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Example sentences for "adopt"

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adolescent; adolescents; adonc; adonde; adoo; adopted; adopter; adopters; adopting; adoption
  1. Now I'll adopt their tactics and fight them with their own weapons.

  2. If she dies I shall adopt and educate Annie as my own.

  3. This, no doubt, seems a very plausible explanation, but it does not follow that we ought immediately to adopt it as a certainty, instead of setting ourselves to examine how it accords with all the facts.

  4. Accordingly, although the theistic hypothesis would confessedly furnish such an explanation as is lacking, we must not adopt it because we cannot test it experimentally.

  5. This latter was said sotto voce, and was a practice he continued to adopt in presenting me to his several friends through the room.

  6. Women are by nature more conservative than men; they cling longer to early traditions and habits; find it more difficult to adopt new habits of thought.

  7. Neighborhoods changed so rapidly that it was impossible to adopt any system to meet the necessities of the social conditions.

  8. He had been led to adopt a sort of "For God's sake, what does she want?

  9. He hoped that he might bring them to adopt the great principles he held and the plan he had in view.

  10. Penury and failing health had driven him to adopt the only sure means by which he could break off the tacit engagement which opposed a barrier to his scheming; but the knowledge that he had sinned was an ever-present torture.

  11. He got them to build better huts, and adopt some elementary principles of sanitation.

  12. Exercising no slight command on his self-control, therefore, Power strove to revert to the well-ordered coherency of speech and action which he had schooled himself to adopt when in Nancy's presence.

  13. You must choose between two courses, either to earn your living as a governess or to give lessons; since you do not wish to leave your mother, you must adopt the latter.

  14. The next day at the mid-day meal he was rather uncomfortable in their presence, and consequently talked more and faster than usual, assuming that air of bravado which some men are sure to adopt when they are particularly embarrassed.

  15. Without the slightest consideration for her husband, she had left him and forced him for her sake to adopt an existence that was contrary to all his habits and tastes.

  16. He seems when very young already to have resolved to adopt this career.

  17. The more advanced Utraquists specially sympathised with German Protestantism, and it did not for a moment seem impossible that Bohemia should adopt the teaching of Luther.

  18. With his usual candour and simplicity Hus himself tells us that he originally decided to adopt the ecclesiastical career rather for the purpose of gaining a living than through any special vocation.

  19. But one cannot adopt both the Paths at one and the same time.

  20. When the one wished to be many, He represented that wish and gave the entire turn to the course of evolution, that it might adopt itself to that wish.

  21. Simultaneously with these, some buildings made their appearance in Germany, which, though still picturesque, showed the dawn of a wish to adopt the features of pure Renaissance.

  22. I have endeavoured to adopt as free and simple a mode of treatment as is compatible with the accurate statement of at least the outlines of so very technical a subject.

  23. Architects always felt themselves free to adopt any shape which best met the requirements of any special case; but at each period there was one shape of arch which it was customary to use.

  24. Of course, I must adopt another name--what should it be?

  25. You will be surprised to hear that your step-mother's brother has appeared on the tapis, and that he has had the audacity to propose to adopt Mabel, whom he claims as his niece.

  26. During the first three weeks of my confinement the deep silence that prevailed about me had led me to adopt the opinion that I was the occupant of a maison de santé.

  27. Therefore it was war between him and them, war to the bitter end, war with no humane mitigation of its horrors and penalties, the last dread arbitrament of man forced to adopt the methods of the tiger.

  28. As the enemy demanded a parley he resolved to adopt the conqueror's tone from the outset.

  29. Her slight breathing seemed to indicate a fainting fit, but there was no water, nor was it possible to adopt any of the ordinary expedients suited to such a seizure.

  30. You give your advice ungraciously," she said, "but I will adopt it nevertheless.

  31. I want you to adopt the precautionary method.

  32. He professed the greatest veneration for Galen, but did not blindly adopt his opinions.

  33. Finally a fourth class of physicians arose who would not adopt any one of these systems exclusively, but chose from each what seemed to them most reasonable and satisfactory.

  34. When it became necessary to adopt arms for the town, the true origin of its name was forgotten or overlooked, and the holy head of Saint John emblazoned.

  35. Therefore I felt certain that he would himself adopt this method.

  36. But really you should not adopt a thief's stealthy methods if you are so sensitive.

  37. The life of such a man is not so inviting that one would adopt it from choice, one I mean who had moral instincts.

  38. The Hindus first began to adopt the plan after the Mohammedan invasion in imitation of their harem, and now all the castes keep the women in purdah, save those only of the very poor class who cannot afford it.

  39. The Maoris are dying out, particularly in the South Island, where contact with civilization induces them to adopt European habits and dress, and the latter is the cause of the consumption which carries off a large proportion of them.

  40. I could not adopt them either as true or false.

  41. All who have the slightest feeling remaining choose the former; monsters adopt the latter.

  42. We cannot but adopt the opinion of the learned Calmet, which is that of the most respectable interpreters.

  43. The Pharisees, among the small nation of Jews, did not adopt the idea of a destiny till many ages after.

  44. We do not adopt these allegories; we only stand by those related in the Old Testament.

  45. But whom do you idealize by that type of woman you always adopt for the Virgin?

  46. Instead of this we found ourselves in the hands of some young lady, hardly arrived at years of discretion, to judge by the silly device it has been thought worth while to adopt on the title-page, with the idea of disguising her sex.

  47. Why did you adopt as your own my thought of delay?

  48. Such a way of thinking had been absurd to Knight, but he began to adopt it now.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "adopt" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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