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Example sentences for "haulers"

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haul; haulage; hauld; hauled; hauler; hauling; hauls; hault; haulte; haulyards
  1. For ten years after the opening of the line in 1834, the horse-teams of private freight haulers alternated upon the tracks between steam locomotives hauling trains.

  2. Some of its lines are the busiest traffic-haulers in the land.

  3. I fancied the man-haulers were better off than the other tents through having made a better spread, but no doubt each tent company was sorrier for the others than for itself.

  4. Fortunately we man-haulers missed the "slaughter of the innocents," as some one termed the pony killing.

  5. The wood haulers spoke friendly to the Indian, and asked him to go with them into the cedars, and as soon as they loaded up he could ride into town with them.

  6. The Indian had no suspicion of anything wrong, and I do not believe the wood haulers at first thought of killing him.

  7. At this time the surface was terribly hard for pulling, and the man-haulers also found it impossible to steer.

  8. The sledges ran fairly well if only the haulers could keep their feet, but on the rippled ice which they were crossing it was impossible to get anything like a firm foothold.

  9. Soon, however, it began to seem as if no real headway could be made, and so the man-haulers were pressed into the service to try and improve matters.

  10. Just as the walls were finished the man-haulers came into camp, having been assisted in their course by the tracks that the other parties had made.

  11. At the start the surface was bad, and the man-haulers in front made such heavy weather of it that they were repeatedly overtaken.

  12. To test the surface the man-haulers tried to pull a load during the afternoon, and although it proved a tough job they managed to do it by pulling in ski.

  13. The dogs came up with us as we camped last night arid the man-haulers arrived this morning as we finished the pony wall.

  14. The man-haulers are not up yet, in spite of their light load.

  15. The men haulers could go on much longer, and we all like pulling on ski.

  16. The men-haulers started 1 1/2 hours before us and got here a good hour ahead, travelling easily throughout.

  17. We came along well on ski to-day, but the foot-haulers were slow, and so we only got a trifle over 12 miles (geo.

  18. Before we camped we lost sight of the men-haulers only 300 yards ahead.

  19. Evans and his man-haulers tried to pull a load this afternoon.

  20. It looked as we could never make headway; the man-haulers were pressed into the service to aid matters.

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