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Example sentences for "hauled"

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haukes; haukis; haul; haulage; hauld; hauler; haulers; hauling; hauls; hault
  1. Here we encamped for the night, and hauled the seine with great success; and from the vast quantity of excellent mullet and other fish caught here, it got the name of Mullet Island.

  2. At noon, being through the streights, we hauled up west by south.

  3. To the traveller three or four sailors at a time were made fast, and were hauled by the people on shore through the surf, and over a ragged reef to the land; another part this evening, and the remainder the next day.

  4. These arrangements made, we set off for the shore, taking two of the six men to row back to the brig the boats from which the buccaneers had landed, which we found hauled up on the beach, but no one in charge of them.

  5. When I learned from the cessation of the jerks that he was safe on the raft, I hauled in my line, ferried the man across, and, leaning over, gave him a helping hand up the bank.

  6. They had hauled the Frenchmen back into the room where their captain lay, screeching abuse at Joe and the bosun, who smiled at him encouragingly.

  7. Cludde and I hauled them from their saddles and held them fast while two of the negroes brought from the wagons ropes wherewith to bind them.

  8. This we hauled inwards an inch at a time, stopping after every pull to listen.

  9. Before I could get upon my feet, rough hands seized me, in a trice cords were lashed round me with a dexterity that identified my captors as seamen, and I was forthwith hauled along at the heels of as villainous a crew as I had ever seen.

  10. The fellow, thoroughly cowed, obeyed, and Gomfana, with a final effort, hauled him bodily into the room amid a terrific shatter of falling glass.

  11. The homeward-bound mail steamer had hauled out from the Cape Town docks, and lay moored to the jetty.

  12. I saw his hand with the dagger he held in it drop off, and then the man himself fell on me, and I was like to be stifled with his weight, when my preserver hauled him off me.

  13. Edgar at once hauled the moaning wretch off him, and held out his hand to the other, who grasped it with more heartiness than he had expected, and rose without difficulty to his feet.

  14. It was on Saturday afternoon and evening that the terms of surrender were agreed to, and on Sunday afternoon that the Federal flag was saluted and hauled down, and the surrender completed.

  15. This--comments the chief engineer--from a man who but a few hours previously had been hauled back from the grave!

  16. When the submarine came to the surface a line was thrown to a raft which the crew had managed to launch, and it was hauled alongside the enemy vessel.

  17. Suddenly the Swedish flag was hauled down from the barque's mizzen, and the British ensign was run up in its place.

  18. In another minute both destroyers would have been out of danger; but just as the Levity was hauled round broadside on to the German guns, the strained cable snapped.

  19. He left the tiller and crept forward over the thwarts, seized the halliard, and lowered the sail, then hauled it up again, returned to the tiller and brought her up to the wind, going on as before.

  20. Paying out the rope over the stern as they rowed away, they hauled upon it until it became fairly taut.

  21. Going a step further in the operation, we see at C, the vessel hauled on to the slipways on the high-level quay.

  22. When the dredges are hauled in they are emptied on what is known as a culling board.

  23. The long pole passes across the boat and extends into the water on the opposite side when the rake is hauled in.

  24. Undoubtedly the starfish was the chief apparent cause, since, according to report, dredges full of starfish could be hauled up.

  25. The quahauger then takes firm hold of the cross-piece at the end of the handle, and works the rake back to the stern of the boat, where it is hauled in and the contents dumped on the culling board or picked out of the net.

  26. When the tide was at the full, one man hauled at the tackle, two men swung at the ends of the levers, and Jack hammered home the wedges at each heave and pull; thus securing every inch of movement.

  27. But although they hauled until their sinews cracked, and the large veins of their necks and foreheads swelled almost to bursting, the sloop did not move an inch.

  28. Two of the party swung at the ends of these; the other two hauled on the block-tackle.

  29. The boat was then hauled back to L’Agile, and when the cable was got on board it was knotted to their own strongest hawser.

  30. The Frenchmen did all that was possible for brave men to do in the circumstances, but their position was hopeless, and after suffering terribly for ten minutes, one after the other hauled down their flag.

  31. At places it had to be hauled up lengthways, boards being placed underneath it to give it a smooth surface over which to glide instead of the rough rock, and men encouraging it from behind with levers.

  32. A gun was at once fired across her bows, and, seeing that escape was impossible, she hauled down her colours without resistance.

  33. The weather now became very bad, and the frigates hauled up and soon lost sight of the enemy.

  34. This formed a parbuckle, and when the men hauled upon the upper lengths of the ropes the cask easily rolled up to the ends of the lower lengths.

  35. Then the gallant admiral with his own hand hauled down his colours, having fought to the admiration of the whole British fleet.

  36. At last they seemed to come to an agreement, and four of them, going to the corner, dragged the two officers to their feet, and hauled them out of the cottage.

  37. The sails were still standing, flapping loosely in the light breeze, so the sheets were hauled in and the vessel again began to move through the water.

  38. A rope was at once taken ashore and made fast to a tree, so that the raft could be hauled rapidly backwards and forwards between the ship and the shore.

