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Example sentences for "amounting"

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amou; amount; amounte; amounted; amounteth; amounts; amour; amoureuse; amoureux; amourous
  1. Some of the best of the settlers, amounting to about one-quarter of the whole, refused all the advances of the subtle captain.

  2. However, he agreed to pay Radisson and Groseilliers the sum of their debts, amounting to 400l.

  3. Colonel Coltman had bound Lord Selkirk, though only accused of an offence amounting to a misdemeanour, in the large sum of 6,000l.

  4. Religious discord, amounting to civil war at times, distracted France during the greater part of the same period, profoundly affecting not only her internal but her external policy.

  5. The admiral at once seized the Dutch islands of St. Eustatius and St. Martin, besides numerous merchant-ships, with property amounting in all to fifteen million dollars.

  6. The Orinoco River, which flows through Venezuela, and whose drainage area is largely covered with mountains, has a greater fluctuation than any other river, the difference between high and low water amounting to seventy feet.

  7. But from the fact that radiant energy can be transmitted through it, with vibrations amounting to billions per second, we know that it must be a substance with elastic qualities that approach the infinite.

  8. Sometimes the difference is very marked, amounting to as much as 20 or 30 degrees.

  9. I shall only refer you generally to the Bills you have sent me, particularly for a Pompadour Suit forwarded last July amounting to £16.

  10. About three weeks after the first piece was obtained, Marshall took the fine gold, amounting to between two and three ounces, and went to San Francisco to have the strange metal tested.

  11. A similar provision was, moreover, made for the Marquise herself; and an income amounting to twenty thousand pounds English was also promised to the quasi-Prince for the support of his household.

  12. The supposition, amounting almost to a certainty, is that the “short cross” pennies of Henry II.

  13. The simple situation gives rise to an expression of fear and disquiet in short, interrupted motifs, and the prevailing characteristic is an agitation almost amounting to actionin progress.

  14. Solitude is advisable at first, but few people can find time amounting to ten minutes for solitary studies of this sort, so busy and so gregarious is mankind.

  15. He possessed a talent for business which enabled him to accumulate the largest fortune ever acquired in New England, amounting to nearly two millions.

  16. The avails of three nights' acting the Beggar's Opera, amounting to L600, given to encourage king George's army against France and the rebels.

  17. The activity and versatility of his genius were prodigious, and his productions amounting to 50 vols.

  18. Copenhagen evacuated by the British, who brought off the stores in the arsenal, amounting to 92 cargoes, and the ships of war.

  19. He accomplished much in the advancement of science by a long life of industry; his publications amounting to not less than 40, mostly on philosophical subjects.

  20. He published a catalogue of the manuscripts, and a catalogue of the ancient charters in that institution; the latter amounting to 1,600.

  21. The Associated Jobbers then carried the case before the newly-created Railroad Commission and obtained concessions amounting to fifty per cent.

  22. It gave him, therefore, a sensation almost amounting to chagrin when coming round once more, he found they had eluded him and gone off together without coming under his inspection.

  23. As the cattle followed the course of a stream through the still, trackless forest, a feeling of relief, amounting to exhilaration, pervaded the whole party.

  24. It was found that merchandise to the value of one hundred millions of dollars was actually afloat, in vessels amounting in value to twenty millions more.

  25. Nor is it less so, that penal enactments should be provided for cases of corrupt and perfidious intercourse with the enemy, not amounting to treason, nor yet embraced by any statutory provisions.

  26. United States, amounting to five millions three hundred thousand dollars, had been reimbursed on the last day of the year 1808.

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