine, boasting he had ridden that day from Edinburgh, and that he must be up and across his horse by daylight in the morning, as he had need to be in Kilmarnock by noon.

  4. The house is clean and pretty, and, tired as we were, the sala, boasting of an old piano, tempted us to try a waltz while they were preparing supper.

  5. Then there is the "Lad of the Arrows," the fellow who is always boasting of how many people he has killed with arrows, &c.

  6. He was fond of boasting he was doing double duty for his country, not only was he represented in the army, but he was doing a great work at home.

  7. Although he knew that he was greatly outnumbered, Morgan resolved to give battle and teach the boasting Yankees a lesson.

  8. Yankees--by no means the first instance of a man boasting of performing exploits in a fight which he did not see.

  9. In spite of all his boasting our hands have been pretty clean up to the present.

  10. My resources are practically limitless, and without boasting I may say that I hold Melun in the hollow of my hand.

  11. He left boasting and self-praise to others, far inferior to him in knowledge.

  12. Again marching along a coast of almost unrivalled beauty, and boasting an aqueduct and many other Roman remains, he reached Frejus, and then turning inland, summoned the important town of Draguignan to surrender.

  13. There lay the garden of France, rich in vineyards and olive-groves, and boasting cities and villages as beauteous as those he now gazed upon.

  14. Her attire, though savouring little of court fashion, and boasting few ornaments, became her well, and displayed her tall and symmetrical figure to the greatest advantage.

  15. Learn to be subject, laying aside all proud and arrogant boasting of your tongues.

  16. Then, Armenians have been boasting openly that one of these days the old Armenian kingdom will be reestablished.

  17. Forgive them for boasting and--" "Throw that fool out!

  18. However they may sound now, there was no spirit of boasting in these words.

  19. I make no loud boasting of my religion, dinning it into the ears of all I meet as if I were the only righteous man on earth, but I do thank God from the depths of my heart I have never yet basely deserted a friend in time of trouble.

  20. Angela at last grew weary of all this boasting and glorification of the Austrians over the degraded Hungarians; she turned to Ivan, and put to him a direct question: "Is this all true?

  21. So he went on boasting until the discussion came to an end.

  22. A YOUNG man, boasting of his health and constitutional stamina, was asked to what he chiefly attributed so great a happiness.

  23. A MAN was boasting before a companion of his very strong sight.

  24. They do not fear, boasting their God's care.

  25. It is not boasting if I say that I see, with brave eyes, that Egypt insults herself when she creates horrors in stone and says, 'This is my idea of art.

  26. Sir Terence was not deficient in penetration, but he never could help boasting of his discoveries.

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