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Example sentences for "car"

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  1. The car came, and they lost no time in boarding it, and Paul and Franz enjoyed the swift run through the streets.

  2. I object," said a woman, sitting in the car next the window.

  3. You take the electric car which will pass here in a few minutes, and it will take you to the corner of the street not more than a few steps from number 37.

  4. Fritz hurried away, secured the ticket and returned, sad with the thought of being separated from his companions, but smiles came again to his face when they told him that they would go to the freight car with him.

  5. Moreover, if anybody in the car objects to having him in there, you will have to take him in a freight car even if you have a ticket for him.

  6. We can board an electric car and get there in time to tell Brother Fritz about the freight car, and you boys can help watch for the boy.

  7. They bought them, and were about to step into a car when they were stopped by the conductor.

  8. The three quickly took his advice, and waited on the curb until a car came that was going in an opposite direction, and hurried aboard.

  9. The car came, and the three, followed closely by Pixy, rushed to get aboard.

  10. We will have to get off and wait for a car to take us back.

  11. Brother Fritz will never think of it, and the boy will be stowed in a freight car without his father finding him, and we here, not knowing whether or not he is in Frankfort.

  12. No; it is against orders;" and the car sped away.

  13. Oh, there is Mr. Heil on that car that has whirled past us," exclaimed Franz.

  14. I am sorry that I said that he had no sense like city dogs that were running quietly along-side of wagons, but must try to jump on the car whenever it stopped," said Paul penitently.

  15. The car had to halt at so many corners that she dreaded that the train would leave for the Odenwald before they reached the depot, and she would have to return home without knowing the whereabouts of her nephew.

  16. There's half a car of truck to be carted over.

  17. Our truck will require a pretty big place, for Marvin said one freight car wouldn't hold all the outfit.

  18. By the time he came back a colored porter stood on the platform of the private car and nodded to him.

  19. The stranger sat down on a baggage truck and eyed the private car reflectively.

  20. The car I was--er--attached to has come to a halt.

  21. Once to the theater in a modish little sedan car which Leo drove himself.

  22. He could be equally intense over which street car to take, and she knew it, but somehow it lessened for her none of the lure of his nervosity, and with her mind recoiling from his pennilessness her body inclined.

  23. She shopped a bit then in an Eighth Avenue department store, and, with the day well on the wane, took a street car up to the Ivy Funeral Rooms.

  24. That's a mighty fine car with a mighty fine-looking boy and a girl brings your--our girl home every afternoon about four.

  25. The Wheeler family used, not without complaint, a large open car of very early vintage, which in winter was shut in with flapping curtains with isinglass peepers, and leaked cold air badly.

  26. In whose car are you calling for me to-morrow to take me home?

  27. Then, without even entering, she rushed back to her car again, urging her chauffeur, at the risk of every speed regulation, homeward.

  28. Je renonce à ce commerce, car je n’y trouve pas mon compte = I am giving up this business, for I make nothing by it.

  29. Ne l’offensez pas, car vous n’y trouverez pas votre compte = Do not offend him, for you would get more than you cared for.

  30. It was while they were hungrily munching the dry bread and cheese that another car came upon them and with it another swift change in their changing life.

  31. Daddy's muscles bulged as he held the lurching car steady.

  32. And then they asked Maw if they couldn't take Cissy in their car and pay her as much as she earned picking.

  33. Dick said, "The kid in that Oklahoma car said the drought dried up their farm and the wind blew it away.

  34. The beautiful foreign motor car had stolen along the road so silently that neither brother nor sister perceived its approach until the grind of applied brakes sounded beside the stopped carriage.

  35. Gerard remained still, following with his gaze the approach of the beloved car he would drive no more, until it came to a halt before him.

  36. Gerard looked down the row of illuminated tents to where the pink car stood, palpitating in an aura of its own light, and brought his eyes back to the other man.

  37. Would you have driven the Mercury to-day against your father's wish, if you had known that I should be able to drive my own car next year?

  38. They descended to the lower floor and crossed a strip of sandy ground to where a large foreign-built touring car waited, empty save for the chauffeur.

  39. When I sit in a car beside Rose, it'll be because I'm taking him to be lynched," Rupert explicitly set forth.

  40. Rupert was stooping to reach the oil pump when the pink car made its final attempt to pass and was again forced back, but across his outstretched arm he glanced up to Gerard, and glimpsed the last flying missile as it came.

  41. He forgot to fill the oil-tank of the car he served as mechanician, before Corrie took it out.

  42. The snorting uproar of an arriving racing car crashed across reply.

  43. The Mercury had scarcely departed when the Marathon car came in, its experienced and steel-fibred pilot on the brink of nervous breakdown.

  44. I ain't denying anything," snapped Rupert, scowling after the departing car as it leaped for the open track like an animal unleashed.

  45. I shall never drive a racing car again, sir," was his quiet statement.

  46. He stopped the first car in front of the freight station until the workmen had filed out and formed into a double line on the platform.

  47. Clay turned to the sailors in the car behind them.

  48. Clay sat at the back of the car with Miss Langham, and told her and her father of the difficulties with which young MacWilliams had had to contend.

  49. When the last car had been emptied, Clay rode down the line and appointed a foreman to take charge of each company, stationing his engineers and the Irish-Americans in the van.

  50. The car jogged past, and as it came to the corner, the point nearest their own neighborhood, Culpepper rang the bell.

  51. During the political campaign of a year ago, Marcus in a temporary associated-press capacity, had accompanied a presidential nominee and his party on their special car on an unprecedented tour through the South.

  52. She swallowed, looking ahead, her eyes fixed absently on the only other passenger in the car at the moment.

  53. Here she reached the car-line and at the approach of the jogging car and its little mules got aboard, and, finding herself alone, resumed her communings.

  54. The car had turned into a residence street, and they were passing the house where Tuttle Jones made his home with his exceedingly well-to-do parents.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "car" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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