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Example sentences for "dispelled"

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dispatches; dispatching; dispatcht; dispayre; dispel; dispeller; dispelleth; dispelling; dispels; dispence
  1. But my new-found ease was soon dispelled by the appearance of a nurse--one of several who had attended me at the hospital.

  2. I did not lose consciousness even for a second, and the demoniacal dread, which had possessed me from June, 1894, until this fall to earth just six years later, was dispelled the instant I struck the ground.

  3. Our uneasiness, thus quieted, was soon entirely dispelled by a message announcing that a visit from the great man himself would take place in the evening.

  4. But these pleasing associations were soon dispelled by the steep and rugged features of the pass through which we ascended on leaving the plain.

  5. A man who imagined that he was always burning in a fire, had his illusion dispelled by seeing fire taken out from beneath his bed.

  6. In 1781 he published his Notes on Virginia, a work which attracted attention in Europe as well as America, dispelled many misconceptions respecting this continent, and gave its author a place among men distinguished for science.

  7. In 1781 he published his notes on Virginia, a work which attracted attention in Europe as well as America, dispelled many misconceptions respecting this continent, and gave its author a place among men distinguished for science.

  8. His thin, high-pitched voice dispelled the tension, and Fenley dropped his hands.

  9. His visions were rudely dispelled by a gunshot, sharp, insistent, a tocsin of death in that sylvan solitude.

  10. For the imagination of plurality has through gradual growth in the course of beginningless time acquired an infinite strength, and does not therefore admit of being dispelled by the comparatively weak conception of non-duality.

  11. Nor again will it avail to plead that the sacred texts originate the demanded final cognition in the mind of the Brâhmana as soon as meditation has dispelled the obstructive imagination of plurality; for in the same way, i.

  12. And has Aurora chased the sable cloud, And, even jealous of a twilight grey, Dispelled with sudden touch that mourning shroud, And with her saffron robe unfurled the day?

  13. His next object was to induce the beloved companions of youth, who had shared the gladness of his brightest, and dispelled the clouds of his darkest days, to come and live in his immediate vicinity.

  14. Appearances to the contrary can be dispelled by a moment's reflection.

  15. Calming herself by a violent effort, Céline told her story, and its magic dispelled the wrath of her much neglected, sorely aggrieved mistress.

  16. Miss Arthur had refreshed herself with an hour's uninterrupted repose, and was revelling in a dreamy Arcadia, hand in hand with her beloved, when something cold falling on her cheek dispelled her visions.

  17. The sun had dispelled the mists and was beaming very hot.

  18. A quarter of an hour, however, dispelled all doubts, for within this time it had nearly reached the bottom of the hill, and we could descry a figure seated on an animal of some kind.

  19. When heathen impiety, loathsome and dread, With a chaos of darkness our Spain overspread, Thou wast the first light which dispelled with its flames The hell-born obscurity, glorious Saint James!

  20. But then the thought that she could never be his dispelled his reverie, and putting spurs to his horse he set off anew, as if rapid motion could drown reflection.

  21. Even the wrongs they inflicted, while they weighed upon his mind, altered his opinions sometimes, dispelled some sweet illusions and grieved his heart, yet could not succeed in changing it.

  22. Our baby's outstretched arms and cry for me as he recognized me dispelled any such delusion, but I was too tired to hold out my hands to him.

  23. I was much startled by this proposal, and inclined to think it a trap; but further consideration dispelled my fears.

  24. But the answer dispelled the picturesque fancy.

  25. A short acquaintance with matters in the shed soon dispelled this illusion, however.

  26. All sluggishness, both of the mind and body, is quickly dispelled by the great activity everywhere displayed around you.

  27. A series of rebellions might dart a ray of truth into the palace of Constantinople; and the illusions of flattery were dispelled by the easy and rapid success of the Norman adventurers.

  28. Medina might be jealous, lest the caliph should be detained by the sanctity of Jerusalem or the beauty of Damascus; her apprehensions were dispelled by his prompt and voluntary return to the tomb of the apostle.

  29. But steam dispelled these ambitions, and the American boy was forced to turn his hopes upon the land of the setting sun.

  30. The romance, the fiction, woven around his personality is dispelled in the white light of stern and veritable facts, just as the golden rays of the morning sun drive the mist from the mountain-tops.

  31. The fruit when cooked no longer exercises active medicinal effects, as its volatile principles have now become dispelled through heat.

  32. But an infusion of the plant made with cold water, acts better as a remedy for hysterical headache, and as a general nervine stimulant because the volatile aromatic virtues are not dispelled by heat.

  33. A nearer view dispelled the illusion, and proved it to be a huge cube of rock, measuring about forty feet each way.

  34. The ears were ripe enough for parching and roasting, and thus was one anxiety dispelled by its appearance; for generally, in early March, caravans suffer from famine, which overtakes both natives and strangers.

  35. His hope of a word with Anna before dinner was dispelled by her rising to take Miss Painter up to Madame de Chantelle; and he wandered away to his own room, leaving Owen and Miss Viner engaged in working out a picture-puzzle for Effie.

  36. I have been a fool, I own, but the illusion is dispelled now.

  37. Now we have between us that hour of parting in which my foolish dream was dispelled for ever.

  38. All doubts were dispelled on the 20th, for the Division then entrained at Candas and detrained at Mericourt.

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