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  1. Evolutionists who, as evolutionists, are inspired with an ideal of human progress must in some sense be finalists.

  2. Never, for example, were there Evolutionists more pronounced than Professors Huxley and Tyndall, and they both saw clearly that without spontaneous generation there could not have been evolution such as they maintained.

  3. And yet, genetic evolutionists must suppose such series to have been the universal rule throughout the whole course of life on earth.

  4. Yet spontaneous evolutionists are in the habit of slurring over generation as a thing too "natural," and therefore too easy and simple to require explanation.

  5. If we are to assume, as evolutionists in general do, that useless organs atrophy, such cases as the existence of lateral rudiments of toes in the foot of a horse place us in a dilemma.

  6. Evolutionists of this second class disclaim, with Huxley, any "philosophy of Evolution.

  7. After that the Evolutionists consider any one quite out of date who does not consider himself entirely satisfied with so felicitous an explanation.

  8. Nine-tenths of the talk of evolutionists is sheer nonsense, not founded on observation and wholly unsupported by facts.

  9. Evolutionists believe that these forms were actually possessed by the ancestors of these animals in the course of their evolution.

  10. Now, evolutionists assert that the oldest and simplest animal and plant remains are found in the oldest layers of rock.

  11. The evolutionists say, vice versa, the simplest first, the most complex last, and then they add: So they have developed.

  12. Nor, indeed, do evolutionists hesitate to express an opinion concerning the origin of matter and force.

  13. But while our tourists had soon found out their mistake, our evolutionists have not; which does not make it any less a mistake.

  14. Evolutionists do not shrink from this application of their theory to the human mind.

  15. And so evolutionists generally, while giving up geology as hopeless in regard to the evolution of plants and animals, cling to the doctrine that man has ascended, through long ages of development, from the brute.

  16. One of the ablest evolutionists today is Professor Henslow, formerly President of the British Association.

  17. Evolutionists say that in this gradation of life we see illustrated the evolution of complex from simple forms.

  18. But the evolutionists maintain with great fervor that this period is far too short for the production of such complicated types of organism as now live on the earth; they demand from two hundred to a thousand million years!

  19. In this brilliant work, Miller pays his respects to the evolutionists of his age.

  20. When asked about the origin of life on earth, the evolutionists generally reply that this is not a question for science but for philosophy to answer.

  21. Countless ages, such as the evolutionists require, have made her adopt forcible usurpation as an inveterate habit.

  22. I will wait until the evolutionists condescend to give me a valid reason.

  23. This instinct is rendered particularly interesting to evolutionists from the fact that it is exhibited by three distinct genera.

  24. Undoubtedly it is this last fallacy that makes it more easy for evolutionists to dispense with or ignore finality.

  25. The crudest finalists have been everywhere out-stripped by Evolutionists in dextrous application of the argument a posse ad esse.

  26. Furthermore, evolutionists differ widely in questions of detail, and some of these subsidiary questions are of great practical importance and interest.

  27. But while all evolutionists accept these propositions they differ more or less in the weight or efficiency which they assign to each.

  28. Obvious as this seems there are some evolutionists who take a rather different view.

  29. And this, briefly, is what Evolutionists call "The Survival of the Fittest.

  30. This also is reasonable, although it tends to personify Nature, and to give it a mind before the evolutionists admit "mind" was evolved.

  31. In order to see just this difference between the Darwinian school and the Yogi Teachings let us examine into what causes the Western Evolutionists give for the fact of Evolution itself.

  32. It is with this view of religion, this feeling about it, that the evolutionists have to deal when they endeavor to free themselves from the charge of irreligion.

  33. The evolutionists manifestly feel that they are put upon their defence in the matter of religion.

  34. For that which the evolutionists set up as a god religious people regard as the mere creature of the true God; and what they set up as religion the others regard utterly lacking in all the essentials of religion.

  35. Even the evolutionists cannot get rid of the necessity of faith.

  36. The old uniformitarians saw only the effects of the latter, because these are most conspicuous; the new evolutionists add also the former and show its more fundamental character, and thus introduce law and order into the previous chaos.

  37. Uniformitarians of the Lyell school look upon geology as a chronicle of events--evolutionists as a life history of the earth.

  38. As I have already said, I imagine that most of those of my contemporaries who thought seriously about the matter were very much in my own state of mind--inclined to say to both Mosaists and Evolutionists 'A plague on both your houses!

  39. The Quarterly Reviewer, as we have seen, lectures the evolutionists upon their want of knowledge of philosophy altogether.

  40. If we are to assume, as evolutionists in general do, that useless organs atrophy, such cases as the existence of lateral rudiments of toes, in the foot of a horse, place us in a dilemma.

