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Example sentences for "furled"

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  1. They put storm gaskets on the furled topsails, lowered and stowed the foresail and spanker and took in the two inner jibs.

  2. He ordered more of his men aboard, and had all the canvas clewed up and furled snugly away.

  3. When day broke we had two look-out men at the mast-head, but remained with our sails furled as before, for the same reason, that we should discern a vessel by her sails long before she could discover us.

  4. I followed up my own suggestion; we furled the sails, and leaving two men with the officer of the watch to keep a sharp look-out, allowed the rest of the ship's company to remain in the hammocks during the whole of the night.

  5. Being now in perfectly smooth water, and the commander considering it not prudent to run farther in, we furled sails, and brought up some distance ahead of the whaler, which had just before come to an anchor.

  6. Soon after we had furled sails, the commander directed Peter Mudge to take the jolly-boat and board the whaler, with a message to the master requesting any newspapers of a late date which he might possess.

  7. As soon as we had furled sails, two boats were lowered; Mr Worthy going in command of one, and Peter Mudge of the other, the crews being well-armed.

  8. About half-past eight o'clock we perceived her lying-to; she had furled her sails after dark, as usual.

  9. When I called upon our owner, which I did as soon as I had dropped my anchor and furled sails, he embraced me, and then led me into the back room next to his counting-house.

  10. The crews of the ships did all that seamen could do under such circumstances; sails were furled or closely reefed, topmasts were struck, and everything secured to meet the rising tempest.

  11. Paul, when, the sails being furled and the ship brought to an anchor, he and his messmates were once again below.

  12. Just opposite her was the Two Capes at anchor in Table Bay, the sails all furled except the fore-topsail which hung in the gear.

  13. Double reefed the Topsails, reefed the courses and furled the mainsail.

  14. Soon after dark the sea became confused and angry; I furled the tiny reef sail and put out the sea anchor.

  15. I furled the sail and streamed the sea-anchor, and we used the canvas boat-cover to afford us some shelter from the constant spray and bitter wind.

  16. With mute devotion we saw them go; But when the banners were furled and low, And the solid columns were thinned by war, We wondered what we had given for.

  17. The breeze was fresh and steady, and with her square sail set and her mizzen furled she ran along at over nine knots an hour.

  18. Those who for the first time see a topsail furled in a heavy gale may well deem it a terrific operation, and perilous in the extreme to those employed in it.

  19. When the crews furled their sails and drew into shore the natives changed their minds and thought they were fishes, and all stood on the shore gazing stupidly at this new wonder.

  20. The king was delighted with his gifts; he furled and unfurled his umbrella to the great admiration of his attendants.

  21. The frost during this time was so severe, that the furled sails were frozen into a solid body.

  22. At half-past eleven the maintop-sail split; furled it and the mainsail.

  23. It was half-past seven by the time the sails were furled and the decks cleared of the ropes.

  24. The anchor was dropped, sails furled and flag put half-mast, and the pilot was requested to go ashore and acquaint the owner with what had happened.

  25. By the time the Kentish Knock Lightship was reached the wind had increased so that the topgallant sails had to be furled and two reefs taken in the topsails.

  26. With the help of the flood tide she was beaten through the Gat into Yarmouth roads, where the anchor was dropped, a good scope of chain run out, sails furled and ship pumped dry.

  27. The youngest apprentice furled the royals and staysails, two other boys the topgallant sails, and all the crew, except the master, the larger square sails.

  28. When the crash came, when the Southern flags were furled in the awful silence of defeat and despair, the wily lawyer, safe in Lagunitas, was crowning his golden fortunes.

  29. To the battle-torn flag of the Confederacy, now furled forever.

  30. Furled was her every other sail, leaving a clear view of the majestic lines of her hull, from towering stern castle to gilded beakhead that was aflash in the dazzling sunshine.

  31. Only the top-masts of the ships, with the half-furled sails and the opposing ensigns flying, could be seen above the smoke.

  32. With furled sails and battened hatches, the little craft made a desperate fight for life.

  33. The wind whistled through the rigging, and tore at the tightly furled sails.

  34. The driver "furled the canvas"--that is, he rolled up the curtains at the sides of the carryall.

  35. He sprang down the steps, furled the umbrella, seized her by the arm and led her into the house, through the parlor and into the sitting room, where the fire crackled invitingly.

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