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Example sentences for "contended"

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contenance; contenant; contenaunce; contend; contende; contender; contenders; contendeth; contending; contendings
  1. But clearly the great principle contended for by Bishop Seabury and those who acted with him is here admitted.

  2. The last sentence of the article remains unchanged, and the second principle contended for is accepted.

  3. It may be contended that Mansel was on the whole rather intended for a critic or historian of philosophy than for an independent philosophical teacher; and in this he would but have exhibited a tendency of his century.

  4. This we declined accepting, and contended that the contractor was bound to send us off the soft bread, with an additional half pound, which he forfeited to us for his breach of punctuality.

  5. It was contended by many that it was an exercise, and a trial of skill; and if confined to a halfpenny, or one cent a game, it could not be dangerous to the morals, or property of the community.

  6. They contended for more, but he refused it.

  7. They contended that the admission of so much gold and silver into the public treasury was a flagrant transgression of the Lykurgean ordinances.

  8. Out of the ten tribes of Athenian hoplites, it was only the six on the extreme left who came into conflict with the Lacedæmonians; while the remaining four contended with the Tegeans who stood next to the Lacedæmonians on their own line.

  9. As the old commissioners refused to give up, however, I contended that no resource was left but to appeal to the courts.

  10. It appears from this same mythology that these two princes contended for long, but that neither of them was victorious.

  11. It may be, therefore, that having long contended thus against M.

  12. They contended that though a purely national policy was not possible, the difference between Transylvania and Bessarabia in area and in number and quality of the population was such that no hesitation was admissible.

  13. They contended that the Americans had from the beginning aimed at independence,--that from the beginning they meant wholly to throw off the authority of the crown, and to break their connection with the parent country.

  14. This the managers for the Commons considered as having gained their cause, as their having obtained the whole of what they contended for.

  15. However, of this there is no dispute, that against the nobles, who threw contempt on the meanness of his condition, he contended with much firmness.

  16. It was not contended that perfection is attained by any living mechanism, but it was held that no place exists in nature for an organism that is incapable of adjusting itself to the manifold conditions of life.

  17. But a newspaper war soon followed between two factions in Nauvoo, one of which contended that the place was an assemblage of gamblers and saloon-keepers, while the other defended its reputation.

  18. Suppose one believed that human sacrifices were a necessary part of religious worship, would it be seriously contended that the civil government under which he lived could not interfere to prevent a sacrifice?

  19. And they contended with many about the word.

  20. Hamburghi), in which it is contended (cap.

  21. This name has many forms; and it is contended that Sabieude is the correct one.

  22. I remember it was said, they were foremost in the ranks, and nobly contended for their promised reward.

  23. This did not take place until nine years later, but the propaganda, the object of which was the extension of slave territory, could not be maintained by those Who contended that slavery was a curse to the country.

  24. As the colonists contended for their own freedom, they became anti-slavery in sentiment.

  25. Like desperate gamblers, they contended for the spoils or the honors of victory, with so much the more recklessness as their own station was too elevated to be materially prejudiced by the results.

  26. They contended with all the animosity of personal feeling; every device, however paltry, was resorted to; and no advantage was deemed unwarrantable, which could tend to secure the victory.

  27. Yes, for every regular that contended for the maintenance of British law and authority in this Canada of ours there were fighting by his side the farmer and the tradesman of those heroic days.

  28. In this dread contest there fought side by side regular soldier and militiaman; the noble red man and the freed black man contended against a common enemy to that freedom and that constitution that every Briton loves so well.

  29. The Duke of Brunswick, who had contended with Napoleon in this memorable engagement, was wounded in the face with a grape-shot early in the battle and was carried off the field never to recover.

  30. Then contended I with the rulers, and said, Why is the house of God forsaken?

  31. Then I contended with the nobles of Judah, and said unto them, What evil thing is this that ye do, and profane the sabbath day?

  32. And no more than this is contended for by any one but an Asiatic fatalist.

  33. It will scarcely be contended that Kepler's operation was an Induction in this sense of the term.

  34. Will it really be contended that the inconceivableness of the thing, in such circumstances, proves anything against the experimental origin of the conviction?

  35. Those who have contended for a radical distinction between agent and patient, have generally conceived the agent as that which causes some state of, or some change in the state of, another object which is called the patient.

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