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  1. It was an ambitious house and the leaded glass windows of the living room faced north.

  2. The formal garden is usually part of the development of the very ambitious country estate.

  3. Handsome antiques and ambitious reproductions go well in such a setting.

  4. Speak it at large, Since grief must break my heart, I am ambitious It should be exquisite.

  5. If you contemn not these, and think them curses, I know no blessings that ambitious flesh Could wish to feel beyond 'em.

  6. Giuseppe Badaracco was ambitious of introducing a new style into his native place, and repaired to Florence, where he remained many years copying and imitating Andrea del Sarto.

  7. Even from the age of twenty, when he left the school of Calvart, the Caracci discovered in him a rare genius for the art, so elevated and ambitious of distinction, that he aspired to something great and novel from the outset of his career.

  8. That is true; but after listening to such fine productions as we have heard, I am not ambitious to read mine.

  9. A distinguished Italian friend has impressed on me that King Victor Emanuel is personally a much more ambitious man than I have painted him.

  10. At last he induced a lady who was somewhat ambitious of a public career, to lecture for him; and he took a great hall for a series of nights, and advertised largely, and went to great expense.

  11. Not heaven itself," exclaimed an ambitious and profane statesman, "can undo the fact that I have been three times Prime Minister.

  12. His action is a pretty fair criterion of the political morality of your ordinary ambitious Spanish soldier.

  13. This is but the heyday of the novillos, the unripe beasts, with india-rubber or wooden balls blunting their half-developed horns, who are sent into the arena to be at the mercy of youths ambitious to become chulos.

  14. And Camberwell Green, which I dearly affect, is it not replete with every modern convenience, as those ambitious amateurs who write the auction-bills are wont to phrase it?

  15. At this a smile rippled around the table, and Miles Feversham, who was the attorney for one of the most ambitious syndicates of promoters in the north, gave his attention to the menu.

  16. Prince William Sound alone has hundreds of miles of coast-line and includes more than one fine harbor with an ambitious seaport.

  17. But again the ambitious fever raged, and into her musings crept Miss Alice Parks; Alice, of whom Harry was so fond!

  18. He lacked the activity of his sister, but was ambitious to emulate her achievements, and to that end panted and puffed with remarkable vigor.

  19. In all ages, this desire has been imputed to powerful and ambitious sovereigns.

  20. As long as good fortune waited upon Napoleon, his most ambitious attempts commanded the applauses of the nation.

  21. The guard and its worthy chiefs were ambitious only of the favour of retaining the glorious title of grenadiers of the island of Elba.

  22. She's an extremely ambitious girl, and she has determined to raise herself.

  23. To the German Higher Command the loss of a few square miles at Verdun and the Chemin des Dames was a mere matter of detail compared with the ambitious strategy it now had in mind.

  24. The plan adopted contemplated a narrow front but an ambitious objective.

  25. He had believed that the time had come for ambitious objectives; Haig had demurred and clung to the idea of operations limited in their scope like that of the Somme; and P├ętain accepted that view when he succeeded Nivelle.

  26. But it was only a part of the most ambitious and successful campaign the Germans fought in the war.

  27. No longer ambitious of pursuing the lord of St. Vallier in flank, we hoped at least that a front view of his castle from the road to Avignon might afford some remains of feudal splendour.

  28. As for the matter of religion, to which he adverted, it would require a separate volume, were I to set down how irreligiously they cover their greedy and ambitious pretences with that veil of pretended piety.

  29. But within less than eighteen months, two unexpected revolutions overturned the ambitious schemes of Galerius.

  30. As soon as the ambitious mind of Artaxerxes had triumphed ever the resistance of his vassals, he began to threaten the neighboring states, who, during the long slumber of his predecessors, had insulted Persia with impunity.

  31. The ambitious spirit of Galerius was scarcely reconciled to the disappointment of his views upon the Gallic provinces, before the unexpected loss of Italy wounded his pride as well as power in a still more sensible part.

