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  1. This condition may occur as a primary affection, but is much more frequently secondary to disease in the ilium, sacrum, or lower lumbar vertebræ, and is most common in adolescents and young adults of the male sex.

  2. The most common form of scoliosis met with in adolescents is a primary thoracic curvature with its convexity to the right (Fig.

  3. The weight employed varies from one to four pounds in children, to ten or more pounds in adolescents and adults, and must be adjusted to meet the requirements of each case.

  4. Adolescents of both sexes too often are practically unhampered in their comings and goings, their words and actions.

  5. To a large extent, however, children and adolescents are still taught to look on all that pertains to sex as something shameful and immodest, something not to be discussed.

  6. Surely, all through the junior and intermediate grades the story should be one of the chief forms of material for religious instruction, while for adolescents stories will still be far from negligible.

  7. If religion is thus allowed to become a ready-made day-dream it will certainly interest adolescents of a certain sort.

  8. The first is, that children are naturally receptive and responsive; the second, that adolescents are naturally idealistic.

  9. Shall we not try to find some method of showing our adolescents their way into this world, lying at our doors and offered to us without money and without price?

  10. As for beauty of face, in two separate series of photographs in which the faces of highly intelligent adolescents were compared with the faces of adolescents of ordinary mentality, the faces of the former were found to be more beautiful.

  11. Two forms of Army Alpha combined will give as good an approximation as is at present available to a correct distribution of adolescents at and above 130 IQ (S-B).

  12. Senior high schools are, we have discovered, adapted only to adolescents of superior intelligence.

  13. There exist tests of scholastic aptitude which pertain to adolescents of college caliber, but these are not generally available, being limited to the organizations which make specific use of them.

  14. Children and adolescents in this area are enough more intelligent than the average to win the confidence of large numbers of their fellows, which brings about leadership, and to manage their own lives with superior efficiency.

  15. Only a few gifted adolescents about this age begin a to develop a new zest in production, rivaling that of the period from five to ten, when their satisfaction is again chiefly in creation.

  16. In the last five alone adolescents exceeded children, the latter excelling the former most in those of head, mouth, legs, and tongue, in this order.

  17. That the health of adolescents should be unstable is what we ought to expect from the general instability of the organism due to the rapidity of growth and the remarkable developmental changes that are crowded into these few years.

  18. We ought to recognise that all educational aims and methods are really subordinate to this great end; if this were properly realised by adolescents it would be of the greatest service and help in their training.

  19. One point that one would wish to emphasise with regard to all adolescents is that although occupation for the whole day is most desirable, hard work should occupy but a certain proportion of the waking hours.

  20. It has been well said that those who make the songs of a nation help largely to make its character, and equally surely those who teach and control the games of the adolescents are making or marring a national destiny.

  21. Infantile stomatitis is most frequent between the ages of two and twelve months; the stomatitis of adolescents at the periods of dentition; and that of adults when local sources of irritation predominate.

  22. In adults and adolescents it accompanies catarrhal and ulcerous affections of the throat, and is described, therefore, to a certain extent, in connection with these affections.

  23. The disease occurs in young children, Isambert having recorded a case at four and a half years of age, but it is much more frequent in adolescents and young adults.

  24. That which fever was to the adolescents and adults in times of distress, the same was smallpox to the infants and young children.

  25. As to age, enteric fever rarely befalls infants, and, in the general belief of practitioners, is a less frequent cause of death among children than among adolescents and adults.

  26. Thus, while fever and smallpox went somewhat closely hand in hand during times of distress, it was the adolescents and adults that died of fever, the infants and young children that died of smallpox.

  27. In how many cases has the temple of a child's body been permanently damaged by such withdrawals, or how many adolescents are launched into life with their capital of health seriously diminished by premature calls upon its resources.

  28. In one unpublished study, adolescents shared stories of personal caring.

  29. They are maturing adolescents with adolescent interests.

  30. Recently the government has provided space for more than 4,000 of these non-English-speaking adolescents in ten of its off-reservation boarding schools.

  31. The starting wage for adolescents is often somewhat high, and thrift is not practised by them.

  32. In conclusion, parents should remember that, even though adolescents may appear to possess a great deal of knowledge, it may be factually inaccurate and, above all, may require putting into correct perspective.

  33. Adolescents listening to the latest songs stimulate the demand for popular sheet music.

  34. The Committee has been deluged with periodicals, paper-backed books, and "comics" considered by their respective senders to be so harmful to children and adolescents that their sale should not be permitted.

  35. In addition, this advertising may be harmful to those juveniles and adolescents with whom this Committee is primarily concerned.

  36. This applies particularly to the older adolescents who have been involved in criminal charges.

  37. The high wages paid to adolescents on leaving school are an important contributing factor especially when those youths have not been trained in the virtues of thrift and self-reliance.

  38. The Committee is unanimously of the opinion that adolescents should not buy or be in possession of contraceptives.

  39. Adolescents who have left school provide a field in which club organizations are able to provide interests and activities for those who have left the directed conditions of school life and are entering on the freedom of adulthood.

  40. A few years hence, these adolescents may be in the ranks of those who complain of their inability to obtain homes.

  41. Sufficient instruction should be given to adolescents regarding venereal diseases and their effects to ensure that if they do contract them it shall not be through ignorance.

  42. Classification and, where necessary, segregation of mentally defective adolescents is recommended.

  43. In reality her father's prejudice against High School life for adolescents was the determining cause.

  44. She continually looked forward with a bright, vague interest to "growing up," to the mastery of life which adolescents so trustfully associate with the arrival of adult years.

  45. The two adolescents had to outdo each other.

  46. There were six men and seven women besides himself, and the rest were children, from gangling adolescents to one babe in arms.

  47. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the effects of drugs.

  48. Regular use by adolescents has been associated with an "a motivational syndrome," characterized by apathy and loss of goals.

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