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Example sentences for "exalted"

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  1. Is it not because we have entertained too exalted ideas of our own national importance?

  2. SMITH said, that there never was a more noble and prompt display of the most exalted feelings, than had been exhibited on this occasion.

  3. Every day since then we see examples of great men and men of exalted rank who make those who enjoy the favor of their wives their private secretaries, and bestow honors on them.

  4. And the believers, with greater unanimity and truth, compared me to the false prophet who went forth to curse the people of Israel, and without intending it exalted and blessed them.

  5. Neither by nature nor by grace do I mount or desire to mount up to such exalted spheres.

  6. Don Luis did distress himself; but he presently came to the conclusion that he would substitute a more humble and easily attained ideal for his former exalted one.

  7. When Mary Ball's hour was come, when her high vocation was pressed upon her, she was rooted and grounded in all things requisite for her exalted but difficult lot.

  8. The laws of society as well as of her exalted station were in harmony with her intelligence.

  9. I have stood by her tub, Richie, blowing bubbles and listening to her prophecies of my exalted fortune for hours.

  10. My English training certainly does not preclude the respect due to exalted rank.

  11. My state was lower: besides misfortune I now found myself exalted only to feel my profound insignificance.

  12. Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name, And in his strength rejoice; When his salvation is our theme, Exalted be our voice.

  13. There our exalted Savior reigns, And scatters blessings down; Our Jesus fills the middle seat Of the celestial throne.

  14. Among a thousand harps and songs, Jesus, the God, exalted reigns; His sacred name fills all their tongues And echoes through the heavenly plains.

  15. This love influences the state of procreating with men, and in a remarkable manner the state of reception with women; and this very exalted delight with its love continues even to the birth, and there attains its fulness.

  16. The spectacle of an undersized porter-fed mother, for example, nursing a spotted and distressful baby, is exalted at the expense of the clean and simple artificial feeding that is often advisable to-day.

  17. The tornado of counter-revolution sweeps over Europe, and all her exalted friends and towering hopes are prostrated in the dust.

  18. I know what this act, commanded by policy and exalted interests, has cost his heart, but we both glory in the sacrifices we make for the good of the country.

  19. It accomplishes the most exalted achievements, and diffuses the most ennobling happiness.

  20. Do thou, O exalted one, listen to me attentively.

  21. Surely, we have failed to worship the illustrious Manibhadras, and likewise the exalted and graceful Vaisravana, the king of the Yaksha.

  22. O exalted one, I have seen all this in the righteous age of yore.

  23. And, O exalted of men, the virtuous and truthful king of Kasi and Karusha was called a mad dog for having renounced his territories and riches!

  24. It is these whom thou hast seen, O exalted one, as stars, from the earth.

  25. The Veda text also, exalted one, is often heard, signifying that a year is equivalent to a day when passed in the observance of certain difficult vows.

  26. O exalted one, Narada calleth thee the god of the Sadhyas, and of the Sivas, as alone the Creator and the Lord of all things.

  27. O exalted one, for thy sake I would have told the son of Vichitravirya--O foremost of monarchs, let thy sons have nothing to do with dice!

  28. This exalted personage is ready to slay all the Kurus in battle.

  29. In that spot, O exalted one, men attain to (ascetic) success without severe austerities.

  30. Naturally they are often brought into contact with the seamy side of human nature, while at the same time they are not perhaps so well acquainted with its better side, as are persons of less exalted rank.

  31. Every Berliner feels exalted when a real English jockey from Hart or Lichtwald speaks to him and gives him an opportunity of breaking the Queen's English on a wheel.

  32. But undoubtedly William II was always much more the son of his mother than of his father, which seems, indeed, to be the rule in families of less exalted rank.

  33. The Royal testator, who inherited from his mother, Queen Louise, an exceedingly exalted idea of the rights of the Crown, recommended his successors to revoke the written Constitution which he himself had granted his people.

  34. The Empress Frederick presents an extraordinary example of what this exalted position may bring in the way of both happiness and suffering.

  35. It was reserved for modern art, which enjoys the privilege of finding a purer matter in a purer philosophy, to satisfy also this exalted want, and thus to display all the moral dignity of art.