  39. It was not until the engagement had almost ceased elsewhere that the enemy hauled down her colours.

  40. He hauled off the saddle and dropped it to the ground.

  41. Van hauled at his collar, which was loose enough around his neck.

  42. Outside, where a wagon had halted with Van's new purchases, the driver hauled out two respectable boxes and dropped them on the earth.

  43. Harry and Denny, however, did the main part, while the lads manned the windlass, and hauled up the stuff from time to time, as the buckets were filled.

  44. Harry filled a bucket with the dirt, which was speedily hauled up.

  45. Without pause, the lad took a header to the bottom, which was at least ten feet from the top, discerned the sunken man kicking and clawing, hauled him to the surface, and towed him to the bank.

  46. When the requisite number of pegs had been hammered into the ground, the tent was hauled taut by cords passed through eyelet holes at intervals along each side, and about thirty inches from the bottom.

  47. The Planeteers hauled themselves into the boats by their safety lines.

  48. He hauled himself out of the chair and the squadroom and went down the corridor hand over hand.

  49. Rip grabbed for a hand cord that hung from the wall and hauled himself out into the engine control room.

  50. Jist tell my lady when the leftenant hauled his wind out of this.

  51. The punt was not long away--all were soon aboard--the anchor was weighed, and they hauled off from the shore.

  52. A heavy topsail was hastily thrown over her side, and eventually hauled under the keel--the inrushing water keeping it there.

  53. Any one who has seen a trawl hauled knows how difficult a task this would be, with the jumping, squirming fish to cope with.

  54. We hauled our firewood out, using half a dozen hauling teams every day.

  55. They could not be shipped till they had themselves hauled down to the beach enough moss to feed them on their passage across the Atlantic.

  56. It was a dark evening, crisp and cold, and hundreds of dogs that had hauled people from all over the countryside to the meeting made night dismal outside.

  57. Along his line I hauled myself, using him as a kind of bow anchor--and I soon lay, with my dogs around me, on the little island of slob ice.

  58. I had the fun of seeing dangling codfish hauled leisurely up all that long distance, and if one fell off on the passage, it was amusing to note the absolute insouciance of the fishermen, who assured me that there were plenty more in the sea.

  59. Schooners had been hauled in to carry off what was possible, and the patients in the hospital were got ready to be carried away at a moment's notice.

  60. The Assouan Dam was, of course, not in existence, and our dahabiyeh had to be hauled in the old way through the first cataract, while we transferred ourselves to another dahabiyeh moored off the now submerged island of Philae.

  61. This she would tie to a cord let down from the bedroom window, which could then be hauled up.

  62. Rick hauled in his line and saw that his bait was gone.

  63. He jumped for the first rung of the ladder and hauled himself up.

  64. The old seaman hauled in his line and grunted when he saw that his bait had been stolen.

  65. He hauled rapidly and lifted a three-pound blackfish into the boat.

  66. Rick hauled the stick back into his lap and kicked left rudder.

  67. Her wadded silk pelisse carried her down, but as she rose the sailors grasped and hauled her into the boat.

  68. Wilmington, which they had hauled up to this point when they considered their own town threatened.

  69. He, indeed, almost landed the big fish, Steyn, in the net which hauled in a shoal of government officials of the late Free State.

  70. While the guns were being hauled up a precipitous slope, and most of the gunners were dismounted, they were assailed by a furious fire from the ambushed foe.

  71. Now and again he hauled in the steering-sweep and put out a fresh one while his passengers chopped the ice from the blade.

  72. First came the courier and the half-breed who had hauled him out from Bennett; then mail-carriers for Circle City, two sleds of them, and a mixed following of ingoing Klondikers.

  73. At the right moment he hauled the throttle back, and tilted the nose downward.

  74. Stepping hard on rudder, Dave sticked the Skua up on wing and hauled it around in a vertical bank to the right.

  75. That's a small break for us, anyway," Dave grunted, and hauled the Skua up and around in a prop clawing climbing turn.

  76. Whereupon, like a sensible fellow, he ran the Spanish flag up to his gaff, allowed it to flutter there for a moment, and then hauled it down again in token of his surrender.

  77. The brig was now adrift, and with stern way on her; but with the helm hard down she soon paid off, when we hauled aft the lee jib-sheet, and she at once began to forge ahead.

  78. This signal I acknowledged in like manner as the first, and, while doing so, saw that the brig had taken in her studding-sails and hauled her wind.

  79. Well, we hauled down, clewed up, and furled everything, by which time the daylight had come, and we were able to get a view of our whereabouts.

  80. The fore-staysail sheet was accordingly hauled aft, and four men laid out on the bowsprit to loose the sail.

  81. The other two we also hauled alongside, and, dropping a couple of cold shot through their bottoms cast them adrift.

  82. In due time a well-crated object was carefully hauled by cart to Mr. Wicker's back door and taken inside.

  83. A signal flashed, a lantern swung in an arc, and dim figures waiting in their places hauled on the lines.

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