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Example sentences for "contenders"

Lexicographically close words:
contenaunce; contend; contende; contended; contender; contendeth; contending; contendings; contends; contenir
  1. But to us Greeks it is of very little use, but its lack of fruit makes it appropriate for contenders in the games.

  2. There are two contenders for the throne in my land.

  3. The word fundamentals being but a metaphor, hath given room to deceivers and contenders to make a controversy, and raise a dust about it.

  4. These latter we divided according as they employed either force or stratagem: contenders and hunters.

  5. We then proceeded to bisect the class hunters, leaving the contenders without farther notice.

  6. His friend Hildebrand, who repeatedly called him forth from his retreat to occupy a conspicuous place among the contenders for his hierarchical ideal, was therefore called by him his “holy Satan.

  7. It was pre-eminently the school of the Antiochean Lucian (§ 31, 9) that furnished able contenders against the Homoousia.

  8. At the mile there were more counterfeits proven--as the race swept down upon the stand the second time there were but seven of the original contenders really in it.

  9. If she was even near the real contenders at the finish, Billy's faith would be justified.

  10. The spectators cheered as the boys hit the water; and the wearers of the arrowhead gave a happy yell as their contenders took first and third places.

  11. The excitement was at fever heat as the contenders lined up for the final event of the afternoon's sport, the two-hundred-yard swim.

  12. The stands were packed with a vast multitude that overflowed on the lawns, while on the inner track groups of contenders indulged in preliminary practice and loosened up their muscles before the games began.

  13. The stands were a mass of color, packed with the partisans of the various contenders and "rooting" fiercely for their favorites.

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