  36. From these pure sources it draws its high principles and the exalted teachings, and presents them in a lovely form.

  37. It was once deemed proper for the newly elected Speaker to refuse to occupy the exalted throne that awaited him until his two supporters had seized him by the arms and dragged him like some unwilling victim to the scaffold.

  38. When Lord Palmerston visited Scotland in 1863, the commander of the naval guardship was very anxious to receive that distinguished statesman with all the ceremony befitting his exalted position.

  39. But since she had left Hamilton, last night, there had been moments when she had felt alone in the Universe with him, exalted to such heights of human passion that she had imagined herself about to become the mother of a new race.

  40. He suggested the name of Chief Justice Jay; and after the usual bitter preliminaries, that exalted but not very forcible personage sailed for England in the latter part of April, 1794.

  41. I have no exalted opinion of human nature, but if I did not think more hopefully of it than you do, I should yield up that enthusiasm without which I can accomplish nothing.

  42. While the future was yet unbroken and imagination remodelled the face of the world, there were moments when both were exalted with a sense of completeness, and terrified, when apart, with a hint of dissolution into unrelated particles.

  43. A man of the most exalted character, he drew added strength from adversity, to be placed at the service of the country the moment it was demanded.

  44. I am not equal to a post of such exalted honour.

  45. To the enemies of the Commander-in-chief he represented that exalted personage, and was particularly obnoxious.

  46. Have we not been exalted much higher than Jerusalem ever was?

  47. In another place he says, "And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan, to buffet me.

  48. Such are the advantages of mere rectitude over the most exalted generosity.

  49. At the same time, apart from her exalted position, she exercised over him the supremacy a woman's earlier maturity gives her over a young man of her own age.

  50. They learned initiative and responsibility; they were trained to subordinate the individual to the community; and they acquired a code which at its worst was limited and foolish, at its best exalted and honourable.

  51. On the other hand, parliament and the whole machine of government never, in their most exalted moments, attain such a nobility of soul as the mob outside achieves in its disinterested moods.

  52. This was not mere conceit, I think, because it emanated rather from pride in my father than from any exalted opinion of myself.

  53. The slave trade was exalted to the dignity of commerce in wheat and flour, coal and iron.

  54. During the war Whittier wrote his loftiest songs and his noblest and most exalted prayers.

  55. In the middle of 1863 James Russell Lowell wrote Bancroft that the war had been a great, a divine and a wholly unmixed blessing, and that all of the people were exalted to new levels.

  56. The missionary is far too apt to come from the West with exalted notions of his own superiority, and with a feeling of condescending pity for men who, perhaps, have pondered the deep things of the universe far more than he.

  57. How exalted is the portraiture of the Christ!

  58. Like the sublime philosophy of Plato, Mohammedanism does teach an exalted idea of God, and there is, accordingly, a dignity and reverence in its forms of worship.

  59. Aristotle's idea of God was scarcely less exalted than that of Plato.

  60. It was easy enough for Mohammed to copy many exalted truths from Judaism and Christianity, and no candid mind will deny that there are many noble precepts in the Koran; but after all has been said, its ruling spirit is base.

  61. The philosophies, ancient and modern, have agreed in lowering the common estimate of man as man; they have exerted an influence the opposite of that in which the New Testament pleads for a common and an exalted brotherhood of the race.

  62. FREYA, the most exalted of the goddesses next to Frigga.

  63. ODIN, the god of war, the most exalted of the gods, and father of them all.

  64. It used to be ruled by its own King, who was just a fisherman like his subjects, and was not exalted in his manner of living by his royal state.

  65. But it was in Dublin that they called one who had made his money in pneumatic tyres, and was exalted above his humbler neighbours, "Lord Tyre and Side-on.

  66. She was a woman of exalted piety; and such a degree of success attended her "labor of love" in the school, that it became a common saying that "Dr.

  67. In republican simplicity, as her life will show, she was a model; and her piety was of such an exalted nature that the daughters of the land might make it their study.

  68. The Council and Assembly adjourned to pay their last respect to her exalted virtues.

  69. A few copies were printed several years ago, for private circulation, supplying friends with a mirror which reflects the image of expanded benevolence and exalted piety.

  70. In the boat stood Bishop Johan with a number of clerks, and was wishing his exalted guests a safe and fortunate passage.

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