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Example sentences for "contending"

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contende; contended; contender; contenders; contendeth; contendings; contends; contenir; contenit; content
  1. After Mexico, led by the patriots Hidalgo and Morelos, had thrown off the Spanish yoke, it became for forty years the scene of a series of struggles between contending factions which reduced the country to a state of anarchy.

  2. Our minds must be totally divested of all those impressions which the rebellion of the slaves at first created; and we must view the future operations of the contending parties abstractedly, and not as having any connexion with past events.

  3. In opposition to this attitude we are far from contending that there is no mystery, or that all is clear either in regard to the fact of change or the fact of regularity.

  4. Others deny the validity of such a line of reasoning, contending that it is based on misapprehension and misinterpretation of those characteristics.

  5. It is said we are contending for a party platform--that we are letting party stand between us and the Union.

  6. Gentlemen on the other side, who have been contending that Congress had no power whatever to prohibit slavery, acknowledge that they were mistaken; at any rate they go for it; they do prohibit it by law, by the Constitution itself.

  7. He was called upon to legislate for America and direct her policy when all Europe was the battlefield of contending dynasties, and when the struggle for supremacy imperilled the rights of all neutral nations.

  8. The other day Judge Wead alluded to the strike of the contending interest and even a dissolution of the Union.

  9. Let it not be said that I am contending for the establishment of political and social equality between the whites and blacks.

  10. The French Republic is still rent by two contending factions: Dreyfus and anti-Dreyfus.

  11. The border ruffians in Kansas had been beaten back into the South, which was the first open fight between the two high contending parties.

  12. But the brave are united, and if he finds us contending with ourselves, it will be for the prize of valor and fame--its noblest reward.

  13. Andrew Johnson, the President, did much harm in contending for the rebels in every way in his power.

  14. But underneath these surfaces, seen so poetically, there is a substantial bulk of human life, immemorial folkways powerfully contending with the new rebellion of reason.

  15. If Callias were contending for anything else than for his freedom, gentlemen of the jury, I should be satisfied with what the others have said.

  16. So one who betrayed freedom as evidently as this man did would justly be contending not for political office, but against slavery and the greatest penalties.

  17. Nominally I am contending about the writ, but actually about my citizenship.

  18. Yes, when the contending elements are reconciled, and when the north pole meets the south.

  19. TELL stands fearfully agitated by contending emotions, his hands moving convulsively, and his eyes turning alternately to the governor and heaven.

  20. As soon as light dawns in man, there is no, longer night outside of him; as soon as there is peace within him the storm lulls throughout the universe, and the contending forces of nature find rest within prescribed limits.

  21. In clamorous crowds they all ran to the walls and ramparts, from which, as the wind drove the smoke from the contending armies, they commanded a full view of the whole battle.

  22. The narrow bed of Tweed alone divides These daring spirits; often hath the blood Of the contending parties dyed its waves.

  23. The pale moon, which had hitherto been contending with flitting clouds, now shone out, and gave them a view of the solitary and naked tower, situated on a projecting cliff that beetled on the German Ocean.

  24. He had sailed long enough amid the contending tides and currents of the time to be sensible of their peril, and of the necessity of trimming his vessel to the prevailing wind, if he would have her escape shipwreck in the storm.

  25. Sir William Ashton paced up and down the apartment in the most distressing agitation; fear, and shame, and anger contending against the habitual deference he was in the use of rendering to his lady.

  26. In the struggle that ensued, the lantern was dropped into the water, leaving the half-frenzied combatants contending in the dark.

  27. She's in a scene of nature's war, The winds and waters are at strife; And both with her contending for The brittle thread of human life.

  28. We are only fighting against the philological effort to get at the elemental phenomena which may be behind Hera, Artemis, Athene, Apollo, by means of contending etymological conjectures.

  29. Then followed a review of our contending methods in the explanation of Artemis, of the Fire-walk, of Death Myths, and of the Fire-stealer.

  30. Philologists are very apt to jump at contending meteorological explanations of mice and such small deer without real necessity, and an anthropologist is very apt to jump at an equally unnecessary and perhaps equally undemonstrated totem.

  31. Apollo may have been the sun-god too, but we still distrust the attempts to prove this by contending guesses at the origin of his name.

  32. Here he dwelt upon a criticism of the words, coming to conclusions precisely the opposite of Tippit's, and contending they were both profane and reviling.

  33. During the whole time the work was progressing he seemed to be contending with violent emotions and driven along by some power he vainly tried to resist.

  34. Thus musing, with fear and avarice contending in his breast, he walked up the street.

  35. We are contending with an enemy who, as I understand, drives every able-bodied man he can reach into his ranks, very much as a butcher drives bullocks into the slaughter-pen.

  36. There are contending factions in that quarter, but it is true all the factions are agreed alike on the subject of colonization, and want it, and are more generous than we are here.

  37. The two contending armies had made Gettysburg historic.

  38. The two contending armies rested within view of each other, throwing a few shells each hour, to give notice of their presence.

  39. After the assault, the ground between the contending lines was covered with dead and wounded men of our army.

  40. Auceps, Venator, and Piscator, contending for the pre-eminence of their favourite sports.

  41. For a short time two foreign schools seemed contending for the prize.

  42. Some of our most powerful political characters are contending for her influence, her fortune, or her hand; and whether the contest will end in raising M.

  43. As early as July, 1861, Russia made an offer of its good offices between the contending parties, with warm expressions for the integrity of the Union; but these were promptly declined.

  44. In cases of contradictions like these, the anthropologist will do well to leave the subject alone, unless he has very strong reasons for believing one or other of the contending witnesses.

  45. Said General Grant in his official report: "It becomes my duty again to report another battle fought between two great armies, one contending for the maintenance of the best Government ever devised, and the other for its destruction.

  46. The contending armies now in the field to maintain the status quo until notice is given by the commanding general of either to his opponent, and reasonable time, say forty-eight hours, allowed.

  47. It is pleasant to record the success of the army contending for the former principle.

  48. General Johnston was surprised at this, for he understood General Hood to be one of those who professed to criticise his strategy, contending that, instead of retreating, he should have risked a battle.

  49. Why not go now, when all the arrangements are completed for the transfer,--instead of waiting till the plunging shot of contending armies will renew the scenes of the past months.

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