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  1. But Agias had no time to count the cost, no time to evolve a plan of escape that admitted no form of disaster.

  2. I shall never be able to evolve a new system of ethics.

  3. Could Spirit evolve its opposite, matter, and give matter ability to sin and suffer?

  4. Noth- ing but Spirit, Soul, can evolve Life, for Spirit is more than all else.

  5. Let me, entering those beings with this living; Self, evolve names and forms' (Ch.

  6. Having entered into them with this living Self let me evolve names and forms' (Ch.

  7. IV, 4, 17), and therefore is all the less qualified to evolve names and forms.

  8. Entering into them with this living Self, let me evolve names and forms' (Ch.

  9. But dull minds cannot of themselves evolve the calculus from the axiom, nor can sinful hearts evolve theology from the first prophecy.

  10. But not every scholar can evolve the calculus from the axiom.

  11. Bowne, Theory of Thought and Knowledge, 47--"Develope language by allowing sounds to associate and evolve meaning for themselves?

  12. If the mind upon proper occasion did not evolve this idea, there would be nothing in man to which religion could appeal.

  13. With sodium the oil does not evolve hydrogen gas; it detonates with iodine.

  14. If let alone no man would become insane on religious topics, for the religion he would evolve would be one of joy, laughter and love, not one of misery or horror.

  15. To work and evolve in an environment of such brutality was impossible to certain temperaments.

  16. The silkworm dies at his task of making himself a cocoon, so to evolve in a winged joy, but falls a victim of man's cupidity.

  17. Then we evolve sects, denominations and men who make it their profession to render moral calculi opaque.

  18. Here it was that Aristotle came from his wild home in the mountains of Macedonia, to remain for twenty years and to evolve into a rival of the master.

  19. To think is natural, and if not intimidated or coerced the man will evolve a philosophy of life that is useful and beneficent.

  20. It has faith that all men, if not interfered with by other men, will eventually evolve New Thought, and do for themselves what is best and right, beautiful and true.

  21. Arnold would have his boys evolve into Christian gentlemen.

  22. To work only an hour a day is to evolve into a loafer.

  23. And certainly the flame of art in the Jewish heart has never died out, even though at times it has smoldered, for wherever there has been peace and security for the Jews, they have not been slow to evolve the talent which creates.

  24. A child does not need a religion until he is old enough to evolve it, and then he must not be robbed of the right of independent thinking by having a fully-prepared plan of salvation handed out to him.

  25. When the villager desires to embody some episode that if realistically given would require a setting beyond the means of the available endowment, and does not like the near-Egyptian method, let him evolve his near-Chinese set of symbols.

  26. I do not want to be too dogmatic, but it seems to me this is one way to evolve real Action Plays.

  27. Languages when they evolve produce stylists, and we will some day distinguish the different photoplay masters as we now delight in the separate tang of O.

  28. But the fact that hieroglyphics can evolve is important.

  29. The Inness room at the Chicago Art Institute is another school for the meditative producer, if he would evolve his tribute to France on American soil.

  30. And he can go on into stranger things and evolve all the Splendor Films into higher types, for the very name of California is splendor.

  31. It could not be asked of them that they evolve technical novelties.

  32. We may some day evolve scenarios that will require nothing more than a title thrown upon the screen at the beginning, they come to the eye so perfectly.

  33. If it is ever to evolve into a national art, it must first be good picture, then good motion.

  34. If the brain has been damaged in any way during development or birth, if it has been smashed up in any way, or if it has failed to evolve the minimum number of healthy nerve cells, the endocrine influence becomes negligible.

  35. It is all as if a baby were suddenly to grow a beard and moustache, evolve and shed teeth, and acquire the manner of an earnest citizen, and yet retain the height and weight of a baby.

  36. Thus the inferior gonado-centric, who has something wrong with his reproductive organs, will evolve in one of two directions.

  37. He possesses small genital organs which will not evolve properly in adolescence, or if they will not stand still, tend to revert to the opposite sex type.

  38. If, in its expansion, it moves sufficiently outward, it may press upon, irritate them or paralyze, and so evolve various eye disturbances in association with the headache.

  39. Into this chaos enter from time to time broad rays of sunshine, the efforts of a few enlightened monarchs to evolve order from disorder, and to supply to their people the blessings of peace and civilization.

  40. Debray in the case of rhodium, iridium and ruthenium, which evolve heat when they are dissolved in zinc.

  41. Turgenev painted the generation before, a generation that strove hard to evolve something out of life; Tchehov portrays a generation which had sunk back into torpor: the disease of Oblòmovism had a firm grip of them.

  42. This irreversibility is due to the work required to evolve bubbles of gas at the surface of bright platinum plates.

  43. There is no place, indeed, where we could be so completely sheltered from life, or so free to evolve from our inner consciousness the momentous conclusions of the armchair moralist.

  44. Can you evolve anything from your inner consciousness in answer to these questions?

  45. Reasoning from these premises, we may conclude, that in order to have a true republic, we must first evolve a true society.

  46. A fortune, in a small way, awaits the person who will evolve some simple method of teaching English-speaking people how to know a French idiom when they meet with it.

  47. One can understand the desire to preserve so ancient and curious a relic, and even evolve for himself its original use, though it looks for all the world like the round towers of Ireland, which many a savant has declared were pagan.

  48. They do not evolve conduct out of nothing.

  49. What group-insects and group-animals evolve unconsciously and fulfill by their social instincts, we evolve consciously and fulfill by arbitrary systems called laws and governments.

  50. While he failed to evolve a symbolism emphasizing the rise of a new order with him as the head, the realization that the old Empire was gone was allowed to spread slowly across China.

  51. They must evolve the faculty of transforming group opinion into governmental or organizational action.

  52. As you suggest, it may be just as reasonable to think we can evolve the instinct of death by faith as by longevity, but it isn't as scientific.

  53. Why wouldn't it be just as reasonable to suppose that we could evolve the instinct of death by believing in the life hereafter as by living here a hundred and fifty years?

  54. Ores of this class may be easily recognized, either by the appearance of the minerals they contain or by the odour of sulphurous oxide (SO{2}) which they evolve when roasted on a spatula.

  55. We multiply impressions upon them without adding to their store of knowledge, because they cannot evolve general ideas from these sense impressions.

  56. They did not evolve these difficulties for themselves, but gathered them from their reading of Western literature and by their mingling with men of unevangelical temper and thought in the West.

  57. Capability to evolve anything is not one of the marked characteristics of the Far East.

  58. But to allow her to recover, to cause her to evolve a reformed character after a type psychologically impossible to one of her temperament, weakened the force of the foregoing pages and rendered them untrue.

  59. She had to evolve a Jew out of her moral consciousness, and her delineation is as little successful as that of other writers who have set themselves the same task.

  60. It didn't matter that those occupying the same room as him were, during meditation, supposed to evolve hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes.

  61. With each passing week, Atmananda further opened the audience to the possibility that they could evolve countless lifetimes by staring at the underexposed photo of a balding man.

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