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Example sentences for "factions"

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facte; factes; facti; faction; factional; factious; factiousness; factis; factitious; factly
  1. This class, naturally fearing the loss of the magnificent trade which had been built up, had long bemoaned the constantly increasing friction between the two factions on each side of the water.

  2. Valuable as these "Letters" were at home in uniting all factions in their measures of resistance, yet their influence abroad was of even more far-reaching effect.

  3. All the argument is a whore and a cuckold-a good quarrel to draw emulous factions and bleed to death upon.

  4. More battles had been fought; factions had arisen among Union men.

  5. The next morning Asquith was split into factions and rent by civil strife, and the porch of the inn was covered by little knots of women, all trying to talk at once; their faces told an ominous tale.

  6. Thus the day passed, and the gentlemen of the Lovejoy and Duncan factions sat, as tight as ever in their seats, and the Truro Franchise bill still slumbered undisturbed in Mr. Chauncey Weed's committee.

  7. Any one who understood the nature of the political factions in Russia well knew that an uprising among the nobles might occur upon any pretext, and no pretext could be so powerful as the suspicion of incompetency in the sovereign.

  8. Adalbert she had every reason to despise, and there was no one else belonging to the riotous aristocratic factions of Italy who could make her happy or give her a suitable position.

  9. The bitterness of the avuncular factions was now intensified.

  10. Supposed to be chosen by lot, they were really selected from lists drawn up by the factions in power from time to time.

  11. It was a necessary consequence of the peculiar part he played that the city was henceforth divided into factions representing mutually antagonistic principles.

  12. In this way Italy came to be divided into the two world-famous factions known as Guelf and Ghibelline.

  13. These factions were not created by Savonarola; but his extraordinary influence accentuated, as it were, the humours that lay dormant in the State.

  14. But though the names of Guelf and Ghibelline lost their old significance after the year 1266 (the date of King Manfred's death), these two factions had so divided Italy that they continued to play a prominent part in her annals.

  15. These factions contrived to exclude the names of all but their adherents from the bags, or borse, in which the burghers eligible for election had to be inscribed.

  16. In the months of June and July 1642, the two factions in arms were facing each other all over England and it was really an accident rather than otherwise in which county the first blow was struck.

  17. It has already been indicated that the division of Lancashire between the two factions followed the same lines as the division of the country generally, that is, the Parliament had the south-east and the King the north-west.

  18. The English journalist continues,-- "The tone of this whole paper is that of a man who believes that a movement will be made in his favor which may succeed, if only the factions most likely to resist can be temporarily conciliated.

  19. Daring in all things, under the Empire he denounced Napoleonism, and by his eloquence and courage he guided timid millions and rival factions from the day when Napoleon III.

  20. Before election day this list was reduced to four: Calhoun had become the candidate of all factions for the vice presidency.

  21. These issues and ideas break up the Republican party into factions led in 1824 by Crawford and Gallatin, Caucus candidates.

  22. This diversity of opinion on questions of vital importance had much to do with the breaking up of the Republican party into sectional factions after 1820.

  23. The lie was given, the several factions drawn, And so enraged, that we could not appease it.

  24. In this unusual agitation we have forborne from taking part in any controversy between foreign States, and between parties or factions in such States.

  25. He imposed peace between warring factions of his nobility by mere moral force, backed up by something like an awakened public opinion.

  26. The watchword of the factions was "Anything to beat Grant;" their points of union were the greed of office and the thirst for revenge.

  27. While President Polk endeavored to gratify each of the component factions of the Democratic party in the composition of his Cabinet, he ruthlessly deposed the veteran Francis P.

  28. Meanwhile there was trouble among the Republican Senators, caused by the rival factions in the State of New York.

  29. This open rupture had involved the two factions in a costly litigation.

  30. She had played Sweden against Denmark, and France against Spain, and the Austrian archduke against the others, and many suitors in her own land against the different factions which they headed.

  31. In the year which had preceded this division Cleopatra had wavered between the two opposite factions at Rome.

  32. Terrified by the lawlessness of the barons, whom he could no longer control, the Pope left Rome and took refuge at Avignon, leaving the ancient city a helpless prey to the various political factions which were engaged in continual strife.

  33. The fact then that Chaucer was friendly with prominent men in both factions makes it incredible that his fortunes were dependent on those of John of Gaunt.

  34. The surprising revival of Egypt must have had the effect of infusing fresh life into the Egyptian factions existing in all the autonomous states, and in the prefectures of Syria.

  35. As far as we are able to judge by the documents which have come down to us, two factions had arisen in the city since the fall of Nineveh, both of which aspired to power and strove to gain a controlling influence with the sovereign.

  36. The emigration to Ethiopia of some contingents of the military class had temporarily weakened the factions hostile to foreign influence; these factions had felt themselves powerless under the rule of Psammetichus I.

  37. The struggle between the two factions constantly disturbed the public peace, and it needed little to cause the preaching of the prophets to degenerate into an incitement to revolt.

  38. Before the commencement of the present disturbances, the coercive power of the mother-country had always been able to restrain those factions from breaking out into any thing worse than gross brutality and insult.

  39. The good temper and moderation of contending factions seem to be the most essential circumstances in the public morals of a free people.

  40. In the case of a total separation from Great Britain, which, unless prevented by a union of this kind, seems very likely to take place, those factions would be ten times more virulent than ever.

  41. Our career will be a vulgar caricature of the bad passions and the low intrigues, the factions and the failures, of our oppressors.

  42. He can walk into the government offices like themselves and tell his tale, for though one of the pseudo-opposition, the moment the people move, the factions become united.

  43. That period of public languor which intervenes between the breaking up of parties and the formation of factions now transpired in England.

  44. Reference has been made to the conflicting factions of which the democratic party was now composed.

  45. But such a misfortune I can never believe her subject to, unless from her own folly and internal factions of the accursed opposition.

  46. They saw with horror crimes exceeding in atrocity those which had disgraced the infuriated religious factions of the sixteenth century, perpetrated in the name of reason and philanthropy.

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