  32. The martial and ambitious of spirit Trajan formed a very singular contrast with the moderation of his successor.

  33. Trajan was ambitious of fame; and as long as mankind shall continue to bestow more liberal applause on their destroyers than on their benefactors, the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters.

  34. When, at the instigation of his ambitious patroness, Tetricus assumed the ensigns of royalty, he was governor of the peaceful province of Aquitaine, an employment suited to his character and education.

  35. We may recollect, about eight years before the elevation, of Diocletian the transient greatness, and the ambitious hopes, of the Roman senate.

  36. The ascent to greatness, however steep and dangerous, may entertain an active spirit with the consciousness and exercise of its own powers: but the possession of a throne could never yet afford a lasting satisfaction to an ambitious mind.

  37. When Christianity was introduced among the rich and the polite, the observation of these singular laws was left, as it would be at present, to the few who were ambitious of superior sanctity.

  38. Possessed of an uneasy, ambitious spirit, he had wandered much, and changed his occupation with apparent ease.

  39. It appears that Williams, who was a born intriguer, conceived the ambitious idea of taking advantage of this movement to establish an Indian empire in the country west of Lake Michigan, with himself as dictator.

  40. Learn from its evil fate, ambitious soul, The ministry of light is guide, not goal.

  41. Shall we disband our armies because in the hand of an ambitious madman a field-marshal's baton may brain a helpless State?

  42. She had always been very ambitious for his future, and he supposed that she would be delighted at the idea of having her boy in the great city, where he would have innumerable chances for improving himself.

  43. He visited his friends more frequently, and sometimes spent whole evenings in studying works on English literature, for he was ambitious to know more of the great work he had decided to make his own.

  44. There is a dome here that the ambitious foot of man has never attempted.

  45. It was thus they responded to one another on that melodious shore, and with an ambitious diligence worthy of the Royal Conservatory.

  46. But see how oft ambitious aims are cross'd, And chiefs contend 'till all the prize is lost!

  47. But see how oft ambitious aims are crossed, And chiefs contend till all the prize is lost!

  48. Essay on Criticism' instead of longer and more ambitious poems which Pope planned and in part executed in his boyhood.

  49. As they grow older the lads with ambitious parents will be given a more varied education.

  50. The political world of all parties formed one of those judgments on the great man's poor dependant, which fix a stain upon the character and place a barrier in the career of ambitious youth.

  51. His very son shall avenge the mother, and be led to his father's breast as victor, with Randal Leslie, in the contest that deprives sire and benefactor of all that makes life dear to ambitious egotism.

  52. Though not insensible to generosity, he was hardened against compassion; and he seemed equally ostentatious and equally ambitious of show and parade in his clemency and in his severity.

  53. Ceaulin died soon after; and Ethelbert succeeded as well to his ascendant among the Saxon states, as to his other ambitious projects.

  54. A numerous progeny of sons and daughters gave both lustre and authority to his crown, prevented the danger of a disputed succession, and repressed all pretensions of the ambitious barons.

  55. He afterwards allowed him to pay a visit to his father-in-law at Paris, who took the opportunity of instilling into the young prince those ambitious sentiments to which he was naturally but too much inclined.

  56. That prelate, therefore, received a commission to inform William of the king's intentions in his favor; and he was the first person that opened the mind of the prince to entertain those ambitious hopes.

  57. Notwithstanding these misfortunes, the Britons were not subdued; and this island was regarded by the ambitious Romans as a field in which military honor might still be acquired.

  58. The king accepted the offer; and had prepared a fleet and an army, in order to escort the money and take possession of the rich provinces of Guienne and Poictou; when an accident put an end to his life, and to all his ambitious projects.

  59. He was not allured either by its riches or its renown; but being ambitious of carrying the Roman arms into a new world, then mostly unknown, he took advantage of a short interval in his Gaulic wars, and made an invasion on Britain.

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