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explicating; explication; explications; explicative; explicit; explicitness; explique; expliquer; explode; exploded
  1. Hume does not explicitly state Elizabeth’s connivance and the editor of Hall, Vol.

  2. Salviati, the papal nuncio, who ought to have known, explicitly denies the rumor that a conspiracy was on foot by the Huguenots.

  3. In most of the Assyrian deeds of sale we have a long list of representatives of the seller, who are explicitly bound not to interfere and attempt to upset the sale.

  4. M231) Some sections deal explicitly with the duties of a judge.

  5. But unless some other party is a relation and the transaction explicitly concerns what could take place between relations, the whole line gives us no information of value for illustrating the subject for which it is quoted.

  6. Spencer, on the other hand, explicitly denies the absolute commencement of organic life on the globe.

  7. Now, let me show you more explicitly that he is quite right.

  8. The subject of protective mimicry is more explicitly stated by Dr.

  9. In his Lamarck De Mortillet states explicitly that Lamarck, in his address of 1790, changed the name of the Jardin du Roi to Jardin des Plantes.

  10. Indications of the influence of Marcionitism are found in the high estimation in which Mani held the apostle Paul, and in the fact that he explicitly rejects the Book of Acts.

  11. The barbaric elements were judiciously screened from view as a "mystery"; they were, indeed, here and there explicitly disavowed even by the initiated.

  12. Scott explicitly prided himself on two of his prophecies: that Washington Irving would make a name for himself, and that Sir Arthur Wellesley would become known as an extraordinary man.

  13. On the day after his arrival he explicitly said that commissions must be largely given to Roman Catholic officers, and that room must be made for them by dismissing more Protestants.

  14. But while judgment is implied in the formation of the concept, the concept does not bring explicitly to the mind the judgments it implies.

  15. It may be seen from the foregoing that our judgments, when explicitly grasped by the mind and predicated in language, reflect the accuracy or inaccuracy of our concepts.

  16. This is particularly seen in writing, art, and constructive work, subjects in which the aim is the formation of habit, and in which success depends upon following explicitly the direction given.

  17. He may discover to what extent concentration in securing neat exercises in one subject, composition for instance, affects the exercises in other subjects in which neatness has not been explicitly demanded.

  18. On the other hand, however, investigation will show that this power to recognize explicitly the existence of an external object through the presentation of a sensation, was not at first possessed by the mind.

  19. One value of judgment is, in fact, that it enables us to analyse our concepts, and thus note more explicitly the relations included in them.

  20. The other meaning of the formation S -an is that of an object viewed, rather explicitly (cf.

  21. The serial relation is expressed in part explicitly by particles and in part by parataxis, parenthesis, and anacolouthic constructions.

  22. The Priest thinks it necessary to state explicitly that he does not regard Oedipus as a god, but he is clearly not quite like other men.

  23. The Epicurean theory of knowledge reduces itself to these few passages, some of which are also obscurely expressed, or else not very happily selected or quoted by Diogenes Laërtius; it is impossible to have a theory less explicitly stated.

  24. But in Nature the Notion does not exist explicitly as thought in this freedom, but has flesh and blood, and is oppressed by externalities; yet this flesh and blood has a soul, and this is its Notion.

  25. But Plato presents the true nature of consciousness in asserting that it is mind in which, as mind, that is already present which becomes object to consciousness, or which it explicitly becomes.

  26. In opposition to this arbitrariness and culture there must be the implicitly and explicitly universal, that which is in thought, not as wise governor or morality, but as law, and at the same time as my Being and my thought, i.

  27. Thus every sensuous perception is explicitly true, in so far as it shows itself to be abiding, and that which is not apparent to our senses must be apprehended after the same manner as the perception known to us.

  28. The Stoics said in this regard that virtue is alone to be sought, but with virtue happiness on its own account is found, for it confers blessing explicitly as such.

  29. This is the Notion of the true universal in its movement; of the species which is in itself its own Becoming, in that it is already implicitly what it explicitly becomes—a process in which it does not come outside of itself.

