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Example sentences for "contend"

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contemptuous; contemptuously; contenance; contenant; contenaunce; contende; contended; contender; contenders; contendeth
  1. In examining the evil, I found also that the moderate use of liquor was not the difficulty to contend against, but it was the immoderate use of it.

  2. We shall see presently how the very objects which seem at first to contend with it for the mastery are made, occultly to increase its preƫminence.

  3. Ehrenbreitstein is noble in its mass, but so reduced by aƫrial perspective of colour that it cannot contend with the tower, which therefore holds the eye, and becomes the key of the picture.

  4. Who is there who for a moment could contend with him in the unaffected, yet humorous truth with which he has painted our peasant children?

  5. But Neith answered, 'I will not contend with you, my dear.

  6. If one could only consider it as much a victory to get a barren field sown, as to get an eared field stripped; and contend who should build villages, instead of who should 'carry' them.

  7. In England," said he, "two parties contend for power.

  8. The English alone, had not men enough at their disposal to contend with the French troops.

  9. Whatever be the success of her intrigues, England will not be able to draw other nations into new leagues, and the government declares with just pride that England alone could not now contend with France.

  10. Good and evil influences contend for the mastery.

  11. At each advance of the conquering Castilians, he realized the growing necessity of prompt and efficient measures of defence, while at the same time he felt a greater reluctance to contend with fate.

  12. Montezuma had now another difficulty to contend with, in his endeavor to rid himself of the intruders.

  13. No one will contend for a moment that the universal grant above considered confers upon them mutual dominion, or rightful property in their species.

  14. Still, I contend that the Northerner has as large and generous a soul, when you get at it, as anybody.

  15. If the weeds are left to contend with grass, the grass in the end prevails.

  16. One of the amusements was a musical contest in which singers from one tribe or band would contend with one another as to which could remember the greatest number of songs or accurately repeat a new song after hearing it for the first time.

  17. If I had been left to contend with the Georgia army, I would have raised my corn on one bank of the river, and fought them on the other.

  18. If I had an army, I would yet fight; I would contend to the last.

  19. They admit a limited State interference in social matters, but contend that it must not discourage individual effort, or create a host of officials, inspectors, and controllers.

  20. Without a doubt Revolution was already in the air, but everything indicated that the authorities were quite prepared to contend with it, and in all probability successfully.

  21. To bring them to me, I have to contend against the material part of my nature.

  22. To contend with an unprincipled and malicious liar, such as Julian the Apostate, in its original sense the first deliberate miscreant, offered a dreadful snare to any man's charity.

  23. I, on the other hand, contend that the value of all things is determined by the value of the producing labor.

  24. We do not object to it as a solution of the riddle, and the only one possible at the moment; but what we contend is, that it is not the solution.

  25. But still I contend that it is for the interest of science and good letters that a considerable body of volunteers should gather about their banners, without pay or hopes of preferment.

  26. Aware of new defences raising, it seemed that he waited to see the course they would take; once master of that, he was ready (as it appeared) to contend with them as successfully as before.

  27. It is doubtless very dangerous to the finer tissues of one's moral nature to live only to deny and contend and rebuke.

  28. Christianity had to contend for three hundred years to destroy the abominations of heathenism.

  29. Frank thought he observed him suppressing his anger, before he answered, "Rome does not contend for love of dominion.

  30. Good; and the friends of the church will contend against you in so far as you are inimical to the spirit of the church.

  31. Some authors, however, contend that Amerigo visited the coasts of Guiana and Terra Firma before Columbus; the more probable account is, that he examined them more carefully two years after their discovery by Columbus.

  32. But in reality he made it certain that the princes would one day shake off the imperial power altogether; for it was perhaps more difficult for the sovereign to contend with scores of petty nobles than with two or three great princes.

  33. Germany seldom so keenly felt the need of a strong emperor, for she had during two generations to contend with a watchful and grasping rival.

  34. The "cui bono" is the next formidable opponent the vow has to contend with.

  35. Some people, less speculative, contend that the fact of suicide is sufficient evidence of irresponsibility, as no man in his right senses would take his own life.

  36. Although I do not contend that it was impossible for M.

  37. The Minister, summoned to headquarters, had to contend with the disposition of the army.

  38. They may contend for centuries; but are their Governments rightfully fulfilling their most sacred duty, and does not their conscience reproach them with so much blood shed in vain, for no definite end?

  39. No one would contend that that stands for itself and its antecedent at the same time.

  40. Each party produces words where the letter a is sounded in the manner they contend for.

  41. No: for nothing can be worse syntax than, we am, we was, or you was, though some contend for this last construction.

  42. How powerfully do they contend who fight with lawful weapons!

  43. It is supposed that the old shell is cast, and that the animal retires to some lurking-place till the new covering acquires consistence to contend with his armour-clad congeners.

  44. Others contend that the process is one of absorption, otherwise, if there were a period of moult, it would be shown by their shells.

  45. Now that we were exposed to the breeze blowing across the river, our heavily-laden canoe could with difficulty contend with the waves, which, in spite of the raised gunwale, every now and then broke into her.

  46. Granted: I only contend such intervals of absence should be short, and occur as seldom as possible.

  47. He further said that, after the death of Nicholas, he would contend against Alexander with the object of partitioning the Empire.

  48. That portion of the Federal army which had crossed dashed on recklessly, and seemed to think they had only a demoralised mob to contend with.

  49. With ease they were routed and the whole force driven fully two miles, and had they been all the Confederate line had to contend with, the exit would have been insured.

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