  41. Suppose all the facts alleged by the atheistic evolutionists were granted, how would they do away with the evidence of the being and government of God?

  42. We propose to look into this self-evolving process, as he and his brother evolutionists describe their theory.

  43. But yet all these same evolutionists proclaim progress as the great law of Nature, and expend themselves with wonderful eloquence in tracing the progress of nebulæ into worlds, and of worms into men.

  44. Evidently, then, there was no such beginning of the world as evolutionists suppose.

  45. Some English evolutionists still adhere to the theory of Spontaneous Generation, but the leading Germans deny any instance of it being known.

  46. Some of the French and German evolutionists dispense with any reference to God, as an unnecessary hypothesis.

  47. All the ingenuity of all the evolutionists has been tasked in vain to produce any instance of the confusion of two such species, or of the production of a new true species by the intermixture of blood.

  48. He acknowledged what the evolutionists had done incidentally in scientific research; none had done more than Mr. Darwin.

  49. It is necessary, right here at the outset, to distinguish the theory of the evolutionists from the great fact of evolution.

  50. Evolutionists inform us that all kinds of organisms have been evolved from four or five primeval germs or spores; or more consistently with their great principle, that the simple gave birth to the differentiated, from one primeval germ or egg.

  51. It gives him an ape for an ancestor on His mother's side at least and, as many evolutionists believe, on His Father's side also.

  52. Evolutionists have attempted to retain the form of prayer while denying that God answers prayer.

  53. The increased heat irritated the skin--so the evolutionists guess, and a nerve came there and out of the nerve came the eye!

  54. Romanes was an ardent supporter of Darwin and the evolutionists and in various works sought to extend evolutionary principles to mind, both in the lower animals and in the man.

  55. If we could divide the human race into two distinct groups we might allow evolutionists to worship brutes as ancestors but they insist on connecting all mankind with the jungle.

  56. It cannot help it, poor little thing; it is an inheritance from "the tree man," so the evolutionists tell us.

  57. So that when all this mass of evidence is taken together, we cannot wonder that evolutionists should now regard the science of comparative embryology as the principal witness to their theory.

  58. These things, I say, I should not have expected to find, and I think all other evolutionists ought to be prepared to make the same acknowledgment.

  59. I cannot see, however, why evolutionists should be afraid to make this acknowledgment.

  60. Her tendency in this direction hints at the close affinity between the evolutionists of to-day and the idealists of a century ago.

  61. Against this supposition the evolutionists try to create a prejudice in two ways.

  62. If, on the contrary, we reject all these, and accept as natural laws the postulates of the evolutionists which we have already discussed, we may become believers in the latter.

  63. Under that strange hypothesis of the origin of life from meteors, with which Sir William Thomson closed his address at a late meeting of the British Association, there was concealed a cutting sarcasm which the evolutionists felt.

  64. In short, it is a portion of the policy of evolutionists to endeavour to tie down their opponents to a purely gratuitous and ignorant view of creation, and then to attack them in that position.

  65. This is what so many of our evolutionists mean when they indignantly disclaim materialism.

  66. I have quoted the latter part of the passage because it is characteristic of evolutionists to decry the intelligence of those who differ from them.

  67. Paley himself long ago met this view of the case, but his argument may be extended by the admissions and pleas of the evolutionists themselves.

  68. It is the plea of some evolutionists who maintain that the infant has not yet a true human soul.

  69. But Haeckel, like other evolutionists of the monistic and agnostic schools, goes far beyond this.

  70. This subject is deserving of a more full treatment than it can receive here, but enough has been said to show that in this evolutionists have unwittingly furnished us with a new confirmation of the theory of intelligent design.

  71. Evolutionists seem to imagine that there is evolution for everything, except for evolutionism.

  72. If evolutionists really maintain that the difference between man and beast is the same as between a grown-up man and a boy, the whole of my argument is granted, and granted with a completeness which I had no right to expect.

  73. The Stoics, it will be observed, were Evolutionists in their psychology.

  74. But, like many Evolutionists at the present day, they did not believe in the origin of mind out of matter.

  75. Another school, or several schools, while admitting the action of natural selection, maintain that earlier evolutionists have made nature much too red in tooth and claw.

  76. Probably some of the affirmations of the older generation of evolutionists were too rigid and extensive; and probably the denials of the new generation are equally exaggerated.

  77. These evolutionists manifestly get the cart before the horse in their category of cosmological events.

  78. As long as the evolutionists cannot agree among themselves as to what constitutes the process of evolution, it can hardly be expected that the public will accept their speculations as conclusive inductions.

  79. The "innate tendency towards progression" of the early evolutionists is a philosophic myth.

  80. It is not true that evolutionists expect to find, as Dr.

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