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Example sentences for "factitious"

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  1. But all this is the necessary attendant on a factitious state of society.

  2. For our own part, we are glad that generous Mr. Morikofer has pulled off the bleached horse hair wig of factitious gravity, and shown us the natural moist and waving hair of a human-hearted poet.

  3. The time came when this factitious existence, which succeeded no longer in galvanising fibres dried up under the eyes of the spiritualistic artist, seemed to him to surpass what honour permitted him not to perceive.

  4. He confounds his own point of view with that of the immediate actors in the scene; and hence presents you with a conventional and factitious nature, instead of that which is real.

  5. From this motive they do a great deal of factitious liking; but after all the affections will not be bidden, and the critic can only avail to give a point of view, to enlighten a perspective.

  6. I revelled in all his appearances in the Histories, and I tried to be as happy where a factitious and perfunctory Falstaff comes to life again in the "Merry Wives of Windsor," though at the bottom of my heart I felt the difference.

  7. It is the most factitious proposal ever addressed to an eminently ironical nation.

  8. Falquiere, than when I had seen it through the factitious medium of the Salon of 1876.

  9. But all this is the necessary attendant on a factitious state of society, and by many is regarded as being quite as characteristic of modern, civilized Christian England and America as it was of Pagan Rome.

  10. America has been much belied, if she is entirely free from this evil, if there are not here also men careful of class-distinctions, of a place in fashionable society, of factitious rank which parodies the aristocracy of the Old World.

  11. They owe, and are half conscious that they owe, their present existence only to factitious weaknesses of human nature, and to the antiquated terrors of communities long kept in leading-strings and afraid to walk alone.

  12. You know the old saying that 'the worst things that befall us are the things that never happen.

  13. This appears to me an insoluble question, and probably, even, a factitious one.

  14. These are, it has been very justly said, factitious problems, imaginary difficulties which do not exist.

  15. I mean not to allude to factitious principles of morality; but to the simple basis of all rectitude.

  16. The pretensions of this checked gravity which settled upon his factitious hilarity were enough to melt the hearts even of his enemies, if such a fellow could pretend to have enemies.

  17. A year passed away; these fine friendships cooled: 't is the fate of these factitious tendernesses.

  18. The solitude about the grave may be but the offspring of an overwrought sensibility; but human nature is made up of foibles and prejudices, and its best and tenderest affections are mingled with these factitious feelings.

  19. They who denounced him were alien to France, factitious portions of her body, feeling no suffering, even should she be consuming with living fire.

  20. The factitious enthusiasm which had been created in favour of France, as well as the prejudice against England, began to die out.

  21. It was not affected by factitious circumstances.

  22. The gentlemen are always on horseback, and have brought horses to an ideal perfection,--the English racer is a factitious breed.

  23. The passing emotion was a thrill produced by factitious habits, while the more settled opinion which remained was the offspring of nature and principles.

  24. The check is not a mental representation of the evil consequences which the forbidden act will, in the nature of things, cause: but it is a mental representation of the factitious evil consequences.

  25. So the experience or the traditions of generations form a sort of factitious and accumulated conscience for women independent of any abstract or eternal laws, and amounting in strength to something like intuition.

  26. But good judges have assured me that there was much that was factitious in the manner of this eminent comedian, and that his vivacity was a trifle mechanical.

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