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Example sentences for "explicate"

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explanatory; expletive; expletives; explicable; explicat; explicated; explicating; explication; explications; explicative
  1. I have only asked those who insist so on its importance to do something more than merely utter it--to explicate it, for example, and tell us what its so great importance consists in.

  2. Therefore the poet turns to myth as a foundation upon which he can explicate his imagination.

  3. A description of it: A silken Flax mention'd, an attempt to explicate the Phænomena of it, with a conjecture at the cause of the gloss of Silk.

  4. An attempt to explicate them from the congruity and incongruity of Bodies: what those proprieties are.

  5. Whether, if so, this will not explicate the Phænomena of the Clouds.

  6. The syllogism has the advantage of yielding universal and necessary truth, but it can only explicate and establish knowledge, not increase it.

  7. For if ye inwardly behold these words, if ye diligently roll them in your minds, and after explicate and open them, ye shall see our time much touched in these mysteries.

  8. There is no reason why this creative act should explicate all its effects at once or merely conserve the existences it has produced, and not explicate successively in space and time the effects of its creative energy.

  9. If we reflect the terminus of the causative act, or creation, whatever we logically explicate from it respecting the nature of eminent cause is indubitably true, for the same reason.

  10. If we reflect the causative or creative principle, whatever we logically explicate from it is indubitably true, because in conformity with the idea of first cause.

  11. We have merely to explicate the idea of intelligent spirit possessing being in its plenitude.

  12. Dear godfather, I make to you a list of words American I comprehend not, and I hope you will have the obligeance to explicate them to me.

  13. That is what the mistress of school explicate to us, and we love and honor the Amerique like the great sister Republique, and then she tell us get up and learn chant the song of the Banner of Stars.

  14. Now from these Principles I shall endeavour to explicate the several Phænomena of the Barometer, taking them in the same order I laid them down.

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