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Example sentences for "short interval"

  • After a short interval, the crown of Bohemia fell by succession to the house of Luxemburg, and thus became several times united with the Roman imperial crown.

  • There is, indeed, no doubt that the state of the language, as it appears in that translation, required no short interval of preparation.

  • I have the key," said the king, after a short interval.

  • Goethe's entreaties and exhortations were at times successful in arousing him from this condition; but, after a short interval of forced gayety and mocking merriment, he would relapse into his ordinary state of silent melancholy.

  • After a short interval, the proprietress of the mansion entered the parlor.

  • The light grew brighter for a short interval, and brought into bold relief upon the sky, the tall, dark forms of the stately pines of which the forest was composed.

  • Then giving spurs to his horse he galloped forward, and, after a short interval of absence, returned, made a favorable report of his reconnoissance, and conducted his companions to the house.

  • The administration of a slight draught of water, after a short interval, sufficiently revived the disabled soldier to enable him to speak.

  • However this might have been, the young gentleman and the two who had always spoken together, actually rose to go after a short interval, and presently retired, leaving their friend alone with Nicholas.

  • The tracks of their own, going the other way, had almost obliterated them; still enough of the under ones were visible to show that two bodies of horse had passed in opposite directions, with but a short interval of time between.

  • There was a short interval of silence after the unexpected visitor had drawn up, still keeping to his saddle.

  • There was a short interval of silence, while Kyrle, as host, leant over the table, took up a flagon of sack, and replenished their empty cups.

  • The charging is not even then complete, though a short interval is not so injurious as in the earlier stage.

  • This second post he seems also to have left after a short interval, for he appeared again in Constantinople, and narrowly escaped death at the hands of the brothers of Eudoxia.

  • After a short interval, I again looked at the moon, and found not only its magnitude very greatly increased, but that it was beginning to present a more beautiful spectacle.

  • After a short interval, I distinctly heard Veenah imploring them to spare her.

  • I was not able to time them, but it was so long as to grow tedious, and I several times turned the glasses on to other objects and, after a short interval, brought them back again, always finding them as before.

  • Two are flying close together, as though they were a paired couple, whilst one follows them at a short interval.

  • After a short interval, he dropped his gaze, and turned to retire.

  • The wine acted as a soporific, and, after a short interval, he sank into a profound sleep.

  • The conferences of Ministers were accordingly resumed after a short interval, but at Vienna instead of at Carlsbad.

  • The death of Canning, which brought his rival, the Duke of Wellington, after a short interval to the head of affairs, caused at the moment no avowed change in the execution of his plans.

  • After a short interval he returned, and called down: "Come, Captain.

  • After a short interval it began afresh, this time still clearer; then came the yelp, loud, sharp, and vengeful.

  • While enjoying a short interval of repose in this enchanting situation, Mitchell had the pleasure of receiving a despatch from headquarters containing a brief account of Leichhardt's successful journey to Port Essington.

  • After a short interval he was again sent out to the same district, with a small party and one month's provisions.

  • But, after a short interval, one ray of hope sprang up from the depth of despair.

  • They did so after a short interval--hastening on as before; but in a slightly divergent direction.

  • After a short interval, a second bull made his bow to the spectators.

  • The attractions of my home in Liverpool proved too great for me to leave it--even for a short interval.

  • Allowing a short interval to elapse, I approached the prostrate form, and gently laid my hand upon his forehead.

  • There was a short interval of open atmosphere--hot as the inside of an oven.

  • There was a short interval of intense expectation, as the wild ass, careering onward, took up the slack of the rope.

  • Advancing with his customary swagger towards the mixed group of military men and civilians, Calhoun saluted them as one who had spent the day in their company, and had been absent only for a short interval.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
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