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Example sentences for "explicative"

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explicate; explicated; explicating; explication; explications; explicit; explicitly; explicitness; explique; expliquer
  1. Thus, the explicative myths are as we see, an epitome of a practical philosophy, proportioned to the requirements of the man of the earliest, or slightly-cultured ages.

  2. The non-explicative myths, resulting from a need of luxury, from a pure desire to create: these undergo only a partial transformation.

  3. The explicative myths, arising from utility, from the necessity of knowing.

  4. The doctrine itself is one thing: the theories explicative of the doctrine are another.

  5. An explicative sentence is one in which a thing is said, in a direct manner, to be or not to be, to do or not to do, to suffer or not to suffer.

  6. An explicative sentence is, when a thing is said to be or not to be, to do or not to do, to suffer or not to suffer, in a direct manner.

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    Other words:
    critical; demonstrative; editorial; enlightening; explanatory; illuminating; illustrative; rationalistic