  30. But what he says of thought is explicitly and absolutely speculative, and is not on the same level with anything else, such as sense-perception, which has only potentiality for thought.

  31. But the cause must be explicitly declared.

  32. The subordination of Judah is nowhere explicitly mentioned: it is inferred from the attitude adopted by Jehoshaphat in presence of Ahab (1 Kings xxii.

  33. Mr. Baldwin in order to restrain & more explicitly define "the average duty" moved to strike out of the 2d.

  34. Express authority to "concur in independency" came first from North Carolina, April 12th, and the following May 31st Mecklenburg County in that State explicitly declared its independence of England.

  35. Mary tried to extract approval for Darnley, but with the result only that Leicester was definitely and explicitly nominated.

  36. Side-note: Import of the Protagorean formula is best seen when we state explicitly the counter-proposition.

  37. Aristotle has discussed Ontology in the Metaphysica and in other treatises: but he proclaims explicitly the necessity of discussing Ethics upon their own principles: looking at what is good for man, and what is attainable by man.

  38. Import of the Protagorean formula is best seen when we state explicitly the counter-proposition 150 Unpopularity of the Protagorean formula--Most believers insist upon making themselves a measure for others, as well as for themselves.

  39. He declares explicitly that he shares in the universal ignorance, and that he is no wiser than any one else, except in being aware of his own ignorance.

  40. I confess that this selection surprises me: for the Philebus, while it explicitly renounces the peculiar Sokratic vein, and becomes didactic--cannot be said to possess high merit as a didactic composition.

  41. Necessity that the critic shall declare explicitly what his standard of comparison is 262 Comparison of Politikus with Protagoras, Phaedon, Philebus, &c.

  42. We must remember that Sokrates in the Kratylus explicitly announces himself as having no formed opinion on the subject, and as competent only to the prosecution of the enquiry, jointly with the others.

  43. But if we turn to the Protagoras, we shall find this very theory of government explicitly denied, and a counter-theory affirmed, in the discourse put into the mouth of Protagoras.

  44. Here we have what Porphyry calls the deepest question of philosophy[33] explicitly raised: and, as far as we know, for the first time.

  45. The doctrine of the Sceptical philosophers, is explicitly announced by Sextus Empiricus as his personal belief: that which appears true to him, as far as his enquiry had reached.

  46. Necessity that the critic shall declare explicitly what his standard of comparison is.

  47. Good is explicitly defined by the property of conferring happiness.

  48. But before leaving he addresses one last entreaty, that Sokrates will speak out clearly and explicitly 418 Remarks on the Kleitophon.

  49. If they are faithful to the charge they have explicitly undertaken, a new era may open for humanity.

  50. Each man’s private conscience ought to be a nice little self-registering thermometer: he ought to carry his moral code incorruptibly and explicitly within himself, and not care what the world thinks.

  51. Many of the poems in this series are explicitly or implicitly lesbian.

  52. The lesbian element is treated explicitly and with taste and charm.

  53. Two of the three stories in this book involve intense attachments, variant but not explicitly lesbian, between an English schoolmistress and a young girl.

  54. I think, Sir, I have now answered as explicitly as I can the various questions which have been put to me.

  55. On our part each of the above points had in succession been explicitly abandoned in negotiations preceding that of which the result is now announced.

  56. The reason was explicitly stated to be the increase in the value of gold during several preceding years--an increase which had banished or detained gold from the French Mint and even from France.

  57. Further, it was so conceived and explicitly stated by Dunham, who piloted the bill through the House.

  58. We must one and all make our voice heard against change here, either directly or indirectly, either explicitly or implicitly, either by Convocation or by Parliament, or by both together.

  59. Elsewhere, he is explicitly called a 'god of battle.

  60. Damascius explicitly places the Babylonians among those nations who fail to carry back the universe to an ultimate single source.

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    apparently; clearly; completely; definitely; distinctly; evidently; exactly; explicit; expressly; manifestly; noticeably; obviously; outright; particularly; patently; perceptibly; perfectly; plainly; purposely; simply; specifically; straight; undoubtedly; visibly