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  1. The English may fill their streets with newspaper posters advertising horrors and scandals, but they are permitted now and then to forget their vile bodies.

  2. Wall Street and the Chicago pit, I am told, are worse: I have not seen them; but no race-course scramble for odds could exceed the horrors of that day in the Bourse.

  3. Norval was glad for the company of this young doctor; glad to have someone, who, really did not matter, share with him the moments when the memory of horrors he had witnessed overwhelmed him.

  4. Horrors that he had read of and shuddered at clutched at his brain and made it ache and throb.

  5. Italy's decision was the decision of a people who preferred the horrors of war to dishonor, who preferred to die rather than to be enslaved by Prussian masters or by Prussia's vassals.

  6. The responsibility for all the horrors which the Armenian population is now suffering in those regions already occupied by the Turkish troops lies, therefore, with the German Government, which directly helped Turkey to secure these regions.

  7. The final and worst measure was the wholesale deportation of the entire population from their homes and their exile to the desert, with all the accompanying horrors on the way.

  8. Her eyes were enormously distended; her face was exactly that of a person looking into the pit of hell and seeing horrors there.

  9. She desired then to cause the horrors and pains of public scandals.

  10. She was twenty-four and, as she said: "We Spanish women are horrors at thirty.

  11. Her belief helped to sustain her natural courage amidst the horrors of Scutari, and the fever and the cold of Balaclava.

  12. Many ladies, whose generous enthusiasm prompts them to offer their services as nurses, are little aware of the hardships they would have to encounter, and the horrors they would have to witness, which would try the firmest nerves.

  13. Bowman, the ophthalmic surgeon, gives a lively account of some of her difficulties, and a vivid picture of the horrors amid which her work was done (Nov.

  14. That a little fun can be mixed up with the horrors of war was illustrated on this trip somewhere over in the hills of Wayne.

  15. To look upon the ghastly dead or to hear the groans of the wounded lessens the sweets of victory and emphasizes the horrors of war.

  16. It might have been supposed that the Princess would rejoice to leave behind her the country which had been the scene of so many horrors and such bitter suffering.

  17. Chaumette then questioned me about a thousand shocking things of which they accused my mother and aunt; I was so indignant at hearing such horrors that, terrified as I was, I could not help exclaiming that they were infamous falsehoods.

  18. Gladly do we now exchange the dank atmosphere of Saint Cyprian's cell, and the horrors which have detained us there so long, for balmy air, genial sunshine, and the boon companionship of Dick Turpin.

  19. He had to endure all the horrors of famine, as well as the agonies of quenchless thirst.

  20. Recall not the horrors of that dreadful cell--urge not the subject more.

  21. He must anticipate his slow but inevitable stroke, enduring all the grinding horrors of starvation.

  22. The loneliness of her unlighted room was peopled with ghostly memories of the horrors inflicted upon spies, and of tales she had heard of the merciless cruelty of the Rebels among whom she was going.

  23. Gilbert, speaking of the Proclamation, and its probable effects in the South, did not deny that it might entail a repetition of the San Domingo horrors on a vaster scale.

  24. It is necessary to be as near the scene of war as we are, to know the horrors which we have seen and heard of.

  25. He was on the spot, and saw the horrors of the war at first-hand.

  26. Though Mr. Russell and others wrote to England of the horrors of the hospitals, the authorities themselves were silent, or if questioned, would only reply that everything was "all right.

  27. The English are a brave race; they had forgotten the horrors of war, and remembered only its glories and its victories; and they sprang to arms as joyously as boys run to a football game.

  28. The glare of day had long dispelled the horrors of the stormy night; still all was dull and gloomy.

  29. Every repast was a kind of religious rite with him; and his first thought on finding him once more on dry ground was how he should contrive to celebrate his wonderful escape from Hell-gate and all its horrors by a solemn banquet.

  30. What I have told is light as gossamer, compared with the insupportable and crushing horrors of that which is to come.

  31. I dropped the weapon and threw myself on the ground, overpowered by the horrors of this scene.

  32. I retail them because they afford me a kind of respite from horrors at the thought of which every joint in my frame trembles.

  33. But it made no difference; even with the clearest recognition of all the horrors awaiting him he would have gone out to the high road and walked along it!

  34. And then for a new life and we'll never, never think of the old horrors again!

  35. He also continued to practise the horrors of idolatry and immorality as his father had done.

  36. The treaty between Rehoboam and the king of Damascus prevented Jeroboam from attacking the kingdom of Judah, and visiting it with the horrors of a long war.

  37. Judaea once again became a prey to the horrors of war and internal dissensions; she resembled a storm-tossed ship, flung violently from side to side.

  38. There was certainly a class which upheld the law, and which regretted the horrors of these crimes.

  39. As a descendant of a dynasty that has reigned over this continent for 126 years, after having preserved it from the horrors of a long vice-royalty, the affections of my heart are here.

  40. Right or wrong the Southern people will never tolerate it, and will go through the horrors of another reconstruction, before they will permit it to be.

  41. They will not be the slaves and brutes in human form, which the evil Trolls would have them; and they rebel, and escape, and tell of the horrors of that fair foul place.

  42. This was indeed a crime only to be expiated by the horrors of a Frank invasion.

  43. All the talk which presently became fashionable about virtue and the higher life was a reaction against the horrors of the Fronde.

  44. At the very close of his brief and heroic life, the thoughts of Drou√ęt reverted to the historic town in which he was born, to Sedan which still shuddered in his infancy at the recollection of the horrors of 1870.

  45. It seemed inevitable that soldiers would rapidly become demoralized, when exposed to the multifarious horrors of modern mechanical battle.

  46. Then, as the fumes mounted to his brain, sober reason was ousted from her throne and imagination rioted unchecked, peopling the void with horrors and ineffectual phantoms.

  47. A fierce revulsion seized him as he pictured to himself the scene upon which the morning sun would look--the kennels red with blood, the horrors huddled in every corner, all the dreadful jetsam cast up by the ensanguined tide of war.

  48. She did not know what difficulties would have barred her entrance even to that dreary asylum; she only thought of the horrors of that sanctuary, and she blessed her master for the benevolence that had accepted the service of her failing hands.

  49. Not swiftly does the curtain fall which has once been lifted from the hidden horrors of that ghastly temple.

  50. More than one Christian rose hastily to depart, touched with real remorse and shame at the horrors of which they had been the willing witnesses.

  51. True, but at present the majority of spectators will believe more strongly in the horrors of matricide and furies than in Apollo's power to dispense therewith.

  52. There was on the Isonzo front, however, an absence of the horrors of war in the shape of devastated towns, villages, and countryside, with which the world has become familiar in illustrations from Belgium and northern France.

  53. An officer who had witnessed during the summer the horrors of Arras, of Souchez, and of the Lorette Heights, told me that those were not in any way to be compared with the present, beyond all conception, appalling artillery onslaught.

  54. No one who has not been himself a participant or an actual observer of these horrors can really and truly gauge their full extent or describe them adequately.

  55. The horrors of the flight of the hapless Serbian people are growing with the arrival here of each new contingent from the devastated district.

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